The following information is provided to give researchers a list of possible research sources for KIOWA County genealogy. This information can be books or documents, such as wills, diaries, census indexes, family bibles, obituaries, newsclippings, etc. Access to sources of information is not always readily available through public sources. Here a person who owns a research tool or resource may list what they have available and what they will provide on request. Copyrighted materials can be listed but the copyright must be observed. In such cases, it will be required to have the permission of the copyright holder to use the materials in this way. Copyrights do not keep information from being provided. If you desire to be listed here as a resource. Please be careful how you provide information from copyrighted materials.

If you have access to a local resource, and would like to volunteer to do 'lookups' for others, email the Kiowa Co. Coordinator with the title or description of the resource, your name and email address. Thank you.

LOOK UP Volunteers and Resources
When requesting a lookup always cite the name of the resources, the full name of the person you are researching, dates (such as birth and death, years in county), the name of the county (Kiowa), and be sure to include your name and email address. Some volunteers work in more than one county and cannot always tell which county you are interested in. Please be as specific as possible. Generally, try to not to ask for more than one Surname or family group.
  • "Tri-County History: A Centennial", Published by the Tri-County Centennial 1889-1989. Includes sections on Cheyenne, Kiowa, and Lincoln Counties.
    Volunteer: Karla Mahlberg

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