The following is from "History of the State of Colorado, embracing accounts of the pre-historic races and their remains: the earliest Spanish, French and American explorations ... the first American settlements founded; the original discoveries of gold in the Rocky Mountains; the development of cities and towns, with the various phases of industrial and political transition, from 1858 to 1890" by Frank Hall, Rocky Mountain Historical Company, Blakely Print Co., 1895.

Chivington, located on the Big Sandy creek near the Chivington battle ground of 1864, was founded in the summer of 1887. It was the freight division station of the Missouri Pacific railroad until recently. The company erected a $10,000 hotel there.

Sheridan Lake was founded in April, 1887, by the Sheridan Town company, Messrs. Marfer, Burnett, Osgood, Brown, Rusk, Blakey, Keeps, et al., being the incorporators. It is situated in the middle of a beautiful agricultural and grazing section and is the largest of the list. The county has built here a good court house and jail costing $7,000. There are a number of business houses, consisting of groceries, dry goods and hardware stores, a bank, real estate and loan office, good hotels, a newspaper, etc. The town with a population of 300 and the community round about are settled by people who came to make permanent homes. The town of Stewart was founded in the summer of 1887 and has a population of about 100.

Eads was established in the same year. Its population is 125. Galatia was also started in 1887, and has about 100 inhabitants. All the towns are situated along the line of the Missouri Pacific railroad.

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