Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Charles R. Cowger, 6 South 43 West

Charles proved up two quarters in 17, 6 South, 43W in 1914.
August Cowger had claimed land across the line in Yuma County in 1917, and Robert had proved up a tract in 1894 in 7 and 18, 5S 42W - about ten miles away. MOST LIKELY

In 1860 Doniphan County, Kansas, Gustavus "Cowyer" is 30, Sarah A. 25, Eiizabeth 11, Wm H. 9, Chas 7, Sarah E. 5, May J. 3, and Angaline 2.
In 1870 Doniphan, G.C. Cowger is 50, Sarah 37, Mary E. 18, Philip 11, William 19, Chas 19, Sarah 15, Mary J. 13, Augusta 11, Harriett 5, and Emma 2.
1893 Goodland, Kansas "Jim Cowger, an old timer from the Republican river, was in Goodland this wek. He was after evidence in a land case."
(John C. Cowger proved up 40 acres in 4S 42W - just over the border in Kansas - about twelve miles away from the Kit Carson County one- in 1908. Next to that, in 1907, Rose E. Cowger- Formerly Rose E. Stothard, proved up a quarter.
Also in that township, Thomas C. Cowger cash-claimed a quarter in 1890, timber-claimed a quarter in 1895, and proved up another quarter in 1896.)

In 1895 Doniphan County, Charles is 43, born in Iowa, Sarah 65, Indiana, with Martha 24 Kansas and Viola 14, Kansas.
(Martha was 4 in 1875 Doniphan County, with G. C. and Sara, so she was probably Charles' sister.

In 1900 Doniphan County, Charles born May 1852 in Iowa, is boarding wtih the Thomas and Maggie Golledge family.
In 1920 St. Joseph, Missouri, Charles R. Cowger is 67, widowed, born in Iowa, doing gardening for John and Kate Corby.
Charles Robinson Cowger, born 1852 in Red Oak, Iowa, died Feb 8, 1926 in Buchanan County, Missouri, per # 68672693, buried in Donipaahn County.
He was a widower, spouse Viola Cowger, and he was to be buried in Wathena, Kansas. The informant was Mrs. Viola Richardson of Topeka. # 78334926 has Viola Richardson, born July 31 1881 dying Sep 8, 1929, buried in Cowger Cemetery.

"Charles was the fourth child of Gustavus Cowger and Sarah Ann Wheeler. He was born on April 18, 1852, in Red Oak, Montgomery County, Iowa. He was married to Viola who died between 1881 and 1895, as they had a daughter, also named Viola, born in 1881. Charles died in the Missouri Methodist Hospital in St. Joseph, Missouri. He is buried in the Cowger Cemetery in Burr Oak Township, Doniphan County, Kansas"


Possibly the Charles R. "Cogar" in 1880 Jefferson County, Kansas, 12, with Henry D. 44 and Mary C. 34. Ella M. is 14, Minnie 10, and Walter P. 9.
C.R. (or C.E.) Coger married Lucretia Matthews April 21, 1894 in Union County, Oregon at the house of A.O. Craig.
In 1900 LaGrande, Oregon, Charles born Nov 1866 in Arkansas, a shoemaker, married to Lucritia July 1872 in Missouri.

In 1910 Union County, Oregon, Charles R. is a shoemaker, widowed, 43, and widowed mother "Marey" E. Coger 65.

The 1920 city directory has Henry D. Coger, 2115 Grandy, and boarding there is C Richard Coger (Kinksley & Coger).

1911 La Grande Oregon "In the county court, for the county of Union, State of Oregon. ; In the matter of the estate of Henry D. Coger, deceased. . To Mary C Coger, Prentice W. Cog er and Richard Coger ..."
1917 "Town Marshall Richard Coger visited over Sunday with old-time friends at LaGrande."

Eagle Valley News; Richland, OR; 14 Nov 1918
Died at the hospital at Hot Lake at 11 o'clock a.m., on Sunday, Nov. 10, 1918, Miss Meda Vivian Matthews, aged 14 years, 9 months and 8 days.
Meda was taken to Hot Lake on October 29th, suffering from an acute attack of appendicitis, and underwent an operation two days later which disclosed the real seriousness of her condition. For several days she appeared to be getting along nicely but last Friday her condition became critical and the physicians said that gangrene had set in on the intestines and that nothing could be done to save her life. She passed away some hours later in the presence of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. Y. Matthews; her sister Opal, and uncle, Richard Coger. The body was brought to Richland on Monday evening, the funeral heing held on the lawn at the Matthews home on Tuesday afternoon, Rev. J. M. Johnson conducting the services; vocal numbers were given by a mixed quartet. Misses Mabel Saunders and Bessie Quimby read appropriate selections, and N. B. Ashcraft made a short talk.
The remains were laid to rest in the Eagle Valley cemetery by the side of a younger sister who died several years ago.
The deceased was born in Eagle Valley and has always resided here. She was a beautiful child of most pleasing disposition, dearing loved by all her classmates and friends, and her death leaves a vacancy in the ranks of our young people that will be greatly felt.
Besides the grief stricken parents there are left to mourn the passing of the deceased, a brother and a sister, namely: Pvt. Tracy R. Matthews, Hdq. Co. 63rd Art. C.A.C., now in France, and Miss Opal Matthews, who is employed in the Richland Drug Store."

So he was called "Richard".....
In 1920 Eagle Valley, Baker County, Oregon, Richard Coger is 53, widowed, a shoemaker living with tow other men.

Charles R. Coger of Richland Oregon age 55, born in Kansas, married Jennie Holmes 49, born in Missouri, both widowed in Washington County Idaho Sept 26, 1922.
Charles died Feb 5, 1934 in Baker, Oregon, spouse Jennie Coger.
Jennie Coger 1873-1948 is buried in Baker County # 41460737.

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