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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Christopher Erb, son Theodore Addison Erb, daughter Laura (Erb) Fuller, 6 South 43 West

In 1870 Clarke County, Virginia, Christoper Erb is 40, Mary E. 39, Mary J. 17, Margaret E. 16, Theodore A. 15, Laura C. 14, Justus C. 13, Elizabeth C. 12, Edwin H. 11, George 12.
In 1880 Clarke County, Virginia, "Cristeper" Erb is 51, Mary 50, with "Theadore" 26, Justice 25, Laura 23, and Edwin 21.
In 1860 Frederick County, Virginia, Stephen Timberlake is 46, Frances A. 43, Susazn F. 19, Olivia L. 17, and Stephen D. 14.

1899 Akron

February 1901

The Colorado marriage record has Laura "Carnelia" "Erd."

In 1903 Christopher timber-claimed a quarter in 1 , 5 1/2 South, 43W, and Theodore a quarter in 2.
Laura Fuller (formerly Erb), also in 1903, timber-claimed a quarter in section 12.
In 1904 Theodore A. Erb, of Akron, was a witness for a timber claim of Willlard C. Nelson for land in 33 43 W.

History Of Colorado

Among the valued citizens of Akron, Colorado, who contributed much to the growth and development of this community was Theodore Addison Erb, who for a number of years successfully conducted business interests here. His efforts were devoted to the management of a hotel but he was also engaged in the plumbing business, and it was through an accident while performing labors in this line that his life was terminated in 1914. Although it is now several years since Mr. Erb has passed away, his memory is still enshrined in the hearts of his friends, who respected him as an hon- orable and straightforward man of high qualities of heart and character.

Theodore A. Erb was a native of Maryland, where he was born March 24, 1852, a son of Christopher and Mary (Shade) Erb, natives of Pennsylvania. For many years Christopher Erb followed agricultural pursuits in Virginia, to which state he had removed from Pennsylvania in his youth, and the Old Dominion remained his home until death called him in 1903. His wife had preceded him to the home beyond in 1896.

Although born in Maryland, Theodore A. Erb was reared in Virginia, where the parental home was established, and he received his education in the home neighborhood. His schooling, however, was very limited, for he put aside his textbooks at the age of eleven and began to learn the blacksmith and wagon maker's trade. Becoming proficient in these lines, he continued to work at his trade in Virginia until 1885, when at the age of thirty-three he decided to seek the less thickly populated sections of the west in order to grow up with the country and improve his opportunities. He first removed to Trenton, Nebraska, where for five years he was engaged in the implement business but at the end of that time went to McCook in the same state, there giving his attention to the conduct and operation of a hotel which he successfully managed for three years. In 1893 he came to Akron, Colorado, and this city remained his home until his untimely demise in 1914, so that for over twenty-one years he was a resident of Akron, Washington county. Upon his arrival in this city he bought a hotel, to the operation of which he devoted his energies throughout the remainder of his life, although he conducted a plumbing business at the same time. He managed his hotel along modern ideas and put forth every effort to make his guests comfortable. His place therefore was well patronized and became favorably known to the traveling public. In the plumbing business Mr. Erb was also quite successful, deriving from this line of his activities a gratifying addition to his income. His death occurred from the effect of burns which he had received while doing plumbing work. His sudden death was not only a great shock to his immediate family but was deeply regretted by his many friends and the traveling public, who had come to know him as a reliable, trustworthy, honorable and pleasant man. Moreover, Mr. and Mrs. Erb operated a railroad eating house for about eight years but after the discontinuance of the same served meals in the hotel, this proving more satisfactory to the public. Subsequent to his death Mrs. Erb opened a cafe in connection with the hotel which she successfully operates, maintaining a rooming house in addition.
On July 21, 1884, occurred the marriage of Theodore A. Erb and Susan S. Payne, a native of Frederick county, Virginia, where she was born in November, 1866, (In 1870 Berkeley County, West Virginia, John S. Payne is 35, Anna E.C. 25, with Mary O. 4, Susan S. 3. In 1880 Berkeley County, John is 45, Annie 40, Mary 14, Susan 13, Allen 10, and John 5. J. Summerfield Payne dying 1886 age 51, is buried in Berkeley County # 21731146. So is Ann Eliza Cunningham Payne dying 1912.) and a daughter of Summerfield and Susan (Timberlake) Payne, (one tree said Sue and Olivia Timberlake were sisters, daughters of David Timberlake 1771-1851 and Mary Davis 1777-1839) natives of Virginia, where the father followed farming all his life. During the war between the states he served as a lieutenant in the Confederate army, being active throughout the entire period of the war, and for four months he was held prisoner at Fort McHenry. His death occurred in August, 1885, while his wife died in 1866. (Susan F. Payne 1839-1866 is buried in Berkeley County, West Virginia # 42038153)
To Mr. and Mrs. Erb were born two children: Anna M., who married Worth M. Miller, a newspaper editor of Ogallala, Nebraska; and Ruth G., who makes her home with her mother. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Miller have two children, Supne, who is now eleven, and Marcellus Harwood, who is seven years of age.
From that time when he took up his residence in Akron, Colorado, until his death Mr. Erb always cooperated with his fellow citizens in order to promote or support plans for the growth of his community either in a material or moral and intellectual way. He was interested in all matters concerning Akron and was ever ready by word, deed and means to render assistance to worthy causes. Fraternally he was a member of the Masonic order, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and the Ancient Order of United Workmen, while Mrs. Erb belongs to the Eastern Star. The principles of brotherhood underlying these organizations always guided Mr. Erb in his conduct toward his fellowmen, to whom he ever was kind and helpful. His religious faith was that of the Presbyterian church, in the work of which he took active part, and politically he was a democrat. Although more than four years have passed since death claimed one of Akron's most useful and most respected citizens, the memory of Theodore Addison Erb lives in the hearts of his fellow citizens, for all recognized in him a loyal American, a successful business man of honorable principles and a true, faithful friend who would never fail in an emergency.

Christopher 1829-1906 is buried in Clarke County, Virginia # 75282427, with Mary Ellen (Shade) Erb 1830-1888.
In 1900 Akron, L.A. Erb born March 1854 in Maryland, married 13 years to S.S. Nov 1867 West Virginia, have Annamay May 1885 Nebraska. His sister L.C. (Laura Cornelia) May 1855 Maryland, single, and nephew C.C. Smith?? June 1877 Virginia.
Birthday Party May 23, 1902
Upwards of 50 persons were the guests of Miss Anna May Erb at her home at the B & M Hotel to assist in observing her birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Erb had prepared everything that could have been wished to make the evening pass off pleasantly for the happy company that assembled and the invited guests did the rest.
The refreshment tables were spread on the east side of the eating house and on them was placed the most tempting viands, both substantial and palatable, and to which those present did ample justice.
After supper the young folks indulged in games, romping on the green and other forms of innocent amusement. At a later hour they were invited into the dining room where an hour more was taken up in music recitations, etc. It was a late hour when the company dispersed and they all voted it a most delightful evening.
Mrs. Erb was ably assisted in her duties by Mrs. Harwood, Mrs. Stokes, Mrs. Jamison and other ladies. Miss Anna May received a large number of useful and valuable presents as well as innumerable congratulations from her assembled friends.
Those present were:
Mrs. Kenton, Misses Maggie Eschelman, (might be Eshelman) and Celestine Kendon of McCook, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stokes, Mr. and Mrs. McCollister, Misses Alize Meinhodt, Anna Bancroft, Margaret Butts, Hattie and Mildred Pickett, Emma Jamison, Guidotta Muntzing, Lena Wittlake of Yuma, Leona and Esta Warner and Willis Warner of Fort Morgan, Wanda Ball, Hattie and Lola Dunton, Gertrude Irwin, Floy Yeamans, Mazie Davis, Annie Nelson, Ethel Smith, Mary Moore, Messrs. Geo. Ball, Isaac Pelton, Elmer Whitlake, Jacob Smith, Lett, Walter Payne, Alonzo Wilcox, Master Albert Llewellyn, Harry Jamison, Will Yeamans, Reginald Davis. Akron Weekly Pioneer Press - May 23, 1902

In 1910 Theodore and Susan still have the hotel in Akron, with Ruth , 4, born in Colorado. With them is uncle Cincinnati C. Harwood 63, Virginia, running a second-hand store, and Olivia 71, Virginia.
In 1920 Akron Susan 52 and Ruth 14 are running a boarding house, and Cincinnati, 71 is one of the boarders, widowed.
C. E. Harwood, age 25, born at Petersburg, Virginia to William and Eliza Harwood, married Olivia Timberlake, age 24, born in Frederick County, Virginia to Stephen D. and Frances Timberlake, in Frederick County January 23, 1873.
In 1880 Frederick County, Virginia, Olivia Harwood is 35, married, but living with parents Stephen 66 and Francis A. 63 Timberlake, farmers.
Olivia (Timberlake) Harwood 1842-1910 is buried in Staunton, Virginia # 37757979.
Cincinnattus Edmonson Harwood, per his veteran headstone application, served 1861-1865 in the @nd South Carolina Infantry, born Feb 14, 1848, dying Jan 25, 1928.
C.E. is buried in Akron # 15203694.

Theodore Addison Erb 1854-1914 is buried in Denver # 29343931, with Susan Summerfield (Payne) Erb 1866-1950.
July 31, 1914

In 1910 Laura, 54, is married to James W. Fuller 65 in Boulder, Colorado.
In 1920 Lyons, Colorado, Laura is widowed, 64, with some boarders.
Laura 1855-1942 is buried in Denver # 32034655. So is J. Warren Fuller 1844-1918 # 32034653 .
Ruth Genevieve (Erb) Spicknall is buried in Akron 1905-1995 # 74680125, with Joseph Russell Spicknall 1903-1967. An infant son of the Erb's 1911-1911 is also buried in Akron.
"Jean Anne Spicknall, 54, of Akron died Friday at her home in Akron. Mrs. Spicknall was born March 27, 1952, in Wray to Marvin and Charlotte (Akey) Whittenburg. In the fall of 1952 the family moved to Fort Morgan where she grew up and attended school. She graduated from Fort Morgan High School in 1970. After her high school graduation, she attended Colorado State College in Greeley, now the University of Northern Colorado, where she graduated in 1974 with a degree in accounting. She was worthy advisor of the Fort Morgan Order of Rainbow for Girls, where she received the honor of the Grand Cross of Color. For 36 years, she was a member of the Order of Eastern Star, where she served as worthy matron. After her college graduation, she married Donne Erb Spicknall June 14, 1975. For many years, she worked with her husband as a bookkeeper in the family business, Spicknall's Motor Service. " "Spicknall, Donne Erb, son of Edwin Spicknall, 1953-2005 Burial: Akron "

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