Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Charles Frazier, 6 South 43 West

In 1880 Wayne County, Indiana, John T. Frazer is 49, Martha J. 45, North Carolina, with Lydia 18, Nathan 8, Minnie 4, all born in Indiana, and stepdaughter Lydia Ann Turner 19, at college.
Charles Edward Frazier was born January 14, 1886.
In 1895 Linn County, Kansas, John T. Frazier is 61, Mary J. 53, Nathan 23, Charley 9, and Harrison 6.

In 1900 Linn County, Kansas, Charles born January 1886 in Missouri,is with John Nov 1833 South Carolina and Mary April 1842 Missouri. James H. Oct 1888 Kansas is with them.
Charles proved up two quarters in 3, 6 South, 43W in 1914.
He registered with an address of Bonny, Kit Carson County, nearest relative Lenna V. Frazier of Bonny.
In 1920 Bonner County, Idaho, Charles, 34, born in Missouri, with Lenora 28, Nebraska, have Delmer 6, Chrles 5, and Ivan 2, all born in Colorado.
Next household is Isaac Bonny, 33, with Flora 23. and their kids.
So the Broadsword, Bonny, and Frazier families all moved from Kit Carson County to Idaho.

In 1930 Bonner County Charles and Lenora have Delmar M. 17, Charles J. 15, Ivan B. 13, Frances Irene 9, Fern Inice 5, and Edward Leslie 1.
Charles 1886-1942 is buried in Bonner County, Idaho # 55557586, and Lenora Verniece (Barnhart) Frazier 1891-1975 is also buried there # 55557417.
Edward Leslie Frazier, born in Idaho Jun 27, 1928, died in Sacramento County July 3, 1994, mother's maiden name Barnhart.

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