Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

John Johnson, Mary Johnston, Sanford Johnston, 6 South 43 West

John proved up a quarter in 24, 6 South, 43W in 1893, and then timber-claimed on in 27 in 1895.
In 1900 Beaver Valley precinct, John born Jan 1856 in Sweden, married 11 years to Mary Mar 1867 Sweden, with Anna M. Aug 1891 and Arthur W. July 1898, both born in Colorado.
Anna M. Johnson, age 16, married Gustav A. Linderholin, age 29, in Alamosa May 15, 1908.
Gustave Albert Linderholm, son of Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Linderholm died 1915 at age 5 months, buried in Alamost ## 70756773.
G.A. Linderholm 1878-1937 is buried in Alamosa # 80168862.
Anna Linderholm and Custorie Linderholm divorced in Alamosa County in 1918.
Mrs. Anna Linderholm and Joe Miller married Oct 13, 1923, recorded in Alamosa County.
In 1930 Alamosa, Joe is 39, Anna 38, Clara Linderholm 19, and Carol Linderholm 17. The had been with Gustav in 1920 Alamosa.

In 1880 Fayette County, Iowa, William A. Johnston is 39, Mary E. 29, Clarance 10, Jacob H. 8, John W. 6, Erertte E. 4, and Sanford P. 1.

In 1900 Bon Homme County, South Dakota, Mary E. Johnston born April 1852 is widowed, Everett E. Sept 1877 Iowa, Sanford B. Mar 1880, - these three in Iowa - Mattie E. Feb 1883, Alice A. Nov 1885, Ethel C. Aug 1887, Hazel I. Feb 1890, and William B. Nov 1892, all these born in South Dakota.
On April 23, 1907 in Burlington, Alice A. Johnston married Ralph Moorton of Hartington, Cedar County, Nebraska - witnesses Sanford Johnston and Ina Johnston.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Mary Johnston is 49, widowed, born in Iowa - of ten kids, nine are still living. Sanford 29 born in Iowa, Iva 20 South Dakota, and Burns (must be William Byrnes Johnston) 17, South Dakota.
Only Sanford has an occupation.

Mary proved up a quarter in 14 in 1912, and then another 80 acres in 1916.
Sanford proved up a quarter in 23 in 1913.
In 1920 Kit Carson County, Sanford is single, Mary E. 67, and William B. 27, brother, single.
In 1930 Kit Carson County, Sanford is 48, single, farming. Mary E. 77 is with him, and so is brother Everett, 50 divorced, born in Iowa. Nephew Francis H. Hamsher, 12 South Dakota is with them, too.
William is in the hospital in Pueblo in 1930 and 1940.
Everett is in Burlington in 1940, no occupation, widowed, age 65. John D. Baughman, 66, divorced, working for the WPA is lodging with him.

Mary E. Johnston 1852-1943 is buried in Burlington # 89574359.
William Byrnes Johnston buried Sept 19, 1985 in Colorado Springs # 34501735.

Clarence Johnston might be buried in Rapid City, dying October 1943 # 359905100.
Everett E. is buried in Burlington 1876-1955 # 895743339
So is Sanford P. 1879-1954 # 89574384.

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