Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Joseph Mahoney, 6 South 43 West

John Mahoney, heir of Joseph Mahoney, deceased, proved up a quarter in 32, 6 South, 43W in 1911.

Joseph Mahoney was buried Dec 16, 1905 in Colorado Springs, # 26524726.

In 1900 Harrison County, Iowa, Owen Mahoney born Sept 1852 in Maryland, married 22 years to Maggie Nov 1856 Pennsylvania have John C. July 1879, Catherine Feb 1881, Matilda July 1886, Ruth May 1890, all born in Iowa, Maria Feb 1819 Maryland, mother - and Rachel, Jun 1851 Maryland, sister.
1910 Census, Monona County, IA, Jordan Township, ED 71, Sheet 4B, 10 May, Line 59-67
Mahoney, Cecil, Head, m,w, age 30, m 7years, IA, MD, PA [John Cecil]
Mamie, wife, f,w, age 23, m 7years, 4 births, 4 living, IA, IL [?], Ohio [?]
Mary, daughter, f,w, age 5, IA, IA, IA
Pearl, daughter, f,w, age 4, IA, IA, IA
Bernice, daughter, f,w, age 2, IA, IA, IA
Babe, daughter, f,w, age 3/12, IA, IA, IA [Lucile]

Mahoney, Owen, Head, m,w, age 57, m32 years, MD, MD, MD
Maggie, wife, f,w, age 53, m32 years, 4 births, 3 living, PA, Scotland, Scotland
Ruth, daughter, f,w, age 17, s, IA, MD, PA

John Cecil Mahoney registered with an address of Moorhead, Monona County Iowa, born July 23, 1879, farming, nearest relative Mary L. Mahoney.

Owen died in Pueblo in 1927.

In 1930 Flagler, Kit Carson County, John C. Mahoney, 51, and Mary L. 42, have C. Owen 15, Iowa, Rachel I. 12, Francis M. 8, Iowa, and Eva I . 4, COlorado.
Mary Mahoney married Oscar R. Krueger in 1935 in Burlington.
Joseph J. Mahoney, born July 19, 1910, served in the 63rd Materiel Squadron, 48th Air Base Group, 1939-1943, died Sept 14, 1952, to be buried in Burlington.
John Daniel Mahoney, born Feb 6, 1879 in Colorado, died Jan 6, 1949 in Los Angeles.
In 1900 Pueblo, Colorado, John born Feb 1879 in Colorado, is farming with Patrick Nov 1840 and Rebecka Feb 1841, both Ireland. Elizabeth Dec 1877, John, Rebeca April 1880, William Dec 1883, and Lowther Oct 1885 all born i nColorado.
John D. Mahoney is single, farming, in 1910 Custer County, Colorado.
John D. Mahoney, 32, married Edna Glynn, 19, in Pueblo Colorado August 7, 191 2.
In 1920 John is with his school-teacher sister Rebecca 38, in Pueblo County, and John is farming.
In 1930 John is in Pueblo, Colorado, 50, widowed, farming, with a divorced laborere Charles E. Graham, 38, Oklahoma.
Robert 'Bob' Alan Mahoney was born on month day 1909, to John Daniel Mahoney and Ida M. Mahoney (born Hendrix). John was born circa 1890. Ida was born circa 1890. Robert married Mildred Joanna Allen in month 1929, at age 19. Mildred was born on October 5 1910, in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado. They had one child. They divorced. Robert passed away on month day 1979, at age 70 at death place, California.

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