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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Israel and Margaret (Linton) Morrow, brother Isaac Morrow, 6 South 43 West

In 1850 Westmoreland COunty, Pennsylvania, John Morrow is 47, Sarah 43, John 25, Isaac 22, Abraham 21, Israel 19, James S. 17, Prissilla J. 15, Alexander 10, Samuel 8, William 6, Walter H. 4, and Eliza M. 2.

Israel Morrow married Margaret Ann Linton in Henry County, Illinois March 19, 1857.
In 1880 Pottawattamie County, Iowa, Israel Morrow 49 and Margaret 38, both born in Pennsylvania, farming, have Samuel 18, Maggie 17, Ida 15, - these three born in Illinois -Mary O. 7, George H. 4, and David F. 1 - these three born in Iowa.
Next line is sister Martha Morrow 28, born in Pennsylvania.
In 1885 Pottawattamie County, Israel is 54, Margret 44, Samuel 22, George 21, Mary O. 11, And David T. 6.
. Israel proved up a quarter in 8, 7S 42W in 1895, and timber-claimed a quarter in 22, 6 South, 43W in 1898.
In 1910 Israel 79, and Margaret 67 are living with son Frank 31 Iowa and Ella 36 Nebraska (Ella's second marriage) and Ella's daughter Olive Hill, 15. Frances E. thirteen-months, is also with them.
1912 "Israel Morrow, who has been living at Surber, Colorado for the past six months, has returned to Kanorado.
Israel 1831-1918 is buried in Kanorado # 67096420, with Margaret Anne Morrow 1842-1926 # 67096422.
Israel died in Oregon.
1883 Avoca, Iowa "Israel Morrow, farmer, P.O. Avoca, was born in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, in 1831, son of John and Sarah (Hamilton) Morrow, he a boatman and farmer by occupation, was a native of Westmoreland County, Penn.; the parents had thirteen children, ten boys and three girls.
Mr. Morrow received an ordinary education in Pennsylvania, and was there engaged in boating on the canal till he became twenty-one years old, when he moved to Henry County, Illinois.
After settling in Illinois, Mr. Morrow followed farming and also ran a coal mine for some time. He next engaged in the milling business for about a year, in Geneseo, Henry Co., Illinois. Thence he went to Scott County, Ill. where he conducted a flour mill for about eight years.
July 4, 1876, Mr. Morrow came to Pottawattamie County, Iowa, and purchased his present farm of 160 acres, now all under cultivation.
When the late war broke out, Mr. Morrow and six of his brothers being old enough to enlist, they cast lots to see who should remain at home, it being necessary for one of them to do so; the lot fell upon our subject, and his six brothers enlisted in Company B, Ninth Illinois Cavalry, one entering as a Corporal. Two of his brothers died in the army; the others came out after serving three and four years.
Mr. Morrow was married, March 19, 1857, to Miss Margaret Ann Linton, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, daughter of Robert Linton, a boatman and mechanic, and for fourteen years a policeman in Philadelphia. Mr. and Mrs. Morrow have been blessed with nine children, five boys and four girls; they have lost two. Mr. Morrow and his wife have been members of the Methodist Episcopal Church for many years. Mr. Morrow is in politics a Republican."
Margaret is in El Paso County in 1920, 76, with daughter Olive E. 45 Adams and her farming husband Arthur E. 49, son Elmer M. 11.
Margaret also died in Oregon October 1926 "At her late residence 3820 52d st, S.E., Margaret A. Morrow, aged 84 years, mother of Mrs. Olive Adams, Mrs. A.J. Sumpter, Mrs. J. C. Mitcheltree, George Morrow of Portland and F.D. Morrow of Kanorado, Kan. Remains at P.J. Lerch mortuary, E. 11th at Clay. Funeral service will be held at Kanorado, Kansas."
Sarah J. Morrow married Andrew J. Sumpter September 3, 1879 in Cass County, Iowa, and in 1880 they're in Pottawattamie, with daughter Mabel three months.
In 1885 they're in Pottawattamie Coutny, Iowa, farming, no children.
In 1900 they're in Thurston County, Nebraska. Andrew born Jan 1858 in Iowa, Sarah June 1858 Illinois. She's had one chlid none living. Daisy Pearl Heath, a ward born April 1892 in Illinois, is with them.
In 1910 they're in Jackson County, Kansas, with adopted Daisy 18, and Harry 12, both born in Illinois.

Sarah J. Sumpter 1858-1939 is buried in Portland # 32525836.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Samuel 46 Illinois and Gertie 37 Illinois, have Israel 9, Nebraska, Taylor 6, Mate 4, and Samuel J. twelve months.
In 1920 Kit Carson County, Gertrude is 45, born in New York, widowed, with Rell 18, Taylor 16, Mate 14, Samuel 10, and Gertrude 8, all farming.
In 1930 Gertrude is in Monte Vista, Colorado, 57, born in Illinois, with Mate E. 24, a school teacher - with two school-teacher lodgers.
In 1930 Kit Carson County- same page as Frank and Ella - Sam C. is 21, married to May L. 22 Oklahoma
Mate Morrow, of Kanorado, married Roy E. Cabell of Denver June 15, 1930 in Kit Carson County. In 1940 they're in Holbrook, Arizona, where Roy is an engineer with the Geological Survey. Roy is 37, Mate 34, Ruth 8, and Ray 1, all born in Colordo - and they were alin Nashville, North Carolina in 1q935.
Lawrence Kansas 1935.

In 1956 they're in Salt Lake City, where Roy is an engineer at Ft. Douglas.
Roy and Mate are buried in Salt Lake City # 47580887 "Funeral services for Mate Elizabeth Cabell will be held on Saturday, Dec. 29, at the First United Methodist Church in Salt Lake City, Utah with burial to follow at the Larkin Sunset Lawn Cemetery. Mate was born in rural Burlington, Colo. on May 13, 1905 to Samuel and Gertie Westbrook (Taylor) Morrow. She passed away at the Mesa View Retirement Center in Cortez on Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2001 at the age of 96. Raised in the Burlington area, Mate married Roy Edward Cabell on the family farm on June 15, 1930. She was an active woman dedicating her life and service to the Methodist Church through the church's many organizations. She was also very involved in the United Nations and had the opportunity to met with President Kennedy, which was a major highlight of her life. Mate, beloved mother and grandmother, is survived by her son, Ed and his wife, LaVerne Cabell, of Cortez, and daughter Ruth Ann Settles of Abbyville, S.C.; six grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren; and by her sister, Gertrude Caudell of Redmond, Ore. "
Gertrude M. Caudill 91, of Federal Way, Washington, died April 17, 2009.
"Gertrude Marie CAUDILL was born in Centrailia, WA on May 13, 1917. She passed away quietly in her sleep in Federal Way on Friday, April 17th 2009. She is survived by her children, son James Locke (Karen), grandchildren Kirsten, Kate, Katchen (Jake), Killian and Ace. Five great-grandchildren. Daughter, Mary Ann Helland (Dan), grandchildren Shannon, Shelly, Anna and Christian. 16 great-grandchildren and 4 great-great grandchildren. Services to be held Saturday, April 25th, 11:00 a.m. at Spirit & Truth Foursquare Church, located at 17310 SE 256th St. Covington, WA 98042. "

In 1940 Sam and Mae have Irene 9, Darrell 5, Eldon five months, and his mother Gertrude 66 born in Illinois, widowed, is living with them.
Sam and Mae might be the ones in Bethany Oklahoma in 1955, where he's a foreman for Doerfler Construction in Oklahoma City.
Samuel 1861-1917 and Gertrude 1873-1945 are buried in Beaver Valley, Kit Carson County.
Sam 1909-2000 and Mae Morrow 1906-1991 are buried in Beaver Valley.
In 1930 Maricopa County, Arizona, Bessie Morrow is 23 born in Kansas, Ted G., farming, 26, Colorado, Kenneth 5, Colorado, and Florence 3 Colo/Kansas.
In 1940 Fort Worth Texas (in Denver in 1935) Taylor L. is 36, running a tire repair shop, with Bessie, Kenneth, anf Florence.
Taylor, born May 1, 1903, died May 19, 1941 in Fort Worth, mother's maiden name Gertrude Tayhlor.
Taylor Linton "Ted" Morrow 1903-1941 is buried in Beaver Valley.
Bessie Gertrude Morrow born March 27, 1907 in Kansas, died July 31, 1994 in Los Angeles County, mother Parmer, father Henderson.
Bessie is buried in Whittier California # 120845925.

Kenneth Dile Rorrow 1925-1990 and Imogene (Shilling) Morrow 1924-2013 are buried in Fort Worth # 102159255.

In 1900 Portland, Oregon, Maggie Mitcheltree born April 1864 in Illinois, married ten years to F.J. June 1865 Wisconsin.
In 1910 Portland Francis J. is a real estate agent. He and Margaret L. have niece Alice O. Kahl, 21, born in Kansas.
Next household is John C. Mitcheltree 47, also a real estate agent, with Ida 40.

One FindaGrave 118997925 says that Alice Kahl was the daughter of Andrew Kahl and his first wife Alice Michteltree.

In 1885 Pottawattamie County, Ida 19 is a school teacher, lodging with Ben and Catherin Graps.
In 1900 Dixon County, Nebraska, J.F Mitcheltree is farming, born April 1862 in Wisconsin, married 14 years to Ida Jan 1865 Illinois, no children.

Besides being next to Maggie in 1910, John and Ida are still in Portland in 1920, John a laborer, Ida a real estate agent.
They're next door to Francis and Margaret in 1920, too.
John and Ida are in Portland for the 1930 and 1940 census years, living alone.
John died in Portland March 2, 1942.

Ida John Mitcheltree, and is buried in Portland "Sister" 1865-1943, # 32525804
"in the same plot as the Cheney family."

In 1910 El Paso County, Colorado, Olive M. (second marriage) , 34 born in Iowa, is with Arthur E. 40, Iowa, with son Babe, 1.
In 1930 Portland, Arthur E. is a laborer at an electric station, 60 born in Wisconsin, with Olive M. 56, and Elmer M. 21 born in Colorado.
In 1940 Portland, Arthur is doing odd jobs, and they have a lodger Dolly Sprouls 75 with them.

In 1910 Omaha, Nebraska, George H. Morrow is a salesman for a harvester company, 34, Iowa, with Laura E. 28, Iowa, Olive A. 9, Nebraska, Frank K. 6. Colorado, Walthr A. Kansas.
In 1920 Portland, Oregon, George 44 is a foreman, and Laura 38 is a saleslady at a department store, have just Frank 16 and Walter 15.
In 1940 Portland, George and Laura both work at a rug factory., no kids with them.

David Frank Morrow registered with a Kanorado address, born Nov 13, 1878, nearest relative Ellen.
David proved up two quarters in 31, 6S 42W and sectipn 6, 7S 42W in 1915.
In 1920 Kit Carson County, David is farming 41, Iowa, Ellen A. 45 Nebraska, Olive M. Hill 25 is a teacher, and Frances E. 10 Colorado.
In 1930 Frank D. is 51, Ellen A. 56, farming, with a hired man.
David 1878-1963 is buried in Burlington, Ellen 1874-1952.
Isaac Morrow is a coal dealer in 1870 Henry County, Illinois, 42, with Jane 37, Elizabeth 18, Jane 16, Wesley 13, and Maggie 9, all born in Pennsylvania.
Isaac Moore in 1883 is in Boone township, Hamilton County, Iowa, farming, coal mining and brick burning, address of Webster City.

1888 History of the 9th Illinois - "Isaac Morrow enlisted at Geneseo, September 1, 1861; mustered out September 23, 1864; address, Kirwin, Kansas."

Transcription of two letters written by Isaac Morrow in 1889 from Carlisle, Colorado to his brother James Steel Morrow in Brooks, Iowa. They are transcribed as written, with original spelling, punctuation, including transposition of letters and other grammatical quirks of the time.

THANKS TO Oriene Morrow Springstroh NOTE: In 1889 Elbert County Colorado extended to the Kansas border. Carlisle was only a few miles from Kansas, about fifteen miles northeast of Burlington, Colorado.

March 10th, 89
Carslile, Po,
Elbert Co, Colorado

Brother Steel yours of last Aprill the 5th I found today and found it has not been answered on a event of my absence from home 7 months in Iowa I scarcly can see to right but can make out to rite sum but canot see to read what I doo rite My Wife has to doo all the reading for me it will bee two years in aprill since I comensed to go blind and no hope of recovery as yet we are all well as can bee expected hoping you and family are all well. Now as regards those pension papers of Marthes I tried to fill them out sum years a go but

March 10, 1889 Page two:
havn't dun it only in part so I will send them back to you to make the best of them you can as I canot see to doo any thing and could not find 2 wittnesses that was necesary to have. And it aught of been atended to long ago. Now as regards Iss [their brother Israel] he will not doo any thing in the case he is of the opinion that it is a concocted plan of Lisa and Jones that Martha never will be benefited in the least by it. he also sais that you took Martha a way from him and that she can never come to his place to live a gain he raised the family and all his brothers on him me with the rest I don't know the time or place I ever owed him a cent he is down on all of his friends it is his I and little yue with
March 10, 1889 Page three:
him of all his friends he has told me a good deal of the causes but I am in doubt its being true. I have reason from what Sam and Will sais it aint correct And in the case of Lisa and him I have heard them bouth say hard things. How true I don't know in the case of Martha I never herd a wird Martha has said but I have herd him say he had to thrash hur She was so stuberant Now let the mater bee as it may it is a poor thing at the best there aint any spirit of men in it nor love of God atached to it it only shows low mindness and ungreatful harts neather the love of humanity or hapiness in it a poor rule to be governed by in this life and it will not reach hapiness in the next
March 10, 1889 Page four:
Now I think as soon as I can make my title sacure for my land hear I will go back to my place in Iowa or sell out there I will not be able to run bouth places in this condition I like this place the best as far as country is conserned but back there is better chances to get along [I?] lives hear on the agoining [adjoining] quarter claim I had held for a year and whilst I was in Ia [Iowa] [?] he jumpt it he has been poorly all winter up and down the rest of the family are well I rote to Sam the other day I dont no where will is at all he was in bellvill the last I new of him with poor helth And I haint seen Martha as I no of in 20 years tell Martha to rite so I must close for the present Love to all yours truley
Isaac Morrow

Aprill 29th, 89
Carslile [sic] Po
Elbert Co, Colorado

Brother Steel yours of 23rd instant duley came to hand found us well as usual glad to hear that you and family was well Baring the tidings of the deth of our Sister alisa which is sad nues leaves Mr Jones in a bad condition with So many little children to care for I feal sorry for him and family in there lonley condition and bereavement but such is the Law of Nature we all must dye the great fundamental truth is be ye reday also we canot always stay with loved wons but the way is plain adhearance to the truth and the way will secure the end for which man was created

April 29, 1889 Page two:
Now as regards Sister Martha I find a bitter amtifthey [antipathy?] of your Brother Israel a gainst every brother and sister he has for sum reason or other Now iff there is any truth in your brother Israel he sais you took Martha a way from him and declares she never shall shelter under his roof again now iff this is true and no reason given why you took hur a way it necesarley followes that you should rite the rong or see that she is cared for of corse the cause for those troubles are best known amoungst your selves as I never have had any thing to do in any of your troubles in relation to the children in any way

April 29, 1889 Page three:
Now in relation to my self and brother Israel I have no faith in him as a man never the less he can doo sum good acts and may tell sum truths iff he will. I only condem a man for what I now not for what I don't know the truth is bad a nuff at the best in most cases therefore I only seak to no the truth and then I am my own guge [judge] in the mater is [Israel] morrow is a morrow they all think they no it all but I say we don't know what we ought to of known we aint what we call inteligence in no way but we think so all the same therefore there should bee a great a lowance maid for ignorance and looked over in a great measure the best aint with out falt or eror so compromise is useful

April 29, 1889 Page four:
Now Brother what condition is Martha in as regards hur helplessness can She help hur self in any way to get a round to write at all and what help has she tell hur to rite to me And what Sircumstance Mr Jones is in and iff he is a well to doo man Now I rote to you Sum time a go but rote to your adress at Apton Union Co Iowa it has not returned as yet the pension papers are in it I also rote to Lisa a bout the same time and has had no answer or return since I have a notion to pull up and go back to Iowa but I like it hear iff I could do any thing by my self

April 29, 1889 Page five:
My boys doo well for their age they farm well have Sum Seventy five acres redy to plant I am a failing verey fast los of site [ several unreadable words here] makes me feal quite old A good many have planted crops look well so far the wether is pleasant has been a nice spring James Cunningham and wife are living yet Isaac [Jacksen? Lacker?] and wife are living yet old [_?_] Saley are living yet Frank Myers is ded John Conway is ded Myers girls are living yet but Susey Doty Jellason lives on our old farm his wife is crasy Dick Freland is ded James [Rutledge?] is ded lots of changes is since the war

April 29, 1889 Page six:
Now in relation to My Self I am unfortnet I have been near blind for near two years canot see to doo scarcely any thing and my wife is delicat and has hur hands fool of taking care of me and the children more over my means are runing a way as fast as they can And there may bee a probility of coming to want my Self I canot tell but hope for the better and trust for the good part Now Israel and Samuel are in the best shape to keep Martha iff they will I would iff I could Sam was maried [last January?] it is said old Uncle Steel is ded Israels address is the saim as my o[w]n Nothing more at this riting Still remains yours truly now state the facst in the mater answer soon

Isaac Morrow
From the Wednesday, 19 Nov 1890 issue of The Freeman newspaper of Webster City, IOWA :
Isaac Morrow, who left Hamilton County four years ago and took up a homestead in Colorado, returned Saturday and will make this his permanent home in the future. He came back overland, and says crops in Kansas are all burned up, while in many parts of Nebraska the yield is only about one-third of an acreage. Mr. Morrow's experience in Colorado was rather discouraging. Crops failed every year and he lost heavily by making improvements. But he comes back cheerful and says that although his experiences cost him dearly he has learned a valuable lesson, and that he will hereafter stick to Iowa, the best state in the Union. We are sorry to know that Mr. M. is still suffering with a severe affliction of the eyes, and has little hopes of relief.

Isaac Morrow died December 1891, aged 64, "Co B, 9th Rec Illinois Volunteer Cavalry", # 60533732.
Son Wesley was born Jan 11, 1857 in Geneseo, Illinois, to Isaac Morrow and Jane McCracken. He died in Henry County Sept 15, 1922, a lathing contractor.
Katie Morrow 1868-1894 is buried in Henry County, # Wesley is buried in Henry County, # 23795771, with Katie 1868-1894 and Alex 1889-1908. Wesley and Katie had married in Iowa, and had a son Alexander in 1889 in Colorado. He was a carpenter, widowed in 1900 Henry County, Illinois, born January 1858 in Illinois, with Edith July 1885 Iowa, Alexander June 1889 Colorado, and James March 1891 Illinois.
Edith Jane Morrow Burrows was born Feb 19, 1885 at Webster City, Iowa to Wesley N. Morrow and Cathren J. Sloan.

Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterly - Summer Issue 2008: "Isaac Morrow -- A Civil War Soldier from Henry County, Illinois," by Oriene Morrow Springstroh. A well-documented tale, warts and all.

I am researching the Morrow family of Westmoreland County, PA that migrated westward to Henry County, IL and on into Iowa and Kansas. My 4thGreat Grandfather was John S Morrow born abt 7 Nov 1800 in the area of Derry Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. He died 27 March 1851 in that region. On March 1 1825 he married Sarah Hamilton b 15 Dec 1807 in the Westmoreland County, PA area and died 12 Oct 1855 in Geneseo, Henry County, IL.

Their children:
John Morrow (20 Dec 1825 - 13 Dec 1855)
Isaac Morrow (10 October 1827 - ?)
Abraham Morrow (3 March 1829 - 6 Sept 1854)
Israel Morrow (25 Jan 1831 - 6 Aug 1918)
James Steel Morrow (14 Dec 1832 - 3 Feb 1912)
Priscilla Jane Morrow (30 Nov 1834 - 1855)
David Morrow (14 Feb 1837 - 13 Aug 1841)
Alexander Morrow (15 Feb 1839 - 22 Aug 1862)
Samuel Morrow (4 Dec 1840 - 27 Dec 1908)
William Morrow (5 Mar 1843 - 4 Mar 1921)
Walter Morrow (16 March 1845 - 28 Oct 1862)
Eliza Margaret Morrow (22 July 1848 -?)
Martha Morrow (7 Nov 1850 - 30 June 1928)

I lost a large amount of my contact info and if we have corresponded in the past would like to hear from you again.
Best wishes - Stephen

History of Henry County
Sarah Elizabeth Morrow was born in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, and was but two years of age when her father, Isaac Morrow, came to Illinois. His wife was Miss Jane J. McCracken in her maidenhood. On May 10, 1873 Sarah married John Robert Hanna, now an overseer of the Illinois and Mississippi Canal, and lives north of Geneseo.

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