Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Augustus Loud and Abigail Nealley, sons Charles Nealley, Harry C. Nealley, 6 South 43 West

"Joseph Nealley was born 5 Nov 1805 in Maine. He died and was buried in Ceresco, Saunders, Nebraska on 8 Feb 1892. His son was Augustus Nealley who was born on 25 Oct 1829 in Bangor, Penobscot, Maine. Augustus married Abigail Morrill on 12 Nov 1853 in Bangor, Penobcot, Maine. Sometime after this, they, along with Joseph, moved to Nebraska."
In 1880 Henderson County, Joseph and Esther are both 74. Daughter Josephine Brainard 48, born in Maine and her son Elmer 14, born in Illinois, father Connecticut, is with them.
In Henderson County April 30, 1882 Elias Sherwood married Josie B. (Mrs Brainard) Nealley.
In 1900 Lincoln County, Nebraska, Elias Sherwood is a carpenter, born Oct 1836 in New York, and Josephine B. June 1835 Maine .
Elias and Josephine are back in Illinois in 1910, no occupations, second marriage for both.
Elias died April 13, 1917 in Warren County.
The stone in Henderson County, Illinois # 87036639 has Esther M. Nealley, "wife of Hon Jos Nealley" dying 1886, age 80.
In 1860 Henderson County, Illinois, Augustus L. and Abigail are 29, with Harry C. 1. and Ruth Curtis, 24, born in Maine.
In 1870 Henderson County, Illinois, Augustus is 41, Abigail 39, both born in Maine, with Harry 14, Illinois, Flora 7, Illinois, Charles 5 Maine, and Jenny 2, Illinois.
In 1880 Saunders County, Nebraska, A.L. Nealey is 50, "Abagill" 49, with Harry C. 21, Flora 16, Charley 13, and Jennie 12.
In 1885 Saunders County, A. L. Nealy is 55, Abba 54, Flora 21, Charles 19, and Jennie 17. Next household is H.C. 26 and Mattie, 18.
The Dristy family is on the same page.

Augustus "Neally" cash-claimed a quarter in 35, 6S 43W in 1891, timber-claimed a quarter in 24 in 1900, and proved up 80 acres in 35 in 1906.
The Dristy family has a nice history that includes a lot of information on the Nealley claims.
A.L. 1830-1915 # 33201980 and Abby "wife of A.L 1830-1895" # 33202066 are buried in Saunders County, Nebraska.
So is Joseph Nealley 1805-1892 # 33202159.

Charles proved up a quarter in 26, 6 South, 43W in 1894, timber-claimed a quarter in 26 in 1904, and cahsh-claimed 80 acres in 35 in 1914.
In 1900 Beaver Valley precinct, Charles born March 1865 in Maine, married 13 years to Lizzie A. June 1865 ILlinois, have Hadee Dec 1888 NEbraska and Blanche D. Feb 1895 Colorado.
In 1910 Beaver Valley, Charles and Lizzie have only Haidee 21 and Blanche 15.

In 1911 Charley Neally of Kanorado Kansas was a witness for the land claim of Alfred Stacy for land in 7S 43W.

Blanche B. Nealley married Lyle H. James Feb 25, 1914, recorded in Kit Carson County.

In 1920 State Line, Sherman County, Kansas, Charles - a garage mechanic - and Lizzie are 54, with daugher Haidee 31 married, her kids Glen F. 8 and Gladys L. 6.
In 1930 Kanorado, Kansas, Charles is 65, widowed, with Haidee M. Weeden, 41, widowed, with her Glen F. 18 and Gladys L. 16, both born in Kansas.
Lizzie 1965-1926 # 67096433 and Charles Nealley 1865-1930 are buried in Kanorado.
Haidee Nealley, of Kanorado, married Fred H. Weeden of Jaqua October 17, 1910 in Burlington.
Haidee M. Weeden 1888-1984 is buried in Kanorado # 14862771.
So is Glen F. Weeden 1911-1944.


Harry proved up a quarter in 26 in 1893, and timber-claimed on in 35 in 1900.
In 1900 Denver, Harry is a day laborer, born Nov 1858 in Maine, with Martha J. 1866 in Illinois, with Nora Feb 1887 Nebraska, Bernice Sept 1889 Colorado, Inez Sep 1891 Colorado, and Ruby Jan 1894 Colorado.
In 1910 Flathead County, Montana, Harry is 51, Mattie 43, Bernice 20, Inez 18, Ruby 15, and Roy 9, all born in Colorado.
In 1920 Salt Lake City, Harry is a garage mechanic, 60, Mattie J. 54, Roy D. 18. Inez M. Elmore is 27, married with Inez J. 6 born in Nevada, and Bernice McCarthy is 29, divorced, a saleslady in a department store.
Harry Clem Nealley, born Nov 14, 1855 in Illinois, to Augustus Nealley and Abigil Morrill, died August 23, 1945 iN Salt Lake City, widower of Mattie J. Bobson Nealley.

One tree said Nora M. born in Lincoln, Nebraska, married Henry Herbert Gross Nov 30, 1905.
"Maud Neally" married Henry H. Gross Nov 30, 1905, recorded in Denver.
Leroy Dobson "Roy" Nealley born in Denver 1901, married Irene Chapman, died July 22, 1962 , buried in Salt Lake City # 100352173.

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