Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Frederick and Louise Teman, 6 South 43 West

Fred 1840-1922 and Louise 1850-1921, per #75528602, are buried in Startton, COlorado.
Frederick born May 6, 1889, was in Monticello, Utah in 1930 and 1940, and died April 12, 1967 in Orange County, California.

Charles "Tieman" proved up a quarter in 18, 6S 42W in 1921.

Minnie 1883-1946 #36383024 and J. Milton Rose 1877-1951 are buried in Seibert, Colorado.


"1890-The Wallet Post Office was established at the Wallet home. It was discontinued in 1906.
1890-The Ashland Post Office was established a little later than Wallet, but was discontinued at the same time. Mr. Seifert was the first Post Master. Later Mr. Teman became Post Master. "

In 1900 Beaver Valley precinct, Kit Carson County, Frederick Teeman born Feb 1846, married 32 years to Louisa born Feb 1850, both in Germany, have Charles Dec 1881, Willy Sep 1884, Henry July 1885, Minnie Sept 1887, Freddie May 1889 - these kids born in Nebraska, and Frieda Nov 1891 and Matta May 1897 born in Colorado.

In 1910 Beaver Valley, Fred "Tieman" is 64, Louisa 60, Charlie 29, Henry 21, and Martha 13.

Henry registered with a Kanorado address, born July 1, 1887 at Lincoln, Nebraska, married.
Henry proved up 80 acres in 13, 6 South, 43W in 1920.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Henry 33 is married to Mabel 23, born in Colorado, and they have Iva F. 1, born in Coloraado. On the same page is Frederick H. Teman 30, married to Ina 29, born in South Dakota, with Eugene M. 3 Kansas. With them are parents Frederick 73 and Elizabeth 64.
Next household is Charles F. Teman, 37, and his wife Jessie 34, Iowa. Jessie's daughter Vera Bray 14 was born in Idaho.
One household on the page is Fanny Barnet, 46, born in New York. With her is Martha J. Teman, 26, born in Colorado, with William Teman 36 and their daughter Erma M. 3.
In 1930 Kit Carson County, Henry is 43, Mabel M. 33, with Iva F. 11, Donald H. 6 - "Lodgers" Frank A. Barnett 32 and George F. Barnett 29, both born in Colorado, are with them.
In 1940 Kit Carson County, Henry and Mabel have only Donald, 16.
Henry 1885-1972 # 56908073 and Mabel M. Teman 1895-1984 are buried in Beaver Valley cemetery.

One tree said Donald married a Holley in Goodland, Kansas, and died 2008 in Burlington.

Iva, 22 is married to Bartie Stephens, 28, in Sherman County Kansas, in 1940, with James Stephins 1.
Lois Wray, 16, is with them. She had been in Burlington i8n 1920, niece of Adelbert and Emma M. Barnett, bot 22.

In 1930 Rocky Mount, Virginia, William is a poultry farmer, 45, married to Martha J. 36 with Erma W. 14 Colorado and Thelma 6 Colorado.
William registered for WWII with a Rocky Mount address, born Sept 15, 1883 at Lincoln Nebraska.

Freida A. Teman married Frederick James Fletcher Sept 26, 1907 in Burlington, and they're in BBeaver Valley precinct in 1910, Fred 22 born in Iowa, Frieda 19, Colorado, with Opal eleven months Colorado. They're on the same page as Fred Sr. and Fred Jr.
In 1920 Kiowa County, Colorado, Fred is 32, Frida 28, Ople A. 10, Freddie 8, Eercii E. 7, Mary E. 5, Robert J. 5, and Ernest L. 2.

In 1930 Fred - a farm laborer - and Freida are in Farmington, New Mexico. They have Fred W. 18 born in Idaho, Cecil M. 16 Colorado, Mary E. 15 Colorado, Robert J. 12 Colorado, Ernest 10 Colorado, Edith R. 8 Colorado, Mildred 5 New Mexico, and newborn Margie, New Mexico.

In 1950 Freda A. (wid F.J.) lives at 3820 Edna place, San Diego, California.

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