Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Barbara (Sell) Vesely and son Joseph, 6 South 43 West

The name in an August 3, 1915 land registry (Mocavo) is Barbara Vesely.
Joseph Vesely was born May 9, 1900 in Mosinee, Marathon County, Wisconsin to Frank Vesely and Barbara Sell, both born in Bohemia.
In 1900 Marathon County, Frank Vesely born July 1860, and Barbara July 1865, both born in Bohemia, married 17 years, have Frank Feb 1888 Bohemia (they immigrated in 1889), Fanney July 1893 Kansas, Mary March 1896 Kansas, Rosy April 1898 Kansas, and Joseph May 1900 Wisconsin. Her mother Katy "Sal" born 1892 in Bohemia, is with them.
One tree said that Frances was born in Goodland, Kansas. Josef Vesely had proved up a quarteer in 6S 42W, section 14, in 1901. That was only a few miles away from Barbara's later claim, but in Kansas.
Mary Vesely had proved up a quaret in Cheyenne County, Kansas, about 40 miles east, in 1894.

In 1905 Marathon County, they have Frank 15, Frances 11, Mary 9, Joseph 5,and Emily 2.
In 1910 Marathon County, still farming, Frank is 48, Barbara 43, Frank Jr. 20, May 14, Rosa 12, Joseph 10, Emily 8, Helen 3, and Barbara ten months.
In 1920 Marathon County, Frank is 59, Barbara 55, Amelia 17, Joseph 19, Hellen 13, and Barbara 11.

Frank Vesely 1860-1927 is buried in Marathon County # 53050900.

In 1930 Kit Carson County, Joseph Veseley (on the same census page as the Broadswords and Koeogers, so it was proabably in the northeast part of the county), Joseph Veseley, born in Czechoslovakia, is 30, farming, and his widowed mother Barbara, 71 born in Czechoslovokia ? , both immigrating in 1904 ? - maybe Barbara gave the census taker her own information....

Barbara proved up a quarter in 31, 6 South, 43W in 1921.

Barbara 1859-1934 is buried in Burlington # 89715864.
Joseph William Vesely registered for WWI with a Wray address, born March 18, 1899, a farm laborer. Nearest relative was Barbara Vesely of Burlington.
In 1920 Eckley precinct, Joseph is a hired man, 21, born in Missouri, both parents born in Austria (Bohemia).

On September 24, 1923, Joseph W. Vesely married Marie G. Kraus, recorded in Denver.

On December 31, 1931, Joseph Vesely of Burlington married Mrs. Mary Kalus of Cleveland, Ohio. "spouse previously married husband deceased."
In 1940 Kit Carson County, Mary Vesely is farming, 42, born in Czechoslovakia, divorced, with son John Kalus, 17, Louise / Lewis Kalus 15, son Thomas 14, and son Charley 12, all four born in Alabama.
Joseph 1878-1960 and Mary 1876- 1921 are buried in Denver # 54381975.
In 2010, Thomas Kalus of Aiea was a retired Marine Lt. Col. and revisited Iow Jima.
" Sixty-five years ago, Thomas Kalus was an 18-year-old Marine from Colorado when he waded ashore on the faraway volcanic sands of Iwo Jima during World War II with an M1 carbine and no idea what he'd face next.
He quickly ditched the small-caliber weapon in favor of a much harder-hitting Garand rifle "because I couldn't knock anybody down." The battle for Iwo Jima has stuck with him much longer. The 83-year-old 'Aiea resident just returned from his third visit to the island following the war. "At first, the amount of people that were getting hurt and killed, you just thought that was part of the game, but the impact of it hits you when you went to the cemetery dedication, when you saw all those white crosses," Kalus said. Those were the battlefield crosses for the dead at a makeshift cemetery when the fighting was over. "All of a sudden you realize, this was serious business," said Kalus, whose introduction to combat came at Iwo Jima. "But when you were 17 or 18 years old, you really don't think about those kind of things. It doesn't come to you until you become a lot older." "

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