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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Samuel O. Moose, daughter Clara (Moose) and Emery Fender, daughter Ida (Moose) and John Storie, daughter Della (Moose)(Lowrey)and Alfred D. Creekpaum, daughter Ida (Moose) and John Storie, daughter Mary (Moose) and William Fender, 6 South 44 West

Mary Cashman of Straban Township, Pennsylvania, married John Moose, a blacksmith, who moved to the west before the Civil War (Mrs. Francis Wilkins of Los Angeles attended the Cashman reunion in Pennsylvania in 1962)
In 1850 Adams County, Pennsylvania, John Moose is a blacksmith, 48, Mary 44, Levinia 14, and Samuel 6.
A brother of Samuel, Amos, is 18, living with Henry and Jane Peffer in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.
(Amos is the one in Brown County, Kansas 1832-1909 # 59572674. )
Another brother, George Washington Moose, also went to Kansas, 1830-1901 # 71528558.

In 1860 Warren County, Illinois, John Moos is 56, Mary 55, Lavina 23, John E. 21, and Samuel 17, all five born in Pennsylvania.

Samuel O. Moose married Nancy A. Birdsell September 15, 1864 in Sangamon County, Illinois.

In 1870 Warren County, Illinois, Samuel Moose is farming, 28, born in Pennsylvania Mary 20, Ida 4, and Nancy 2, these three born in Illinois.

In 1885 Brown County, Kansas, S. O. Moose (Samuel) is a blacksmith 44 born in Pennsylvania, Mary 36, with Ida 18, Clara E. 17, Ardel (Della) 14, Mary 8, Frankie 4, all born in Illinois and Fannie 1, Kansas. Next Household is A.W. Moose, 52, with Margaret 52, James M. 23, Rachel 19, William 16.

1892 Osage City, Kansas "C. E. Birdsell, of Grant township, had quite an experience a fortnight ago. He was abruptly aroused from his slumbers about 11 o'clock at night, and upon going out found that the cause of his awaking was a lady in a buggy who claimed to have lost her way, and wanted to stay at his place all night. He told the lady that their accommodations would not permit them. strangers. She, however, persisted in her intention to remain, and Mr. Bird-sell was determined she shouldn't. On looking at the buggy be noticed there was another person crouched up in a corner, and he concluded it was a man. Mr. Birdsell who had been silent up to this time, remarked, "Charley, I guess you don't know us." She had kept silent so that he would not recognize her voice. The parties proved to be Mrs. Nancy Moose, sister of Mr. Birdsell, whom be had not seen for seven years, and her daughter, Miss Flora, who was just returning from the university at Ottawa. It is needless to say that the ladies were royally entertained for several days. They returned to their home in Horton one day last week."
In January 1893, Samuel O. Moose received an invalid veteran pension, for service in D, 146th Illinois Infantry, state of Kansas.

Oliver C. Moose, born 1844, married Mary E. Green, born 1857 in Brown County, Kansas March 14, 1905.
In 1910 Crawford County, Kansas, Mary E. Moose, 52, widowed, born in Iowa, has a brother W. L. Angel, 58, Iowa, and son Edward T. Green, 9, born in Kansas.
Mary E. Angel, age 22, had married Robert M. Green, age 23, in Wilson County, Kanss, February 16, 1880.
In 1900 Brown County, Kansas, Robert Green 44, and Mary E. 43, Iowa, have William E. 20, George H. 18, Abbie J. 16, Laura 14, ay C. 11, Ruth 9, Katie 7, Edna 6, and Sirus newborn, all kids born in Kansas.
In 1920 Wichita, Kansas, Mary E. Moose is 62, widowed with son James C. Green 29 and his siter Eolne 26 and hs brother Edward T. 19.
In 1930 Doniphan County, Kansas, Mary is 73, widowed, with son William E. (Emory) Green 49, and his daughter Elizabeth Green 20.
There's a tombstone in Brown County, Kansas "Nancy Moose - Mother - aged 44 ys, # 99675039, which is likely Samuel's wife.
In 1910 Kit Carson County, Samuel Moose is 65, widowed, farming, born in Pennsylvania, with son Frank 29, Illinois, single, no occupation. Mrs. Della Lowery, 39, widowed, born in Kansas, is farming, too.
Samuel proved up two quarters in section 24, 6S 44W in 1911.
1914 Brown County, Kansas "Samuel and Frank Moose have returned to their home at Burlington, Colo., after a few weeks visit "
Samuel O. Moose 1843-1925 is buried in Burlington, Colorado
" Samuel Oliver Cashman Moose. His mother was a Cashman" One post said his father was John Moose.
Frank L. Moose proved up two quarters in 12 and 13, 6S 44W in 1919, and stock-claimed 200 acres in 12 in 1927.
K.B. O'Brien wrote " In 1931, Earl O'Brien, my grandfather, moved his family to Kit Carson County, Colo., near Burlington, and they lived with Frank Moose (1882-1963) and his sister, Ida Storey (sp?) in a sod house. After several months they moved to the home of a Creekpaum family, which seems to have been connected to Frank's sister Della."

Ida M. Moose, 20, married John A. Storie, 22 in Brown County Kansas on May 4, 1886.

Ida Stories is in Gage County, Nebraska in 1900, 34, married to John A. Stories, 36.
In 1907, John A. Storie "son of Nancy E. Storie, deceased, of Idalia Colorado, made claim for a quarter in 18, 4S 43W, Yuma COunty.

In 1910 Idalia precinct, Yuma County, John A. Storie is 46, Ida M. 41, with an orphan Arthur Holmes, 12.
In 1915 Graham County, Kansas, J.A. is 51, born in Illinois, with Elda M. 48, Arthur H. Storie 17, and B. F. Brady (Benjamin F. Brady is in Wray Colorado in 1930, 66, born in Illinois, with his siter Lilly Akerman 63, divorced.")
Arthur Holmes 22, and Benjamin Brady 55, are in Wray, Colorado in 1920, with Ben's aunt Julia A. McCluskey, 78. Julia A. and Patrick McClusky had been in Idalia precinct in 1900.
"Storie, J. A., Farmer, S. 25, T. 6, R. 44, P. O. Burlington. Mr. Storie was born in Illinois in 1863. "

John and Ida are in Denver in 1923, rooming at 1012 Larimer.
In 1930 Kit Carson County, Ida Storie is 64, married, born in Illinois. Brother Frank Moose, 49, single, Illiois, and her nephew Edwin Cone, 20, born in Oregon, are farming.

Della, on September 3, 1893, age 24, in Brown County, Kansas, married George E. Lowry, age 54.
George Lowry 1837-1906, is buried in Brown County # 110595044.
In 1900 Brown County, Kansas, George Lowery has no occupation born Feb 1837 in Pennsyulvania, with Della M. Jul y1871 Kansas. They've only been married seven years.
1909 Brown County, Kansas "Samuel Moose is here from Burlington, Colo., to visit his brother Amos, who has been ill the past few weeks. . Charlie Moose, of Sabetha, spent Sunday with relatives here. ."
1909 Brown County "Samuel Moose, W. H. Moose and wife, S. A. Holcomb and wife and S. T. Holcomb attended the funeral of George Cashman at Sabetha Sunday afternoon."


1910 Goff items in the Burlington newspaper "Frank Moose is visiting old friends at Horton, Kansas."
Also in 1910 "Mr. O.C. Moose, Frank Moose, Wm. Jones, and M.T. Smith were doing the thrashing set up near Idalia last week. Thrashing out 70 acres for Mr. Moose."

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Frank L. "Morse" is farming, 28, born in Illinois, and his father "Oliver C." Morse 66 born in Pennsylvania, is with him.
Frank L. Moose proved up two quarters in 12 and 13, 6S 44W in 1919, and claimed 200 acres for Stock Raising in 1927 in 6S 44W, section 12.
"Moose, F. L., Farmer and Breeder of Registered Roan Durham Cattle, S. 24, T. 6, R. 44, P. O. Burlington. Mr. Moose was born in Illinois in 1882, and settled in the County in 1905. "
In 1940 Kit Carson County, Frank L. is a blacksmith, 58, single, living with sister Clara Fender, 72 widowed, both born in Ilinois. Her nephew Edwin E. Cone, a machinist, 30, born in Oregon, with a wife and two kids, are with them.

That name might have been originally "Kriegbaum."

In 1880 Richland County, Wisconsin, Eli Creekpaum is 46, born in Indiana, farming, Sarah A. 35, Ohio, Alfred D. 16, Ione 14, Frank 9, and Olivia 2 all born in Wisconsin.
Robert Stevenson 74, Virgina and Susie M. 68 Vermont are on the same census page.
FindaGrave # 90119526 says Frank D. Creekpaum, 1870-1885 buried in Richland County was the son of Eli and Sarah Ann (Stevenson- McKinney) Creekpaum.
(E. Creekpaum is mentioned in May 16, 1896 in births of Richland County.)
Sarah Creekpaum is buried in Portland # 42576481 - so is Lida Creekpaum 1877-1908 # 42576481. One tree said she was Sarah Ann Stevenson, born March 1845 in Ohio, marrying Eli April 12, 1863 in Richland County, Wisconsin. died May 6, 1924 in Portland. She might be the Sarah Stevenson in 1860 Richland, Wisconsin 15, born in Ohio, with parents Robert 54 Virginia and Lucia, 48 Vermont. Lucia 1812-1899 and Robert J. Stevenson 1806--1882 are buried in Richaland County # 90326666

Eli Creekpaum and Alfred Creekpaum were registered nurserymen for the Russelville Nursery Company, Oregon in 1905.
In 1910 Eli, Sarah 66, married 47 years, born in Ohio, parents both born in New York,, and Alfred - a clothing soliciter - are in Portland, Oregon, Eli was disabled, living in Portland, Oregon in 1914.
Alfred D. Creekpaum married Della M. Lowrey in Portland in 1911.

Alfred is a tailor in 1914 Portland, living and working at 62 E. 54th N, and Elie and Sarah are at 3522 56th SE.

Alfred proved up 80 acres in 25, 6S 44W in 1916.
In 1920 Sarah Creekpaum is 74, widowed, in Lewis County Washington with daughter Iona Copenhofer, 53 and her husband Frank, farming, 56. She's also listed in the 1920 Portland directory, as widow of Eli, at 74 E 69th N. There's an Alonzo B. (Vera) Creekpaum, a shipworker, at 5716 26th Avenue SE.

Alfred is in Kit Carson County in 1930, widowed, a laborer doing odd jobs, living alone,

"Eli Creekpaum, late of Company A, Ninth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry" had his pension increased to $30 per month in 1913.

Eli, born about 1837, died in Lewis County, Washington on December 30, 1917, father Thomas J. Creekpaum, mother Jane Woods. He's buried in Lewis County, # 102948291.

Alfred's sister "Ona (Creekpalm) Copenhefer" 1866-1941, is buried in Portland # 48408585.

Emery Fender cash-claimed a quarter in 25, 6S 44W in 1908.

Frank "Tender" was born in Crawford County Kansas February 25, 1902 to Harley "Tender" 31 and Mattie Moose 26.

1910 Burlington "Harley Fender and family and M.T. Smith and daughter Elva took dinner with Mrs. C.C. Moose and daughter."
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Elder arrived to take possession of their place purchased from Ora Fender.
Harley was president of the District 31 school board,
In 1910 Kit Carson County, Harley and Mattie Fender are both 38, with Nina 12, Fannie 10, Frankie 8, Emery 6, Hazel 5, and Harlena 2.
William H. Fender proved up two quarters in 25, 6S 44W in 1913.
William H. Fender claimed land in 24, 6S 41W in 1911, witnesses Emery Fender, Isaac Helmick, Joseph B. Jones and Sidney Jones, all of Burlington.
Harley, per one tree, died December 22, 1914 in Roseburg, Oregon.
Matie Fender married William Schieck on March 8, 1918, recorded in Denver.

Mary is in Denver in 1920, 40, born in Illinois, married to William Shieck, with her Fender kids Nina 22, Frances B. 20, Frank L. 18, Emery A. 15, Hazel 13, Harlena 11, Orville 9, and Orie 9.

Mary Magdalene Fender died in Spokane, Washington April 4, 1952, father Oliver C. Moose, mother Nancy Birdsell.

Emery Larry Fender, born Sept 15, 1904 in Kansas, died July 12, 1980 in San Diego County.
Emery Fender married Charlotte Walter, recorded in Denver, on March 30, 1937.

Orie 1910-1965 is buried in Spokane # 97940828.

Nina died in 1985 - probably at Palm Springs, husband Eric Engbloom in 1972.
In 1960 Spokane, Orie A. (Marjorie) of Valley Heating, live at 8924 South Riverway. Orville A. (Neva A.)) a mechanic at Federal Construction, live at 8604 Knox.

One tree said Orville married Helen M. Woolums of Tabernash, Colorado and she's buried in Wheat Ridge 1918-1946, # 68454159.

Orville A. Fender and Neva Newell, both of Spokane, married there July 8, 1952.

1965 Spokane

Orville died July 22, 1989 in Spokane, residence Whitman, age 79.
PENDLETON - Mary Jane "Janie" Grady, 65, of Pendleton died Friday, June 11, 2010, at her home. A celebration of life service will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday, July 17 at 1221 N.W. Johns Ave, Pendleton. Ms. Grady was born Jan. 24, 1945, in Denver, Colo., to Orville A. and Helen (Woolums) Fender. She had been a Pendleton resident for two years.
Nina Fender married Eric C. Engbloom on March 11, 1921, recorded in Arapahoe County.

Clara B. Moose married Emery A. Fender August 22, 1907, both of Burlington.
Emery was in Crawford County, Kansas in 1900, born February 1864 in Illinois, with brother Ora, and Parents John W. 73 and Mary A. 58.
In 1910 Emery Fender 47 is in Kit Carson County, with father John 74.
Clara was in Portland in 1910, with her sister Fannie and Helen 14.
Emery 56 and Clara 52 are in Portland in 1920.
They're farming in Kit Carson County in 1930, 64 and 61.

" This book is dedicated with tenderest affection in memory of my parents, Samuel O. and Nancy Birdsall Moose; to my only brother, Frank L. Moose, for his loyal support and financial assistance; to my most devoted aunts, Flora Birdsall Nelson and Fannie Birdsall Bula, Song Writers, Musical Composers, Vocalists and Evangelists, who first inspired me to write verse, and to my nephew, Edwin Cone and his wife, Vera, for their loving assistance in preparing the manuscript. "

"Colorado poetess, Mrs. Clara Fender, 80 years old of Burlington, author of "The Prairie Sings." When the book's publishers exclaimed over the fact that Mrs. Fender had taken up writing poetry at the age of 80, she replied, "I thought if Moses could begin the principal part of his career at 80, I could do the same. After all, like Moses, I received my training on the back side of the desert in the light of the burning bush."
Mrs. Fender, who writes under her maiden name, Clara Birdsall Moose, was born on a farm near Kirkwood, Illinois, March 27, 1868. She attended school in Illinois until she was 14 years old when her parents moved to Kansas. She was a student at the Baptist University, Ottawa, Kans., when the death of her mother forced her to give up her educational ambitions and take care of the home and a family of motherless brothers and sisters. Later she went into evangelistic work until she married Emery A. Fender and went to live on a ranch in eastern Colorado where most of her life has been spent.
Altho Mrs. Fender's own career as a writer began in recent years, she is a member of a talented family. Her mother's sisters, Flora Birdsall Nelson and Fannie Birdsall Bula, were well known both as vocalists and composers of hymns and ballads. Other members of the family have distinguished themselves in various fields of art, literature and music."

In 1860 Warren County, Illinois, Paul D. Birdsall is 42, Fanny 33, Charles 17, Senica 16, Mary E. 15, Nancy A. 14, Alexander 10, Clara 8, John 6, Jacob 5, George 3, and Frank 2.

In 1870 Warren County, Paul is 55, Clara 17, Alexander 20, and John 14.

Flora 17 and Fannie 15 are in 1880 Illnois, with father Paul D. 60 a blacksmith and Fannie 58, and Wiliam H. 18.
Seneca 1844-1864 # 32373856 was killed at Kenesaw Mountain, and buried in Marietta National, Co. K, 36th Illinois.
When Jacob Birdsall died in Peoria, Illinois, March 28, 1917, hehis deathe records said his parents were P.D. Birdsall and Fannie Righer.
George's death record July 4, 1928 in Cook County, Illinois, said Paul Birdsall and Fanny Ryder.
Frank 1859-1930 is buried in Mississippi "In April 1930 Frank R. Birdsall, editor and publisher of the Yazoo City Sentinel in Mississippi, was shot and killed by Mayor John T. Stricklin because Birdsall had published damaging reports about Stricklin just before the local mayoral election in February. "
Charles E. Birdsell died 1919, and is buried in Iola Kansas, # 63740445, with Augusta 1841-1920.

Fannie Birdsall married George E. Bula August 7, 1904 in Indianapolis.

Fannie (Birdsall) Bula 1864-1926 is buried in Indianapolis, # 95564960.

Paul D. Birdsell is in Indianapolis in 1900, born January 1816, with Fannie Feb 1860, has grand-daughter Lottie Birdsell born Sept 1880 in Tennessee, divorced daughter Alice Douglas Jan 1856, and a half-dozen others -
He died September 9, 1901 in Indianapolis, aged 86.
"PAUL D. BIRDSALL, son of John and Lucretia (Fowler) Birdsall, farmer, Kirkwood, was born in Westchester county, New York, in 1816, and when but a mere lad removed with his parents into the Province of Ontario, Canada, whence they emigrated to Illinois in 1838, leaving home in Canada June 12, with team and wagon. When near Niles, Michigan, his sister died, and when they reached Joliet the mother was stricken with fever and died also. The rest of the family reached Ellison, Henderson county, on October 18. The family settled here, and here the father died in 1863. Paul D. was here in an early day, and was early connected with the improvements of Biggsville, as his father purchased an interest in the first mill built here. January 19, 1841, he married Miss Fannie Ryder, a daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth (Denyke) Ryder, who was born in Genesee county, New York, in March 1823, and emigrated to Henderson with her parents in 1839. In 1844 Mr. Birdsall removed to Oquawka and remained there till 1853, when he removed to Warren county and engaged in farming till 1869, when, for the purpose of educating his family, he went to Abingdon, where he continued to reside till 188O, when he returned to his farm in Warren county, in Tompkins township, where he is now comfortably located. He and wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal church.
Their children's names in the order of their birth are: Charles E., Senica, who was killed at the battle of Lookout Mountain, in Georgia, during the war of the rebellion, Mary E., wife of William R. Toll, Nancy, now Mrs. S. J. Moose, Alexander Jacob, George, Frank, Flora and Fannie. "

Margaret Elizabeth Atherton, born Dec 9, 1890 in Kansas, died in Butte County, California May 31, 1981, father Turner, mother Moose.

Ralph R. Cone, born about 1883 in Illinois to E.E. Cone - mother's maiden name Hill - married Fannie B. Moose, born about 1882 in Illinois, in Marion COunty, Indiana Sept 12, 1906. Her father was Samuel Moose, mother "Budsall."

In 1910 Portland, Oregon, Fannie B. and R. Cone - a printer doing odd jobs, both 26 born in Illinois, have Beulah Mae 2 Indiana, and newborn Edwin E. born in Oregon. Clara Fender, 42, born in Illinois and her daughter Helen 14 born in Kansas are with them.
Ralph Roy Cone registered for WWI in Syracuse, New York, born May 18, 1884, a merchant. Nearest relative Fannie Belle Cone of Syracuse.
Ralph patented in 1917 a mechanism for moving the eyes of a doll left and right, and opening and closing them.
In 1920 Syracuse Ralph is an investor, and Fannie have Beulah M. 12, Edwin 10, Helen Hope 6, Richard R. 5 and Franklin 2. Brother Winfred Cone, 42, born in Wisconsin, works on a railroad.
In 1925 Syracuse, Ralph and Fannie are 41, Beulah 17, Edwin 15, Helen 12, Richard 10, and Franklin 8.
They're in DuPage County, Illinois in 1930, with Richard R. 15, Helen H. 17 born in California, Beulah M. 22, an Franklin F. 13.

In 1940 New York City, Ralph R. Cone is 56, an investor with Fanny B. 57. They were in Chicago in 1935.

Fannie Belle (Moose) Cone, wife of Ralph Roy Cone, born August 2, 1883 at Abingdon, Illinois, died April 4, 1943 in Gastonia North Carolina, buried at Hollywood, daughter of Samuel O.C. Moose of Pennsylvania and Sarah "Birdsoll." #102436017.
Edwin was with aunt Islo Storie and uncle Frank "Morse" in 1930 Kit Carson County and in 1940 Kit Carson County he's with Clara B. Fender and Frank L. Moose, married to Vera A. 27 Kansas, with Richard E. 5 and Patricia J. 3, both born in Illinois. They were in Glen Ellyn Illinois in 1935.

Edwin E. Cone, born July 20, 1909 in Portland, died June 1988. His obituary in the Colorado Springs Gazette said his wife was Vera A. (McClinsey) Cone, sons Richard and Ralph, daughter Pat Nielsen, brother Richard R. Cone, sisters Helen Sapere and Beulah Doyle.
1929 Daily Illini
In 1940 Chicago, Leslie K. Doyle is a musician in a tavern, 36 Illinois, married to Beulah M. 32 Indiana, no kids, in a rooming house.
She had two years of college when she enlisted in the WAC's June 29, 1944.
Beulah M. Doyle, per SSDI, born August 26, 1907 in Illinois, died December 10, 1996, last residence Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Helen might be in New York in 1940, 27, born in California, married to Joseph Sapere, 22, with daughter Claire 3.
Joseph F. Sapere, 1917-2010 is buried in St. Joseph's, Yonkers, New York., a second lieutenant in the Armyh Air Force.

Sapere, Joseph R. (Colonel USAF Retired) Joe 74, a resident of Deatsville, Alabama passed away on January 8, 2015 after an extended illness. He was preceded in death by his parents Joseph and Hope Sapere, Virginia Beach,VA. Joe was born in Yonkers, NY on October 4, 1940. Joe is survived by his loving wife and soulmate of 33 years Janette Sapere, sons Joe (Tina) Sapere of Atlanta, GA, Jimmy (Emily) Sapere of Chattanooga, TN, Donnie (Bonnie) Foster of Millbrook, AL, Darryl (Traci) Foster of Wills Point, TX, daughter Juanna Jackson of Great Bend,KS, Sheila Montague (Don) of Moyock,NC sister Claire Blume of San Francisco,CA, sixteen grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

David Robert Cone, of Gastonia, North Carolinapassed away on June 23, 2009 in Blowing Rock.
David was born in Gastonia on March 26, 1947, son of Richard Cone and Jane Davis and was a graduate of Ashley High School and Cornell University in New York. He was an Eagle Scout and served on the Piedmont Boy Scout Camp staff in Tryon. He has been working with Little Hardware in Charlotte.
David was a teacher in the Gaston County public schools and at Gaston Day School. An avid outdoorsman, David owned and operated backpacking stores in Greenville and Clemson, SC. In Gastonia he ran the Drumlin outdoor guide company taking local students and adults on backpacking trips in the Sierra's, mountain climbing at Mt. Rainer, kayaking in Glacier Bay and barefoot sailing in the Bahamas.
David's work helping to protect King's Mountain and Crowder's Mountain began shortly after graduating from Cornell with a degree in Forestry. He has continued to work with the Friends of Crowders Mountain.
A published author David has written several novels including The Maelstrom, Jacob's Ring, Homo Primus, Shining Rock and a book of poems entitled, The Cabin at Saranac Lake.
David is survived by his sister Barbara McCloskey of Boone, NC and his brother John Cone of Columbia, SC.

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