Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

John and Maggie Hedding , 6 South 44 West

In 1900 Kit Carson County, John March 1844 and Maggie Nov 1853, both born in Germany, have Edward Feb 1878 Illinois, Reinhart born October 1885 in Kansas, Minnie Nov 1888 Kansas, Anna January 1890 Colorado, John April 1893 Colorado, William April 1893 Colorado, and Carl November 1894 Colorado.
John and Bill Hedding provided a photo of the Landsman School students, which includes five Hedding kids and three Janssen kids.
John Heddinga cash-claimed a quarter in 34, 5 1/2 South 44W in 1894, and proved up 80 acres in 34 in 1901.
John homesteaded 94 acres in 2, 6S 44W in 1901, and timber-claimed a quarter in 7 in 1904.
Gerhard Janssen proved up 151 acres in 1, 6S 44W in 1903 (he had married Anna Hedding)

In 1910 Gage County, Nebraska, John is 65, Crata 58, William 16, John 16, Anna 18, Carl 13,
In 1920 Washington County, Kansas, Edward Hedding is 42, Anna 41, Germany, with Grace 17, Fred 12, Anna 10, Johnie 6, all kids born in Kansas Father, 76, is widowed, with them, immigrating in 1872, naturaliized 1880. So is granddaughter Freida Jansen 10, born in Colorado,.

John H. Hedding 1844-1922 is buried in Gage County, Nebraska # 66881571. On the same stone is Gretje A. (Buschman) Hedding 1852-1918. # 66881570.

Lina Heddinga married Gerhard Janssen November 8, 1896, recorded in Kit Carson County.

John Hedding married Fay Wooley June 5, 1919, recorded in Kit Carson County.

The Fredrick (Fritz Hedding) - 1879-1896 buried in the German Lutheran cemetery, Yuma County, is likely a son , # 52605667,

Rosa D. McMullen is in Sherman County, Kansas in 1900, born January 1882 in Iowa, living with sister Edith E. Middleton 20 and her husband March B. Middleton 27.

George 34 and "Rada" 28 are in Sherman County, Kansas in 1910, with nine-minth-old George.

George John Hedding registered for WWI in Malvern, Mills County, Iowa, a laborer born January 7, 1876, nearest relative Rosa Dell Hedding.
In 1920 Mills County, George is 44, Rose D. 37, GeorgaE A. 10, Waltger A. 7, and Clarence R. 3.
George 64 and Rosa Dell Hedding 58 are in Los Angeles in 1940, with sons Clarence R. 44, Walter 29, Elden 19, and Robert 16.
George, born January 7, 1876 in Illinois, died Sept 14, 1971 in Los Angeles County.
Rosa, born January 29, 1882, died October 30, 1973 in Los Angeles County.

ANNA ANN MARIE WILHELMINE HEDDING was born on 1 Jan 1891 in BURLINGTON, KIT CARSON CO, CO. She died on 8 Apr 1974 in WYMORE, GAGE CO, NE. She was buried in Apr 1974 in SAINT JOHNS CEMETERY, BARNESTON, GAGE CO, NE. Harold Marion Trauernicht, married 27 September 1944 in Pierce County, Tacoma, Washington, son of William TRAUERNICHT and Anna HEDDING.He was born 22 April 1917 in Gage County, Barneston, Nebraska, and died 23 November 1997 in Lincoln Lancaster Co Ne-Vets Hospital-bur. St. John's. William Trauernicht 1889-1972 and Anna M. (Hedding) Trauernicht 1891-1974 are buried in Gage County # 667881687.


Martha Hermine Jansen was born in Kit Carson County, Colorado, on March 18, 1903; her family moved to Barneston, Gage County, Nebraska, later that year. Her father, Gerhardt Jansen, was a Lutheran minister born in Germany; and her mother, Talina Hedding Jansen, also of German heritage, had been born in Illinois. Martha attended Gage and Saunders County public elementary schools and graduated from Lincoln High in January of 1923. She entered nurses training at the Lincoln Sanatorium in 1924, graduating in 1927. A Registered Nurse and later floor supervisor, she worked for thirty-seven years at Mary Lanning Hospital in Hastings. In 1931 she married Frank Merrill Sheldon; they had one daughter, Marilyn. During the 1930s Martha participated actively in the Stella Research Club, a women's group. She died at the age of 91 on August 25, 1994.
Talina "Lina" M. (Hedding) Janssen 1880-1903 is buried in Gage County # 66881600.
In 1910 Gage County, (on the same page as John Hedding) Gerhard Janssen is 51, Anna 39, - his second marriage, her first, married five years.
Annetta is 12, Lula 11, Mary 9, Martha 7, all four born in Colorado, and Lydia 2, in Nebaska.
In 1920 Lincoln, Nebraska, sisters Annette 21 - a stenographer, Freda a salesperson in a department store - 20, Marie - a mail clerk 18 are living together - all three born in Colorado.


Edward B. Heddinga married Anna Buss December 30, 1901, recorded in Kit Carson County.
In 1905 Sherman County, Kansas, E.B. Heddinga is 27, with A. Heddinga 26, and Grace 2.
In 1910 they're in Washington County, Kansas, with Grace 7, Fred H.2 and Anna L. 1.
Edward Bruno Hedding registered for WWI in Washington County, Kansas, born April 4, 1877.

In 1920 Washington County, Kansas, Edward Hedding is 42, Anna 41, Germany, with Grace 17, Fred 12, Anna 10, Johnie 6, all kids born in Kansas Father, 76, is widowed, with them, immigrating in 1872, naturaliized 1880.
In 1930 Washington County, Kansas, E. B. "Heading" is 53, Alice 52, Frdd 22, Anna 21, John 16, Arlene 8,. Harry Buss, Anna's brother, 56 , born in Germany, is with them.


Reinhart proved up 311 acres in 2, 6S 44W in 1917.
Reinhart Arnold Hedding registered for WWI in Burlington, born December 6, 1886, wife Edith and one child, farming.
Edith F. Hastings was in Wapello County, Iowa in 1910, 24, with parents Henry C. 50 and Alice A. 53 Hastings.
Henry C. Hastings 1858-1942 is buried in Wapello County, # 16393077. So is Alice A. (Kendrick) Hastings 1856-1929 "Mrs Alice Hastings 72 years old, died at 11 a.m. Saturday at Mt. Pleasant. She is survived by the following seven children: Edith Hedding of Burlington, CO, Miss Hazel Hastings, J. W. Hastings, Dr. Eva Hastings, Mrs. Henrietta Smith, Mary Seick and Mrs. Emily Hughes all of Des Moines."

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Reinhardt, 34, Kansas, Edith 34 Iowa, have Wayland 5 Kansas and Milton 1, Colorado. Brother William Hedding 24 is with them.
In 1930, Reinhart is manager of an implement dealership, with Edith, both 44, Wayland 15, and Milton 11.

In 1947 Denver, Edith F. (wid R.A.) has furnished rooms at 1050 Grant.
"Rhinhardt" Hedding 1885-1936 is buried in Burlington # 64937616, with Edith Flora (Hastings) Hedding 1885-1959.
Wayland Wilmot Hedding, born Aug 29, 1914 in Kansas, died in New London Connecticut March 13, 2002, widoer of Jane.

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