Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Fred Hetzel, Lee E. Hetzel, 6 South 44 West

There are two Fred Hetzels in Kit Carson County, perhaps brothers. The other Fred is Jacob's son.
In 1900 Franklin County, Kansas, John Hetzel born Dec 1841 in Pennsylvania, is farming, married 30 years to Sarah, Nov 1848 England. They have Minnie Sept 18870, Frank Sept 1872, Fred July 18474, Mary R. Mar 1877, Sarah P. July 1883, John S. January 1887, and Benjamin Sept 1888, all kids born in Kansas.
In 1875 Douglas County, Kansas, Rosella Tolle is 5, Marietta 8, with Reuben Toll 41 and Elizbeth 32.
Ella Tolle is in Franklin County, Kansas in 1880, ten years old, niece of John Al Little 29 and Elizabeth Little 20.
In 1900 Franklin County, Ella "Table" born August 1869 in Kanss, is a servant for the Alfred Benson family.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Fred Hetzel is 38, Lena 35, with Sophia 7, Marie 5, Ralph 2, and Grace two months, all born in Kansas.
Fred proved up a quarter in 1, 10S 48W in 1912, and another 80 acres there in 1914.
Fred and Ella are back in Franklin County in 1920, with Clarence 17 and Laura 14.
In 1930 Franklin County, Fred and Ella are living alone.
Fred 1874-1951 and Ella (Tolle) Hetzel 1869-1938 are buried in Franklin County, # 52517453.
Amy Crone married Clarence Hetzel Sept. 27, 1923 in Franklin County, Ks.
Home in 1930:Homewood, Franklin, Kansas Clarace Hetzel, 28, Ks., age at fist marriage 21 Amy Hetzel, 25, Ks. age at first marriage 18 Laura J Hetzel, 4 5/12, Ks. Hazel R Hetzel, 1 11/12, Ks.

Home in 1940:Homewood, Franklin, Kansas Inferred Residence in 1935:Homewood, Franklin, Kansas Residence in 1935:Homewood, Franklin, Kansas Clarence Hetzel, 38, Ks. Mrs. Clarence Hetzel, 35, Ks. Laura June Hetzel, 14, Ks. Hazel Ruth Hetzel, 12, Ks. Doyle C Hetzel, 9, Ks.

Helen Lois Hetzel, 7, Ks.
Clarence 1902-1975 and Amy (Crone) Hetzel 1904-1977 are buried in Franklin County # 46266235 and 46266226.

Laura Hetzel was married to Chester L. Stevenson 8 July 1925 at her home in rural Princeton, Franklin County, Kansas. She and her husband lived in Ottawa, Franklin County, Kansas, and later moved to Buffalo, Missouri, where they owned and operated the Buffalo Skating Rink for many years. Laura Hetzel Stevenson lived more than 97 years. She died at her home in Buffalo. She survived her daughter, Loretta Stevenson Davies, her son, Leon Chester Stevenson, her husband, and two granddaughters.
Laura 1905-2003 and Chester 1900-1987 are buried in Buffalo, Missouri # 52287175.

Ross Hetzel of Idalia and Gertie Sparks of Idalia were married Dec 6, 1920 in Burlington, Both were 21, witness Lee Hetzel.

Lee and Maye Hetzel divorced in Kit Carson County in 1937.

Lee stock-claimed 239 acres in 14 and 23, 6S 44W and 4 and 6, 7S 44W and in 33 5 1/2 S 45Win 1939.

Elmer L. Hetzel married Ruby K. Queen January 14, 1939, recorded in Park County, Colorado.

Lee Elmer Hetzel 1903-1996 is buried in Grand Junction # 32806001, with Florence Ruby Hetzel 1907-1983
Ava M. Hetzel 1927-1944 is buried in Burlington # 89523955.

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