Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Sidney L. and Nancy Jones, son Joseph B. Jones, son William Jones, brother James and Mary Jones, 6 South 44 West

In 1850 DeWitt County, Illinois, William H. Jones is 38, Polly 40, with Hugh 16, Sidney 15, Hester A. 10, Lucinda 8, James 7, Rachel 5, and William 2.
William Hall Jones, per # 85074915, 1812-1872, is buried in DeWitt County.

In 1880 Seward County, Nebraska, Sidney is 46, Nancy 44, William 16, Joseph 14, Edward 10, the sons born in Illinois, and Malinda 7, Nebraska.
Sidney proved up 80 acres in 25, 6S 44W in 1900.
In 1900 Kit Carson County, Sidney born March 1833 , married 39 years to Nancy Nov 1836, both born in Indiana, have William S. May 1864, Joseph B. April 1868, Edward Oct 1869, and daughter Malinda Hameline July 1872, all kids born in Illinois.
On the same page is Harry Jones Aug 1874 Ohio, living alone, and James Jones Dec 1843 Illinois, married 35 years to Mary Sept 1848 Illinois, and Clarence Feb 1871 Ilinois.
Sidney L. Jones 1836-1914 is buried in Burlington, # 89575227. So is Nancy Jones 1837-1903 # 89575007.

William S. Jones 1864-1913 is buried in Burlington # 89575384.

Lewis F. Brammeier married Melinda Jones in Bethune, Colorado October 16, 1904. "spouse previously married and divorced October 11 1901 "

Malinda Brammeier 1872-1942 is buried in Burlington # 89392788.
So is Louis 1876-1949 # 89392768.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Joseph Jones, 44, Illinois, Sydney Jones 74 widowed, Indiana, and William Jones 46 Illinois are next to each other in the census, each living alone.

Joseph Jones proved up a quarter in 26, 6S 44W in 1911.
Joseph B. Jones 1866-1936 is buried in Burlington, # 89574863.

In 1930 Kit Carson County, Joe B. Jones 63, born in Illinois, is still farming, still single.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Edward Jones is 40, married 7 years to Mary Cynthia (her second marriage), born in Illinois, with Edward B. Jones 5. Mary's father John J. Barber 69, Illinois, is with them.
Edward was president of District # 2 school board 1911-1914.
In 1920 Kit Carson County, Edward is 50, Mary C. 39, Edward B. 15, Nancy A. 9, Ethel R. 6, and Elsie M. 2.
In 1930, Elsie 12 and Nancy 19 are in Denver, with aunt Malinda Brammeier, 56, married to Louis F. Brammeier, 54.
Ethel is also in Denver in 1930, 17, a servant in the Joseph and Fay Morris family. She might be the Ethel R. Stuts dying in 2003 at age 90.

In 1880 Monroe County, Missouri, Jas. T. Jones is farming an a blacksmith, 36, with mary 31, Lillian 13, Edith 11 and Clarence 9, all born in Illinois.

James T. Jones, per # 72134070, 1843-1908, is buried in Lawrence County, Missouri, with Mary (Harrold) Jones 1848-1924.
James' daughter Lillie is a hotel keeper in Kit Carson County in 1900, born March 1867 in Illinois, married six years to Michael M. Higgins born April 1860 in New York, with Bertha April 1895 and Hazel J. April 1900, both born in Colorado.
Michael and Lillian still have the hotel in 1910 Kit Carson County, with Anna B. 8, Harold C. 5 - Bertha is living with grandmother Mary Jones in Lawrence County Missouri in 1900)
July 27, 1911
Michael 1860-1911 is buried in Burlington, and Lillian W. (Jones)(Higgins) Pilling 1867-1962 is buried in Lawrence County, Missouri, # 33514151.
Clarence, who was probably in Kit Carson County in 1900, is buried in McDonough County, Illinois 1871-1958, per # 142469462.
Bertha married Clarence Ellsworth, and they're in Kit Carson County when Clarence registered for WWI. Bertha A. (Higgins( Ellsworth 1895-1980 is buried in Forest Lawn Hollywood, # 85869596.
Hazel Gay (Higgins) Moore 1900-1962 is buried in Lawrence County, Missouri # 21967109.

Edith born January 1869 in Illinois, married seven years to Robert J. Dunbar, February 1874 Illinoisare on the same page as James and Sidney in 1900 Kit Carson County,
In 1910 R.J. and Edith are back in Lawrence County, Missouri, with niece Hazel Higgins, 10.
Edith 1869-1953 is buried in Lawrence County, # 21930417.

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