Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Nathaniel D. McCrillis, sons Clarence , Edwin , J. Walter , 6 South 44 West

Nathaniel D. McCrillis 1816-1892 and Martha W. Roby dying 1883, per the Sons of the American revolution application of Ralph Waldo McCrillis.
Martha was born March 11, 1815, the daughter of Joseph Roby and Dolly Stevens. The Joseph Roby, one of the earliest mail-carriers in Sutton, New Hampshire.
In 1850 Manchester, New Hampshire, Nathaniel "McCrillice", a teamster, and Martha W. are both 35. They have Edwin 2. Also with them is Joseph "Robie" 57 and Dolly 55, with Charles H. Robie , 27, a manufacturer.

In 1860 Manchester, New Hampshire, "Nathanil" D. McCrillis and Martha W. McCrillis are both 44, with Edwin W. 11, Clarence 8, and Walter W. 3.

In 1870 Boston, Massachusetts, Nathanel McCrillis is a teamster, 52, born in Massachusetts, Martha 50, New Hampshire, Edwin 21 and Clarence W. 18 are clerks in a store, and J. Walter is 13, all boys born in MNew Hampshire.
In 1874 Woburn, Massachusetts, , N.D. McCrillis is a farmer, living on Salem Street. C.W. McCrillis is a bookkeeper, and Edwin McCrillis works for sawin, Edwards & Co., both boarding with N.D.
Martha W. (Roby) McCrillis 1815-1883 is buried in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, # 144897144.

Nathaniel cash-claimed 160 acres in 33, 6S 44W and 4, 7S 44W in 1887, and proved up a quarter in 22 in 1892.
Heirs of Nathaniel D. McCrillis timber-claimed 80 acres in 12, 6S 44W in 1898.
Nathaniel D. McCrillis died October 29, 1892, recorded in Denver, to be buried at Riverside.
Nath. D. "McCrellis", age 76, was buried in Denver's Riverside cemetery October 30, 1892, plot 30110.

James W. McCrillis, of Woburn, Massachusetts, and Louisa Jones of Melrose, Massachusetts, married in Woburn September 19, 1876.

Owen Jones McCrillis, stillborn son of James and Louisa, was buried 1878 in Middlesex County, # 144893957.

In 1880 Middlesex County, Massachusetts, James is 23, a bookkeeper, married to Louisa 23 born in Pennsylvania , with son Nath' six months. Nathl. 65 and Martha W. 68 are with them.

In 1887 Denver, James W. McCrillis boards at 12 La Veta Place.
Heirs of J. Walter McCrillis timber-claimed 160 acres in 22, 6S 44W in 1900.
James Walter McCrillis 1856-1888 is buried in Middlesex County, # 144856408
Denver's Riverside Cemetery has a record of a J. Walter McCrillis buried there May 5, 1888, age 30, in plot 3-152. It also has a J.N. McCrillis buried in that plot September 21, 1888.

Edwin McCrillis, born at Manchester, N.H., married Mary E. Chadburne September 2, 1875 in Wareham, Massachusetts. She was 23, born in Woburn, Massachusetts, father Humphrey, mother Angelia.
(Humphrey 1799-1875 # 133905641 and Abigail (Reed) Chadbourne 1832-1887 are buried in Woburn, Massachusetts.
In 1880 Edwin is clerking in a store in Lowell, Massachusetts, boarding with the Stevens family.
Mary is living with her widowed mother - a paralytic - in Woburn in 1880, married, 27. Her brother Lewis H. 25 is a clerk in a a store.

Sam Schaal of Yuma County wrote "We had five cattle ranches of good size - the John Pugh ranch, the Harry Cox ranch, the Bar T, and the Jim Cook ranch, all on the Republican River, and the Ed McCrillis ranch on the Landsman, now the Spring Valley ranch."
Ed McCrillis married Elizabeth Wiltwell in Red Cloud, Nebraska in September 1889.
The Yount family wrote "We established a Post Office (Landsman) out (of) our place the latter part of 1896. Old man McCrillis had it first there on his homestead on the Landsman. The Bauder history says "In 6S 44W the first homestead was taken in the year 1882 by Clarence McCrillis, who operated the big cattle ranch called the Spring Valley Ranch with headquarters on the Landsman Creek.
In the next several years the McCrillis family made at least twelve land claims in this township.

In 1884 E. McCrillis was postmaster at Landsman - then Elbert County. from March 27, 1883 to May 27, 1887.

In Denver 1884 , Edwin McCrillis is a cattle dealer, and boards at 421 Waoola.
Clarence W. McCrillis is a stock grower, living at 316 15th, boards at the St. James Hotel.

In 1885 Denver, Edwin is a stock grower, and he and Clarence W. live at 389 17th.

Edwin cash-claimed 160 acres in 11 and 14, 6S 44W in 1888, proved up another 160 acres in 11 and 12, 6S 44W in 1892, and timber-claimed 80 acres in section 11 in 1896.
In 1890 Edwin McCrillis of Denver was a partner in a Alamo Street Railroad Co. of San Antonio Texas.
In 1891 Denver, Mary A. "McCrilis" had a lot in Strayer Shepherds Park subdivision.

In 1900 Edwin, Mary, and son Ralph are in Denver. Edwin is the secretary of the State Inspection Board.
1903 Yuma "Mr. and Mrs. Amos Binford entertained G.W. Vallery, F.P. Johnson, Ed McCrillis and Charles Lamb of Denver on their visit here last week."

Ed. McCrillis was a secretary of the Colorado State Board of Live Stock Inspectors, May 1, 1903, at a salary of $100 per month.
In 1920 Denver, Edwin C. 69 and Mary A. 65 have a servant, Julia Driscoll, 69 widowed, Irish.
Edwin # 55629624 and Mary 1852-1929 have a stone in Fairmount Cemetery, Denver.
Edwin died on March 17, 1921.

R.W. McCrillis of Denver was attorney for the State Stock Association in 1911. Ralph W. McCrillis and David P. Howard were partners in law, with offices in Sulphur Springs and Denver.

Ralph Waldo McCrillis, Denver lawyer, was born in that city, November 5, 1882, and is a son of Edwin and Mary A. (Chadbourne) McCrillis, the former of whom was born in Manchester, New Hampshire, and the latter in Boston, Massachusetts. Following his graduation from the East Denver high school Mr. McCrillis entered the law school of the University of Michigan and was graduated therefrom (LL. B.) in 1906, in which year he was admitted to the bar and became engaged in the practice of law in Denver, a profession he since has followed, with present offices in the Equitable building. On June 11, 1913, in Denver, Mr. McCrillis was united in marriage to Miss Olivia Cook, and they have three children - a daughter, Lucille Olivia; and two sons, Edwin Cook and Albert Cook McCrillis. Mr. McCrillis is a member of the Denver, Colorado and American Bar Associations and of the college fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Residence : 967 Lafayette street, Denver.

On March 22, 1921, Ralph bought a house in the 1800 block of Glencoe, Denver, from Henry S. Roby but did not live in it, remaining at 967 Lafayette with Olivia Christine Cook McCrillis.

Ralph McCrillis 1882-1963 # 55629627, Olivia 1885-1928, and Albert 1922-1926 share a stone in Fairmount Cemetery.
Ralph had property on Grand Lake, Colorado.
Ralph's son Ed wrote a nice history of "Pop" McCrillis and this property.

March 19, 1921

Clarence W. McCrillis graduated from the Prescott School in Boston in 1869.
In Denver 1884 , Edwin McCrillis is a cattle dealer, and boards at 421 Waoola.
Clarence W. McCrillis is a stock grower, living at 316 15th, boards at the St. James Hotel.

In 1885 Denver, Edwin is a stock grower, and he and Clarence W. live at 389 17th.

"Heirs of Clarence W. McCrillis cash-claimed 160 acres in 1 and 12, 6S 44W in 1891.

C.W. McCrillis was buried April 6, 1886 in Denver's Riverside Cemetery age 36, plot 3-110.

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