Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

William H. Milhoan and his four wives, 6 South 44 West

William, his son John, and possibly two grandchildren are likely buried in Kit Carson County - we would appreciate any infomation on them.

In 1850 Ritchie County, Virginia, Wm. H. Milhoan is 2, with parents Jno. S. 23 and Margaret 21. Brother Theodore is 1. One post said Margaret was the daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Harrell or Parsons.
In 1860 Jefferson County, Ohio, John "Milhorn" is 33 born in Ohio - married to Albina 21, with Anna Maria 3 and Sarah Jane 2 (One tree said the girls are William's half-sisters)In 1880 St. Louis, Missouri, Wm. "Milhone" is 30, born in Virginia, with Emma W. 24, an actress born in England. They have a son Jone 2, born in Missouri, and a stepson Saml Ostrand, 13, born in Iowa. (Samuel Ostrander had mrried Emma Jerome in BUchanan County Missouri May 2, 1865.)
In 1870 Jefferson County, John "Willham" is 45, Elvina 32, Annie M. 13, Sarah J. 12, Benjamin O. 9, Elizabeth L. 4, and John W. 2.
John Milhoan 1827-1913, # 105037532 is buried in Jefferson County, Ohio, with Albinah (Wharton) Milhoan 1838-1928.

When Theodore Milhone registered for WWI, he said he was born August 26, 1887 at Denver, working for Western Chemical in Denver, with a wife and two children.

William Milhoan married Minnie Spitzer in Denver October 7, 1889. Minnie had been in Denver in 1880, age 11, daughter of John Spitzer, a freighter, and Mry J. 33. Sisblings are Sarah 9, Jesse 7, Herbert 2, and Perry three months.

In 1891 Denver, William H. Milhoan is a gripman, living at 2700 Market. Edward T. is a laborer at 3545 Blake, and T. Arthur is a clerk for E.E. Rost, living at 3106 Gilpin.
William proved up a quarter in 6, 6S 44W in 1893, and timber-claimed a quarter in 6, 6S 44W in 1898.
In 1898 Denver, William H. is a motorman for the Tramway Company, and Minnie Milhoan - butter and eggs- live at 71 S. Water.
Arthur T. is a clerk, living at 2949 California Street. Mrs. Grace A. Milhoan, same address, is a teacher at Whittier School.

In 1900 Denver, William Milhoan is a street motorman, born Oct 1852 in Ohio, married ten years to Minnie Feb 1872 Colorado, with Annetta Oct 1892, Jennette Sept 1894, and Wesley W. June 1896, all three born in Colorado.
Myrtle Sadie Milhoan was born December 17, 1900 to William Hoag Milhoan and Minnie Lois Spitzer.

Emma, born March 1851 in England, has remarried by 1900, married to David Winton - a river engineer , 64 born in Missouri - and they're on Douglass Street in St. Louis. John Milhone May 1877, Dorianda Milhone Feb 1884, both born in Missouri, and Theodore Milhone Aug 1885 in Colorado.

John William Milhoan, born May 2, 1879 at St. Louis, died December 22, 1913 in Chicago, to be buried in Burlington, Colorado. He was the son of William Milhoan of Ohio and Anna Jerome of England, working in the theater.

Dorinda Milhoan Fujarski was born in St. Louis Feb 18, 1888.
Minnie S. Milhoan and William H. Milhoan divorced in Kit Carson County in 1908.
In 1910 Denver, William Milhoan is a motorman on an electric railway, 57, born in West Virginia, married (second marriage for both) to Ellen 55, Pennsylvania.. They have a dozen lodgers.

In 1910 Burlington "Wesley Milhone of the sixth grade was absent Wednesday.
1910 "William Milhoan of Denver spent a few days last week in this vicinity looking after property interests."
William H. Milhoan married Ellen Mall March 12, 1910, recorded in Denver.
William Milhoan and Ellen M. Milhoan divorced in Denver in 1915. (In 1920 Ellen Milhoan is in Oakland, California 67, widowed, with son Harry Moll 49 Pennsylvania and daughter Laura Atwood 37, born in Nebraska and her husband George and two kids - Roy Atwood 20 and Nellie 18 both born in Colorado. She's likely Elena Hottle, marrying a Moll, then William Milhoan, and died in California in 1941.)

1910 Kit Carson County
MILHOAN, Minnie, Servant, f, w, 37, Divorced, 6 children, 5 living, Colorado, Illinois, Illinois, housekeeper, private family
MILHOAN, Jennie A., boarder, f, w, 16, single, Colorado, Ohio, Colorado
MILHOAN, Wesley W., boarder, m, w, 13, single, Colorado, Ohio, Colorado
MILHOAN, Myrtle S., boarder, f, w, 9, single, Colorado, Ohio, Colorado
MILHOAN, Charles H., boarder, m, w, 6, single, Colorado, Ohio, Colorado
September 1910 Burlington "Jennie, the daughter of Mrs. Milhoan, was taken suddenly ill with appendicitis and removed to a Denver hospital."

1911 "I will not be responsible for any debts contracted in my name. Wm. Milhoan."
William H. Milhoan married Lillie Simpson Jun 9, 1917, recorded in Kit Carson County.

1912 "Myrtle Milhoan was on the sick list for school."
In 1912, G. Harris, a rancher residing on the Milhoan ranch about twenty miles north of Burlington, was arrested for leveling a shotgun on Deputy Sheriff Bowman while serving an eviction notice."

Mrs. Millie L. Milhoan, 46, married Levi D. Amy, age 53, May 15, 1916 in Burlington.
Myrtle Milhoan married Alfred L. Crites April 16, 1917, recorded in Denver.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, William is 73, widowed, born in West Virginia, a farmer.
1922 Byers, Colorado "Mrs. Grace Milhoan spent the latter part of the week in Denver attending to business matters."

June 8, 1920, Wesley W. Milhoan of Burlington married Agnes A. Quinn of Flagler. Both were 23.
Wesley is running a garage in 1930 Cheyenne County, Colorado, with Agnes A. 3 Hugh W. 9, and George, 4.
In 1940 Craig, Colorado, W.W. is a Ford dealer, with Agnes. A. 43 Colorado, Hugh W. 19 0 working in the garage, and George M. 14.
Wesley is buried in Craig, Colorado, per # 28771842. Wesley William Milhoan 's inheritance tax was filed in Jun 1940 in Moffat County.
May 2, 1940
Agnes 1897-1969 is buried in Orange, California # 116452193.
So is George M. 1925-1973 # 116493360.
Annette M. Milhoan married J. Garfield Scherrer October 28, 1907, recorded in Kit Carson County.
In 1918 J. G. Scherrer is the secretary of the Hermes school district # 48 in Yuma County, Colorado.
1886 Fort Morgan, Colorado

J. G.'s father, Jacob Scherrer, from France, came to Colorado in the 1860's, left for Montana in 1863, laying out the town of Helena. In 1868 he made Denver his permanant home. He was county commissioner in 1883-1884-and 1885, president of the Colorado Cattle Association in 1881. His summer home - known as Bar-Tree Ranch in Yuma County is situated on a ranch of 4,200 acres.

Jacob Sherrer Is Said to Have Founded Helena Montana
DENVER Colorado January 7
Jacob Scherrer founder of Helena Montana and who crossed the Western plains in an ox train in 1859 died at his home here today. He was a native of Missouri.
HELENA Mont January 7
Jacob Scherrer of Denver in connection with whose death the statement is made that he was the founder of the city of Helena is unknown to ths pioneers of this vicinity. The Society of Montana Pioneers has no record of him as having been among the discoverers of the placer mines of Last Chance Gulch or the founders of the permanent city of Helena. Neither has the State Historical Society data regarding him. The only authoritative information that can be secured is that he may have made several trips to this State in the early days "


Annetta Mae (Milhoan) Scherrer, 1891-1961, per # 115865248, is buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Colorado, with Jacob Garfield Scherrer (1880-1962) - they were in Idalia precinct, Yuma County in 1920.
"Helen Vivian Scherrer Canonico Hansen born April 1, 1924 in Golden, Colorado passed away April 25, 2014 in Waco, Texas. Preceded in death by parents Jacob Garfield Scherrer and Annetta May Milhoan, husband of 52 years August Robert Canonico and husband Harold Hansen, grandson Trevor Venables, and all her siblings. Helen is survived by her three children: Robert and Nancy Canonico of China Springs, Louise and Bobby Murray of Huntsville, and Jack and Jeanie Canonico of Meridian; six grandchildren and twelve great grandchildren."

In 1924, "C.C. Milhoan of Keenesburg shipped 53 pigs to the Denver market, getting 10c per poun."

Arthur T. Milhoan married Grace A. Cameron August 19, 1896, recorded in Denver.
Arthur T. Milhoan 1871-1918 is buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, per # 48200221. So is Grace A. Milhoan 1872-1927, # 48200222.
Hugh W. Milhoan 1921-1982 is buried in Fort Logan # 3361235, with Wilma (Smiht) Kermiet 1916-2008 buried in Boulder # 126823277.
Theodore Milhoan and Esther W. Milhan divorced in Denver in 1927.

Michael Quinn married Anna Isabell Boyd 6 May 1878
In 1888 Michael and Anna came to Kit Carson county, Colorado settling where Flagler is today.They had 13 children;
Joanna Margaret b. 1879 Iowa
Stephen Andrew b. 1880 Iowa d. same year
Ellen Elizabeth b. 25 Jan 1882 married Robert Garber
Mary Anastasia b. Dec 1883 married J. T. Maddox
James Michael b. 5 Sep 1885 Iowa married Thelma Hetzel
Phillip Joseph b. Aug 1887 Kansas
William Francis b. 18 Aug 1889 Co. married Myrtle ?
John Samuel d. infant
Grace Ruth b. June 1893 Co. married James Griffen
George Edward b. 1 June 1895 Co married Mary Gladys Pugh
Agnes Annabel b. Jan 1897 Co. married Wesley Milhoan
John Paul d. infant
Hugh Robert b. 4 Feb 1900 Co.

Levi D. AMY b. 10 Dec. 1862 ; m.1. Mary Etta BUCKLIN 18 Sep. 1890; m.2. Mrs. Minnie L. MILHOAN 15 May 1916
d. 18 May 1962 Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA

In 1920 Weld County, Levy D. Amy is 56, Minnie L. 51, with sons Lester 16, Charles O. 12, and Minnie's son Charles "Milhoam" 15.

Alfred Louis Crites, Jr. was born Aug 13, 1924 at Gilcrest, Weld County, to Alfred L Crites and Myrtle S. Milhoan.
In 1930 Weld County, Alfred 32 and Myrtle S. 29 have Lucille L. 10, Dorothy L. 8, Alford L. 5 and Doris M. 2.
In 1940, Alfred and Myrtle are in Los Angeles, with Dorothy L. 18, Alfred L. 15, Doris M. 12. Nephew Harold Hansen 25 Ohio and niece Lois L. 27 Colorado are with them. Harold had been in New Jersey in 1935, Lois in Elbert County Colorado (She's probably Lois Scherrer, daughter of Jacob and Annette, buried 1912-2000 in Elbert, Colorado # 46660562.) Great-nephew Robert H. eight months, born in Colorado, and grand-daughter Barbara J. Jones 2, California are also with them.
Myrtle Sadie Crites 1901-1971 is buried in Orange County, California # 94515914.
Alfred L. Crites 1898-1968 # 116399640 is buried in Washington Memorial Park, King County, Washington.
Lucille Lois Crouder, born April 1, 1920 to fathere Crites and mother Milhoan, died July 31, 1980 in San Diego County.

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