Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

John L. and Helen (Stuart) Slusser, Lincoln Almon Stuart, 6 South 44 West

In 1860 South Bend, Indiana, Henry Slusser is 63, Lidia 54, Oliver 21, Eliza 23, Mary 15, Obidah 16, James 14, Henry 11, John 9 and Charles 3.
In 1870 South Bend, Indiana, Henry Slusser is 72, Lydia Ann 61, John 19, Charles 14, and Henry 21.

John L. Slusser is in South Bend, Indiana in 1880, age 29, married to Helen E. 24, and one-year-old Jesse R. with parents Henry 82 and Lydia 71.
In 1890 Kearney County, Nebraska, C.A. Slusser, and L. M. Slusser are farming in Minden precinct, and O. B. Slusser in Hildreth precinct.
Helen E. Slusser was the first postmistress of the Landsman post office, May 5, 1891.,
Helen received $25.34 for running that post office in 1895, and $32.62 in 1897.

John proved up a quarter in 4, 6S 44W in 1893. He had a record of a Timber claim in that township, but it wasn't completed.
Colorado Archives show John dying March 28, 1896, recorded in Kit Carson County.

John 1851-1896 and Helen E. A. 1855-1943 are buried in Minden, Nebraska # 42078167.
So is Mervine J. Slusser 1883-1901.
In 1900 Minden, Helen is widowed, born June 1857 in Indiana, with Jesse R. - an apprentice printer - Nov 1878 Indiana, Mervine J. August 1883 Iowa, Elwyn H. July 1892 and Hellen M. Aug 1895 both born in Colorado.
(John's brother Henry was also in Kearney County in 1900, born March 1849 in Ohio, with Hannah Sept 1861 Iowa, Allen C. Nov 1883 and Charles June 1885, both born in Nebraska. He's buried in Minden 1849-1914 "Died in a car accident while delivering the mail on his route in Kearney county.He was survived by his wife HANNAH ROSAN COLLINS SLUSSER,and 3 children: CHARLES ALLEN SLUSSER,CHARLES DIAMOND SLUSSER,AND CLARICE HERBSTER. " )
Another brother Levi 1834-1910 is buried in Minden #59466356 "Levi was born in Stark, OH to Henry Slusser and Lydia Ann Leininger. He died in Chicago, Cook, IL per contributor Rose Marie Brown. " with wife Cincerella.

In 1910 Minden Helen is 54, Helen J. 15. (On the same page is Cinderella Slusser 70 Ohio and her daughter Daisy 42 Indiana.)
1910 (This must be an uncle)

Helen E. Slusser is directing the Minden Public Library, with 2,760 volumes, in 1916.
1916 Wray, Colorado

In 1920 Jesse R. is a machinist in railroad shops in Lancaster County, Nebraska, 41, with Laura, 36 Iowa. Helen J. 16, Edna L. 14, Rachel M. 8, Jessie J. 5, and Charles E. 3 were all born in Nebraska. Laura's mother Josphine Langston, 76, widowed, Michjigan is with them.

In 1930 Elwyn H. Slusser is a "rod sub" machinist in Denver, 37, married to Myrtle L. 36 Colorado. John L. is 4 born in Colorado.

In 1940 Denver, Elwyn works in a mining machinery factory, 47, with Myrtle 46, John 12 and his mother Helenen El, 84, widowed. She had been in Kearney County, Nebraska in 1935.

Elwyn 1892-1983 is buried in Black Hills National, South Dakota # 36527658.

Helen's brother Lincoln A. Stuart proved up a quarter in 29, 6S 44W in 1893.
In 1880 and 1900 Kearney County, Nebraska, Lincoln is born August 1865 in Indiana, single, living with parents Almon and Elisabeth.
In 1910 Kearney County Lincoln is farming, with Anne 31, Almon 8, Pearl 7, and Lile R. 2.
Lincoln is a paperhanger in 1920 Arvada, Colorado, married to Anenone 42, Nebraska. Almon is 18, Pearl 17, and Violet 7, all three born in Nebraska.
In 1930 Denver, Lincoln is single, no occupation , rooming with Ann Rowlands.Lincoln 1865 1935 is buried in Denver Fairmount # 135982872
Almon is in Denver in 1930, too, married to Libby 23 with Sharon 1 and sister Violet C. 18.

James M. Stuart cash-claimed a quarter in 29, 7S 43W in 1890.

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