Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Ida Smith, 6 South 44 West

Ida proved up a quarter in 20, 6S 44W in 1902.

James G. Stephenson, age 29, born at Dakota City, Nebraska, was discharged August 1898 at Fort Logan Colorado, serving at Santiago, Cuba.
Ida J. Smith married James G. Stephenson March 27, 1905 - no county listed.
They divorced in 1908 in Arapahoe County.

She might be the Ida Stephenson in 1910 Garfield County Colorado, 48, born in Indiana, widowed, a cook for Fred Korn family.
In 1920 Denver, Ida is 58, widowed, with daughter Catherine Roddy, 32 Indiana, widowed. Catherine is a record clerk, with five kids.J.G. Stephenson, a sergeant in the 7th Infantry, was buried at Crown Hill, dying May 30, 1936.
Catherine Smith had married I.W. Roddy November 8 1922, recorded in Las Animas County.
Reverend George Ross MacLeod, born in Nova Scotia 1873, died September 7, 1904, marrying Ida Ella Smith August 7, 1879, and had daughters Mary, Helen and Edith. He died September 7, 1910, "for the past two years he has lived on the farm ten miles north of town. Buried in boyhood home.
Ida Gutting, born April 1871 in New Jersey, is in Omaha in 1900 with widowed mother Julia Gutting born Dec 1842 in Germany. Auguts October 1866, Gustav June 1874, Emil Jan 1876, Charles Oct 1878, and Minnie July 1880 all born in Nebraska.

Marriage license was issued to J. Smith of Omaha age 26 and Ida Gutting Omaha age 29 on December 11, 1901.

In 1909, for the estate of Christian Gutting, ordered to appear regarding ta plot in 25, 5S 44W, were Ben GUtting, Dan Gutting, Lena Bader, Ida Smith, Minnie Summer, Elizabeth Lengal, Gust Gutting, Eneal Gutting and Charley Gutting, heirs.
"Jack" Smith, daughter of Julia Gutting, is with her in 1910 Omaha, divorced, with Stella M. 8 and John H. 6.

ANOTHER POSSIBLE - from the Smith Family Bible

  Ida SMITH was born March 2nd, 1868. - Ida Ratliff died June 1944.

Jerry Myer SMITH born Feb. 18--1852/passed away Jan. 18 1908 Burlington Co. Kit Carson Co.
Arthur Vanrande SMITH (half brother) born May 18 1885 passed away March 13 1970 in Kans.
Philbert Abner Smith born Sept. 24 1888 passed away Jan. 12 Kit Carson Burlington Col. hospital
Roscoe Raymond SMITH born July 4-1892 passed away Feb. 18 1950 in Wray Co. Yuma In hospital
Earl Washington SMITH born April 14-1894 in hospital Burlington Colo. Kit Carson Co.
Nancy Suada Rebecca Maybelle SMITH HOUGHTON born March 19, 1896 in Missouri Atchinson County
William Jerry Bryant SMITH born Nov. 24 1898 in Missouri Atchison Co. passed away Nov. 25-1932 at Hale Colo, Yuma Co.
Louisa Ann McKee SMITH born May 30 1861 passed away August 31, 1965 Kit Carson, CO Near Burlington on farm..

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