Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Frank Ballett, 6 South 45 West

Frank cash-claimed 120 acres in 8, 6S 45W in 1891.
There were some other cash claims in that section, but his was the only one in 1890.

One possible is the "Frank Ballett is painting Mr. Wilson's granary." in 1890 Clay Center, Kansas.
In 1895 Clay Center Frank Balliet is 30, born in Ohio, with Josie 24 North Carolina. Charlie Williams, 9 born in Kansas is with them.
He's listed as "Ballich" in 1900, with Josephine, no kids.
1909 Clay Center "We understand that Frank Balliett with a good many others is on the sick list."
In 1910 Clay County, F.D. Balliet is farming, 45, born in Ohio, Josephine 39 New Jersey, with her father Jesse Wilson 76, New Jersey.
1913 Winfield Kansas "Mr. and Mrs. Frank Balliett who have been visiting with Wlnfleld friends during the past twp weeks, will leave on Thursday of t'his week for their home at Los Angeles, Calif."
Frank and Josephine are farming in 1930 and 1940 in Lodi, California.
Frank 1864-1946 is buried in Lodi, California # 128616188.
So is Josephine 1870-1962 # 133158332.

MORE LIKELY is the Frank F. Balliet in 1870 Clinton County, Michigan, 7, , with R.S. 30 a farm laborer and Anna 29. Dexter T. is 9, and Wilie is 6.
Robert S. Balliet # 86135301, 1849-1873 is buried in Clay County, Nebraska.
Frank is in 1880 Clay County, Nebraska, age 17, born in Pennsylvania, a laborer, with mother Ann Balliet 38, and Wiliam 16.
Frank is in 1900 Trinidad, Colorado, born August 1865 in Kansas ??, a locomotive fireman, single, living with the Harry Barker family.
1894 Hugo, Colorado "Frank Balliet of Denver, a brother of D.T. Balliet, was in the city Monday."
(Dexter was a cowpuncher in 1880 Elbert County, Colorado, born about 1861 in Nebraska. Dexter T. Balliet proved up a quarter in 11S 54W in 1907. That's in Lincoln County.)
In the same section 8 as Frank was John Bent's claim - who was a prominent Hugo rancher.

1895 "Frank Balliet of Cheyenne Wells was in the city yesterday on a visit to his mother, Mrs. Anna Tompkins."
In 1920 Bingham, Utah, Frank is 57, single, in a lodging house, a mining engineer.
He's still there in 1930, but in 1940 he's in Lake County, Illinois, at the National Home for Disabled Railroad Employees.
F.F. Balliett buried in Lake County 1852-1940 # 23769945

One message says: Anna Balliet, (her married name) who married Frank Tompkins, the first sheriff of Lincoln County Colorado in about 1888? (Frank Tompkins married Annie "Balliet" January 29, 1888, recorded in Denver._
He divorced her a few years later and remarried. She had two or three sons who also lived in Lincoln County. She is an interesting character in the old west. (Anna Tompkins probated in Lincoln County in 1919.

The Hugo Paper notes the divorce of Frank Tompkins from a woman labeled only as Anna Tompkins on Nov 26, 1893 in Hugo Colorado. Married January 1888 Divorce decree issued Nov 27, 1893
Frank Tompkins was married to Anna. She had been married previously to William Balliet, possibly his widow. She had three sons by Mr. Balliet - they were William, Frank, and Dexter. She may also have had at least two daughters, Mrs. R. R. Lucore of Arriba and Mrs. Dennis Lynch of Ellis, Kansas. (Margaret Helena "Lena" Lucore is listed as a daughter of the Mallack family in 1885 Nebraska ....- and the Hugo newspaper story about her visit says she was a guest of Mrs. Tompkins, not mentioned a relationship. Frank Tompkins b: Dec 7, 1853 in Elmira, Chemung Co., NY d: Sep 12, 1928 in Long Beach, CA
The 1900 census of Lincoln County, Colorado has ...Tompkins, female born June 1843 in Pennsylvania, divorced, three kids all living. Next household is ??? Balliet December 1860 in Pennsylvania, married nine years to ??? Nov 1857 Indiana, no kids.
Hugo, May 31, 1919

January 31, 1920

February 1919 Hugo Colorado
1912 Brother of Locomotive Trainmen "Mrs. Dexter T. Balliet of Hugo Colorado, desires to thank the officers and members of Lodge 77 for her kindness to her during the sickness and death of her husband, Brother Dexter T. Balliet."

July 1921 Hugo, Colorado

In 1910, William F. Balliet is a locomotive engineer, living on Vine Street in Denver, 55, born in Pennsylvania, with Dora 47 Iowa, Phillis 22 and Marjory 17, both born in Colorado.
Dora's parents, per one tree, are Gideon and Mary Hockett - they were in Iowa in 1880, and possibly are the "Hochit" in Kanorado Cemetery, Kansas, # 66709709 Mary dying in 1916, and "Giedan" "in 1924 $ 66708932.
The Annie Notz 1879-1968 buried in Kanorado # 67096450 is probably Dora's sister.

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