Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Harry Cox, 6 South 45 West

In 1880 El Paso County, Colorado, Harry Cox, 18, is a herder for John H. Pullen, a stock grower, both born in England.

In 1885 Sherman County, Kansas, Harry Cox is a sheepman, 25, likely working for a ranchamn C. Vancleve, 46. Harry was born in England, and had come to Kansas from Colorado.

Ernest Fletcher's autobiography "The Wayward Horseman" mentions that his carrtle outfit was camped just over the hill from the new town of Bird City in 1885 "Harry Cox went over to see what was going on", and one by one the rest of the boys followed. They felt sorry for Ernest, and brought the city to us. "They came whooping it back over the hill bringing three women and two gamblers and three barrels of beer."
In 1886 Ernest had taken some horses to Benkelman to meet his outfit, and got into a\n altercation with three drunks. He went out to his sister's house where he was to date a little old widow that worked for his sister Belle. The drunks followed him to Harry Cox's place through the swinging doors (Implying Harry ran a saloon. ed.) "I stepped outside and drew my gun and levelled down on him, but Harry Cox knocked my gun up and told me it was unethical to shoot anybody in the back. When I got over my mad I could see that he was right"

Christ and Christina (Strobel) Gramm, their 3 children, Jake, Gottlieb, and Elizabeth, and other relatives came to America from Russia in 1899. They were on the ship for 21 days. This was quite a trip for the smaller children, especially for Gottlieb who was 7 years old at the time. His uncles likes to tease him a lot, so one day Gottlieb got tired of all the teasing and decided to hide. He hid, and got lost, and it was quite some time before they found him sitting on the outside steps of the ship.

They settled north of Bethune, Colorado in the Tuttle community along the Republican River. Christ worked for Harry Cox for many years. This is where Pauline (Mrs. Emil Schaal), William, and Chris were born.

In 1895 the Hugo newspaper reported "Harry Cox of Rush creek made final proof on his homestead before the register and receiver of the Hugo land office."
Also in 1895 "Harry Cox was in from his ranch yesterday. (Harry was a well-known stockman on Rush creek and Cox precinct, Lincoln County Colorado, is named for him."
1898 "Harry Cox was in town Monday from Tuttle, Arapahoe county, and was kept busy shaking hands with old friends. He says all kinds of live stock are wintering well in his neighborhood."

C.M. Webster's nice story about Wray says Harry Cox had seen a brand of Mr. Brown's - B.I. B. When he first saw it, someone told Mr. Cox that it was B.I. Brown's brand. Harry said "Bat Eye Brown", and that became his name.
1899 Yuma "Harry Cox, one of eastern Yuma county's enterprising cattle men, was in town Thursday."
In 1900 Kit Carson County, Harry A. Cox born March 1861 in England, immigrating in 1874, naturalized, is a ranch man, living alone. Frank L. Amet, a cook, widowed born in Pennsylvania ??47 is with him. So is Alfred D. Almer, 32 a farm hand.

July 10, 1902 Hugo Colorado "Harry Cox of Tuttle, Kit Carson county, is a guest at the Gardner ranch on Long Branch for a few days Mr. and Mrs. Gardner and Mr. Cox are visitors in town today. "
1901 Wray, Colorado "Harry Cox this week bought the Counter home. He moves to town to give his children better school advantages."

December 1903 Hugo, Colorado

In 1903 Harry Cox of Tuttle was appointed the chief inspector of the cattle dipping requirements for Kit Carson County.

January 1920

Harry cash-claimed 81 acres in 3, 6 South, 45W, Kit Carson County, in 1903.

1907 Wray Colorado "Tom DeArmond and Harry Cox shipped their horses to McCook this week where they will participate in the races the Fourth."

In 1909 Hugo, Colorado newspaper "FOR SALE Registered Hereford Bulls - Harry Cox, Tuttle, Colorado."

If anyone has information about Harry after 1909, please let us know.

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