Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

George McClintic, 6 South 45 West

George proved up two quarters in 33, 6 South, 45W in 1914.
In 1880 Clinton County, Missouri George W. is 2, with J. McClintock 31 farming, with Myrinda 27. Effie M. is 3 and Florence is two months old.

In 1885 Lyon County, Kansas, J.R. is 36, M.L. 32, E. M. 8, G.W. 6, Florence 5, and E.G. 4.
James and Marinda are in Emporia Kansas in 1900,k with Effie M . 23 and Edna G. 19. Geroge is a lborer in Kansas.

In 1910 Stafford County, Kansas, George McClintock is 31, a farm laborer for Henry and Mary Chadd.
In 1920 Stafford County, Kansas, George McClintock is 41, born in Missouri, a mail carrier. Gertrude is 29, and they have Esther Pauline 7, John Henry 6, Harry 4, and Edgar Earl 2.
In 1930 Butler County, Kansas, he's a farm laborer, 51, Gertie M. 39, Harry 14, Edgar 12, Orville 8 and Richard R. 7.
In 1940 Butler County, they have John Henry 26 and Richard 17.
George 1878-1963 # 109829796 is buried in Wichita, Kansas, with Gertrude 1890-1955.
E. Earl 1917-2000 is also buried there # 104002246 with his wife, and Orville G. 1921-2010 # 136286951 and his wife.

POSSIBLE but unlikely-
George Calvin McClintic born 1885 in Indiana, a carpenter, scale-man for the New York Central, auto assembler in Indiana 1910-1920 - no mention of farming, let alone trips to Colorado.

POSSIBLE but unlikely - George Thomas McClintic born 1874 - a grocery salesman in Michigan in 1910-1920. No farming in background.
A George W. McClintic was appointed a notary public, and admitted to the bar in Pueblo, Colorado in 1887. He was a graduate of the University of Virginia law school, and was admitted to the bar in West Virginia in 1887. He then moved to Pueblo, but soon returned to Charleston, West Virginia, practicing with Mollohan, McClintic & Mathews. He married Ethel Knight of Charleston in 1907.

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