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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

John S. and Martha (Jorges) Boecker , 6 South 46 West

John, born October 19, 1878 to Michael "Borke" and Dorothea Maria Klingenberg, was baptized in Greene County Iowa in March 1879.

In 1880 Butler County, Iowa, John is 1, with parents Michael and Mary both 40. Eastine is 13, Etta 11, Mary 7, Henry 5, John 1, and a daughter born in May. Michael's brother John 29 is working for them.

In 1900 Frontier County, Nebraska, Michael 60 and Mary 59 have John 20.

In 1900 Gosper County, Nebraska, Martha Jorges born January 1882 in Nebraska, is with Kaspar 61 and Augustina 45. Henry is 21, Emma 19, Joanna 17, August 14, AAustina 9, Frank 8, Emil 2, and Jackla 1.

Kasper 1839-1925 is buried in Gosper County, Salem East cemetery # 36359643, with Antolina 1853-1942 # 14781165.

One family historian said that they married in East Salem on January 28, 1906.
In 1910 Frontier County, Nebraska, John L. Boecker is 31, born in Iowa, with Martha 28 Nebraska. Edmond 3 is born in Nebraska. His mother Mary 69 is widowed, born in Germany, immigrating in 1890.

John cash-claimed a quarter in sections 28 and 33, 6S 46W in 1917.

Reuben Boecker wrote, "My parents, John Boecker & Martha Boecker nee Jorges homesteaded on the Republican River north of Stratton in 1910. Emil, Elmer and I were born on the homestead.

Johann Wilhelm August Siefried Boecker is buried in Gosper County 1878-1918 # 36360882. His parents Mike 1839-1908 # 14781108 and Mary 1841-1928 # 14781116 are buried in Gosper County.

In 1920 Frontier County, Martha Boecker is 37, widowed, with Emil 6, Ruben 4, and Elmer 2. She's a housekeeper for Frank Newell 48.

Martha Boecker married W. Fred Erwin on June 20, 1928, recorded in Kit Carson County.

In 1930 Douglas County, Kansas, Martha is married to Fred W. Erwin 52. Hallie C. Erwin is 9, born in Kansas. Reuben 14 and Elmer 13 Boecker are with them.

Martha is back in Kit Carson County in 1940, widowed again, 58, with Edmund 33.

In 1947 Denver, Elmer (Agnes) is a contractor, and they live at 1221 Washington.

Emil J. works at the Kentucky Service Station, living in Englewood, and Reuben is living at 865 Logan.

In 1965 Denver, Elmer G. (Agnes M) is manager of the Broadway Super Club, living at 725 Osceola. Emil works at the Clut, with Fannie at 61 S. Quitman.

In 1968 Denver, Elmer is a bartender at the American Legion, with Agnes at 725 Osceola. Rita J. Boecker a student, lives with them. Rita was in the class of 1963 at Denver Lutheran High School, playing on the six-player basketball team.

Emil and Fannie are at 208 Knox Ct.

Martha F. Erwin 1883-1966, per # 143094112, is buried in Denver.
Reuben O. Boecker 1915-1993 is buried in the same cemetery # 143013291.

Edmond 1907-1987 is buried in Stratton # 75338860.
So is Ida W. (Smith) Boecker 1909-1986 # 75338817. In 1920 Ida was in Kit Carson County, 10, born in Nebraska, with parents Elias E. Smith 43 and Myrtle 41, both born in Nebraska.
Ida was teaching in 1930 Kit Carson, rooming with the Critchfields, and in 1940 Logan County, Colorado (in Stratton) in 1935)>

E. Rowland Smith 1876-1961 # 75528052 and Myrtle 1878-1962 are buried in Stratton.

One tree said Emil married Fannie Mae (Kelso) Thompson, who was in St. Louis 27, with daughter Carol Ann Thompson eleven months, , living withFannie's in-laws Russ Thompson 64 and Anna 63.
It says Carol Ann might be the Carol Ann Norris 1939-2010 interred in Bella Vista, Arkansas # 137128890.

Emil J. (Fannie) in 1959 Denver is a carpenter, and they're at 919 Julian.
Emil 1913-1992 is buried in Fort Logan "Sgt, U.S. Army Air Corps", # 380623.
So is Fannie Mae 1912-1998.

Elmer Gustif Boecker was born March 12, 1917 at Stratton, and died November 12, 2001. He's buried in San Joaquin National # 72834626.
In 1959 Denver Elmer G. (Agnes M.) is a carpenter, living at 725 Osceola.

San Jose, California
William "Bill" Garfield
After being diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia several years ago, Bill passed away peacefully June 9, 2009. He was born in Waterbury, CT on February 29, 1944. He graduated from Naugatuck High School, Cushing Academy, Bates College and Western New England Law School. He practiced law in Los Gatos and was active in the community through various organizations. A sports enthusiast, he loved playing tennis, basketball, billiards and duplicate bridge. He was always in attendance at his children's sporting events as a spectator or coach. Bill enjoyed traveling throughout his life and had the opportunity to see many parts of the world.. He is survived by his wife Rita, children Brian and Kristen, brothers Anthony and Robert, and Mother-in-Law Agnes Boecker.

Joanne T. Boecker is a head nurse at Children's Hospital, living at 1162 Josephine.

Richard Puls & Mary Puls nee Parsons - Richard's mother was a first cousin once removed of my father. Mary was a sister of Ben & Wilber Parsons.

William Lucas & Hilda Lucas - related to us by marriage.

In early 1882 or 1883, Grandpa Moritz, Henry Puls, a Mr. Brandt and a Mr. Boecker went to South Central Nebraska (Frontier country) to look at homestead land.
Each one could homestead 160 acres getting title on the land in 5 years and making specific improvements or by living on it 2 1/2 years and paying $250.00 called a Premption.
Grandpa Moritz prempted the land which he homesteaded. Beside the improvements the homesteader had to farm part of the acreage. On 160 acres of timber claims, the homesteader had to plant trees on 5 acres of the land. The government specified what trees to plant, and paid for them. Black locust, box-elder, and ash. One person could get 320 acres thus.
Among those who went from Iowa to Nebraska were John Waltman, Billy Schultz, Herman Miller, John and Lempp, all bachelors. Also Kaspar Jorges, John Hann and the Biscowski family.

John Bohl - a brother of Carl Bohl. Carl Bohl & Emma Bohl nee Moritz - Emma's sister Matilda married my uncle August Jorges. August & Matilda came to Colorado but didn't stay long enough to prove-up on their land.

Edward Linke and Anne Linke nee Lempp - she is a sister of Henry Lempp. Edward Linke is a son of Simon Linke. Henry Lempp & Emma Lempp nee Deggering, their son Gerald Lempp is still living on the homestead. Emma was a sister Harry & Ben Deggering.

Henry Lempp claimed land in section 4, 7S 46W in 1915.

May 23, 1956 Lincoln Nebraska "Augusta K. Hesser, 64, of 740 Calvert, will be 2 p.m. Thursday at the Immanuel Latheran Church. The Rev. W. J. Roesler will officiate and burial will be at Lincoln Memorial Park. Mrs. Hesser, who died Tuesday, had lived in Lincoln eight years. Surviving are her husband, Ora; daughter, Mrs. Inez Jolley of Lincoln; son, Arnold of Lincoln; brothers, Henry Lempp of Stratton, Colo., and Ernest Lempp of Torrington, Wyo.; sisters, Mrs. Ann Linke of Brady and Mrs. Senna Swine) of Holbrook, and two grandchildren."

Louis A. Debban & Helena Debban nee Moritz - Helena is a sister of Emma Bohl nee Moritz & Matilda Jorges nee Moritz. Gus Debban & Carrie Debban nee Helms/Holtz - Gus is a brother of Louis A. Debban.

William Schutz & Mary Schutz nee Heny & Fred Schutz & Anna Schutz nee Heny. Wm. & Fred Schutz are brothers, Mary Heny & Anna Heny are sisters.

Other Information: Fred Pugh & Mrs. Frank Beattie were brother & sister.

Mrs. Fred Pugh, Alta, was the daughter of Lew Miles.

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