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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Jacob and Katherina Burkart, 6 South 46 West

In 1900 Idalia precinct, on the same page as George and Jacob, Jr., is Jacob Burkart born April 1843 married 38 years to Katie Sept 1843, Albert May 1879, and Mary Sept 1885 - all born in Russia.
This is Jacob Sr. - In 1910 Jacob 68 and Katherina 67 are farming in Kirk precinct.

Jacob proved up a quarter in 32, 5S 46W in 1900 - that's in Yuma County, right on the border.

Jacob claimed a tract in 3, 6S 46W in 1908.

October 14, 1910 Wray " Mrs. Anna Burkhard, accompanied by her children, from Loveland, Colorado, is visiting her mother and friends." [perhaps this is Conrad Burkhard's wife, Anna Margaret Hein 1881-1958?]

In 1910 Kirk precinct, on the same page as Jacob Jr.'s family and single Mary Burkart, Jacob is 68, Katherina 67.

In 1920 Katrina is 75, immigrating in 1892, naturalized in 1907, living with daughter Mary L. Hill, 35 and her husband John Hill 40. Harry W. Hill is 20, Wendell 17, Hanna 14, Walter 11, Albert 9, Alma 7, Theodore 6, Lorna 4, George 2, and Victor 1.

Katrina is still with Mary Hill, both widowed, in 1930. Harry is 29, Walter is 22, Albert 20, Elma 18, Theodore 16, Lorna 14, George 13, Victor 11, John 2.

January 31, 1935

December 5, 1935 "Mr. and Mrs. George Dietz and children visited their Grandmother Burkard at the Mrs. Mary Hill home near Joes Sunday."
June 25, 1936 "George and Jacob Burkart, Sr., of Kirk and Mrs. Mary Hill, of Joes, have been enjoying a visit with their cousin, Mrs. Webber, from Ritzville, Washington."

March 26, 1936 "Walter Hill, who was called here from Yampa by the death of his grandmother, returned to that place Saturday night."

Kathrine 1841-1936 is buried in Joes, # 67346835.
March 19, 1936

Jacob 1841-1912 is also buried there # 67346832.


"Katie" Burkart married John Hill on March 23, 1899, recorded in Kit Carson County.

In 1900 Idalia precinct, John born Sept 1872, married one year to Katie May 1881, both in Russia, have Harry December 1899.

November 5, 1909 Wray "Grandpa and Grandma Burkart are visiting their daughter, Mrs. John Hill."

November 26, 1909 "Mrs. John Hill spent Saturday night with her parents, grandpa and grandma Burkart."

In 1910 Kirk precinct, John is 37, Katherine 28, both born in Russia. Harry is 10, Wendall 7, Hannah 4, Walter 2, and newborn son. Goerge Dietz, nephew 24 born in Russia is with them.

In 1920, John and Mary have Harry W. 20, Wendell J. 17, Hanna E. 14, Walter 11, Albert 9, Alma 7, Theodore 6, Lorna 4, George R. 2, Victor V. 1, and mother Katrina Burkhard 75.

March 5, 1936

Katie M. Hill 1882-1912 is buried in Joes, # 67346913.

John Hill 1872-1928 is buried in Joes # 67346911 - on the stone is Mary L. (Burkart) Hill 1885-1972, # 67346914

Harry Hill 1899-1970 is buried in Yuma # 50790535, with Juanita B. ((Hudiburgh) Hill 1915-2009 # 46731578 "Married March 1, 1938"

In 1940 Yuma County, Wendell J. Hill is farming, with Mattie M, both 37. Elainae is 8, Glenn K. is 2., both born in Kansas.

March 13, 1941 "The Wendell Hill family moved last week to their new home near St. Francis, Kansas....Ida Elaine will also be missed in the school."

Wendell J. Hill 1902-1990 is buried in St. Francis Kansas # 125782850, with Meta Mathilda (Leibbrandt) Hill 1902-1974, # 125882500 "Daughter of Gustave P Leibbrandt and Katharina Gienger"
He was born November 21, 1902, dying December 26, 1990, per SSDI.

January 10, 1991
Louie Troudt married Hannah Hill on March 23, 1927, recorded in Weld County.

August 1928 "Mrs. Mary Hill and children returned from Gill, Colorado, last week, wehre they had been visiting Mrs. Hannah Troudt. Harry drove the car for his monther on her vacation trip, and Walter and Alma kept things going on the farm."

Hannah Troudt is in Weld County in 1930, 24, married to Louie 30 born in Russia. Ralph is 1, and Philip Troudt brother is 21 born in Colorado.

December 22, 1933 "The Troudts have a new daughter, Mary Lorene, in their home."
In 1940 Weld County, Louis is 40, Hannah 34, Ralph 11, Lorene 7, and Phyllis Jean two months.

July 1950 Greeley "Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rothe of west of Greeley announce the engagement of their daughter, Florence, to Ralph Troudt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Troudt of northwest of Greeley. Miss Rothe attended Greeley high school and was graduated in June with the class of 1950. Her fiance was graduated in 1947 at College high. He is now engaged in farming with his father."

Possible "Christian "Chris" Mills, passed away May 2, 2012 suddenly at Sunrise Senior Living at Orchard, Littleton, Colo., after a short illness of several months. Chris was born on August 15, 1925 at the family farm home near Brighton, Colo., to Henry and Sarah Hooper Mills. Christian worked on the family farm in the Brighton, Colo., area before being called into service in 1950. Chris served in the army in the Korean War for two years, including a 14 month tour spent in Germany. Chris was discharged from the army in 1952. A year later, Chris married Mary Lorene Troudt on January 4, 1953 at the Saint Paul’s Congregational Church parsonage at Greeley, Colo. "

January 1959 Greeley "The George Bostrom 80-acre farm, located five miles northwest of Greeley, was sold Friday to Louis Troudt of Greeley who plans to move on immediately."
Louie 1899-1990 is buried in Greeley, # 47471703, with Hannah Ester (Hill) Troudt 1905-2000, # 47471734.

June 15, 1989

In 1900 Idalia precinct, George Burkart is farming, born August 1868 in Russia, married 12 years to Katie Sept 1868. George July 1890, Jacob March 1892, Lydia were both born in Russia, Lydia August 1894 and Lena Sept 1895 in Colorado.

George is in Yuma County in 1920, he and Catherine both 51, with Lena 23 and Amelia 17 both born in Colorado.

In 1936 George is one of the three directors of the Kirk State Bank, and Lena Burkard is a notary witnessing a signature.

Catherine's mother died in March 1943

February 5, 1948

February 5, 1953

January 24, 1963

April 18, 1963

April 8, 1965

George 1868-1965 is buried in Kirk, # 67354321, with Katie B. 1868-1963 # 67354324.


Jacob Burkard Jr. registered for WWI in Kirk, born March 6, 1892 in Cushinoi, Russia, farming, single, naturalized. He's living alone in 1920, next to George, 28 immigrating in 1892, naturalized in 1908.

Laura M. Burkard was born January 31, 1921 in Kirk to Jacob Burkard and Anna K. Brown, dying April 20, 1989.

In 1930 Yuma County, Jacob is 38, married to Annie K. 37, both born in Russia. Laura is 9, Rose A. 8, and Raymond B. 4.

September 8, 1938 "Lydia and Alvena Braun of Omaha, Nebraska, have been visiting their aunt, Mrs. Jake Burkard, the past two weeks. Also a nephew, Dan Braun, a navy lad from San Diego, California, and a sister-in-law, Mrs. Jack Braun, and two sons Jack and Billie, have visited in the Burkard home recently."
[In 1930 Lydia 18 and Alvena 20 - a photograph retoucher - are in McCook, Nebraska, with widowed father Henry Braun 44 born in Russia. William is 15 and Laura K. is 13. Henry's father-in-law Austin Monroe, 45 born in Nebraska, is with them.
[Daniel Braun 1906-1979 "Avia Chief Ord Man U.S. Nav WWII" is buried in Fort Lyon # 3378986.]

In 1940 Yuma County, Jacob 48, Anna K. 47, Laura M. 19, Rosa A. 18, and Raymond B. 13 are farming.

May 14, 1942

November 18, 1943

Jacob 1892-1965 # 67354323 and Annie 1892-1984 # 67354320 are both buried in Kirk.

Annie made a wonderful recording in 1977, transcribed by the Colorado State Library., fifty pages of her life in Russia and Colorado.

So is Laura Margaret Burkard 1921-1989 # 67354325.

Rose Amelia Burkard was born March 1, 1922 at Kirk, dying Janaury 1878 as Klein.

July 3, 1958

November 28, 1963 "Mr. and Mrs. Leo Klein of Henry, Illinois, were overnight guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Burkard Jr. They were on their way to Denver for a visit with their son. Their son married Jacob's daughter Rose."

November 3, 1965 Mrs. Anna Burkard was in Henry, Illinois with her daughter Mrs. J.C. Klein, to send cards for her birthday.

Rose is buried in Marshall County, Illinois 1921-1978 # 6867486, with Joseph C. Klein 1921-1892.


In 1900 Idalia precinct, next to George, Jacob Burkart Jr. October 1866, married 14 years to Emma Sept 1866. She's had three kids, two living. Annie April 188 in Russia and Jacob May 1894 in Colorado.
In 1910 Kirk precinct, Jacob is 43, Emma 42, with Orrin 9 born in Colorado.

Next household is Mary Burkart 25, farming.
December 1932

Jacob Jr. 1865-1962 is also buried in Kirk, # 67346833, on a stone with Emma 1867-1920.

George Burkart was the administrator of the estate of Jacob Burkart, deceased in Yuma County in August 1912.
In 1916 "George Burkart and U. S. Clark went to Stratton Thursday."


In 1930 Kirk precinct, Henry A. is 29, Lydia 27, with Helen 6, Frances P 2,and Marion G. eight months.

1936 "Helen Burkard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Burkard is spending a couple of weeks with her grandmother Bretthauer."

Lydia's father died in 1940

October 24, 1957
Harvey Heberlein is a cousin of Aaron Burkart 38 or his wife Lydia 37 in Yuma County.
Harvey 1913-1972 is buried in Fort Logan # 3351126.


In 1910 Mary is living alone, 25, farming, on the same page as Jacob Jr. and Jacob Sr.

In 1915, Mary L. Burkart proved up 80 acres in 31 and 32, 5S 46W, still in Yuma County.


Albert claimed a quarter in sections 5 and 8, 6S 46W in 1909.

In 1910 Stratton, Albert Burkart is single, a liveryman, 30 born in German Russia, immigrating in 1891, naturalized.

January 2, 1912 "Albert Burkard of this place attended the Xmas program at the Carey school house and reports a good time."
July 1919 Wray "Albert Burkart of Kirk arrived Tuesday in Wray and plans to remain here a week ."

February 4, 1943
Anna proved up a claim in 33, 5 1/2S 46 W in 1913.

George Burkard claimed a quarter in 5, 6S 46W in 1917.

July 1912 Cope items in the Wray Rattler "Mr. J. C. Burkard and wife have moved into their new house on their homestead."

August 29, 1912 "Mrs. J. C. Burkard was shopping in Cope Monday. John Hill and J. P. Nikkei made a trip to Vona tlie first of the week."

October 1914 "J. C. Burkard and family returned Saturday from Loveland, Colo., where they had made a short visit."

October 1914 "Mrs. Henry Burkard of Loveland, Colo., is visiting relatives and friends in this community."

June 13, 1923 "The J.C. Burkhard family are enjoying a visit with Grandma Burkhard of Loveland, Colorado."

August 1928

August 1929 "Elmer and Allen Burkard returned last week from their season of work in Kansas."

In November 1929, describing a snowstorm "Paul Nikkel, teacher at Sunnyside.... and his brother, Leonard, and their cousin, Elmer Burkhard, who teaches at cope,

May 18, 1916 "George Deitz and Miss Lydia Burkard will be married at eleven o'clock Monday, at the home of her parents. Get out your old cow bells and old tin pans, boys."

September 8, 1938


In 1900 Cope precinct, Washington County, Colorado, Conrad Burkard born March 1856, married 23 years to Mary Dec 1856, have Henry June 1880, Jacob Sept 1883, Annie August 1885, Mary March 1889, John Dc 1890, and Lena June 1892.

Conrad might be the one mentioned in 1905 Wray "Mr. Burkhard of near Kirk, was in the city this week, having just returned from a trip up near Loveland. Mr Burkhard intends to move to Loveland ere long."

In 1910 they're in Kern County, California, Conrad and Mary both 54, Lena 18 born in Nebraska.

In 1922 Loveland, Rev. Conrad Burkard (Marie) is pastor of the Mennonite church, living at 422 E. 6th. Conrad G. (Anna) live at 625 Harrison

June 13, 1923 "The J.C. Burkhard family are enjoying a visit with Grandma Burkhard of Loveland, Colorado."

Conrad 1856-1926 is buried in Loveland # 145427108.

Henry C. Burkard 1880-1930 is buried in Loveland, # 41085946

Conrad's wife Marie is in Kern County, California in 1930, with daughter Anna Boese 43 born in Russia, and Abraham Boese 40 born in Colorado and their three kids born in California.

Mary Burkhard 1856-1947 is buried in Kern County, # 7657661.

Anna Boese 1885-1971 is buried in Kern County, California # 7657605, with Abraham F. 1889-1950 # 13757326.

"Viola M. Vaughn, 95, of Colorado Springs, died Saturday, Jan. 8, at the Pikes Peak Hospice in Colorado Springs.

She was born Oct. 26, 1904, to Henry and Anna (Klassen) Burkard in Kirk.

On Dec. 19, 1930, she married Clayton Vaughn in Joes. " Lelia Burkhard married George M. Dempster September 5, 1937, recorded in Arapahoe County.
In 1940 Laramie County, Wyoming, George is a bus driver, 29, born in Nevada, Lela B. 25 born in Colorado. Sandra L. is 1, born in Wyoming.
They're in Cheyenne in 1959, living at 2422 Duff, and George is a driver for Greyhound.
George died in June 1986.

Sandra Lee Lowe, born February 20, 1939 in Cheyenne to George McDugle Dempster and Lelia Jo Burkhard, died September 5, 1976 in Montgomery County, Texas, a student at a beauty school.
The informant was Raymond R. Lowe. She's buried in Conroe, Texas # 11319555. "Brother: Thomas George Demptster"

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