Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

George Gordon and Ethel (Boyles) Burr, mother Penelope (Blackburn) Burr, half-brother John F. Blackman, 6 South 46 West

The Burr history has

Philo M. Burr, born 1836, died in Pennyslvania in 1907. The death certificate says his father was Clark Burr of COnnecticutt and JaneAnn Botsford.

In 1870 Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, Clark Burr is 63, Nelly 38, Lizzie L. 18. With them are John F. Blackman 9, James G. 13, Gordon 6, and Charles C. 3.

Clark and his first wife are buried in Birchardville, Pennsylvania.
Clark 1807-1870 # 81406595.

In 1880 Henry County, Illinois, Nellie Burr is 47, a dress maker born in Pennsylvania, widowed, with George Conrad 24, his wife Maggie 22, George's brother Ernest 21.

In 1891 Gordon G. Burr cash-claimed a quarter in 21, 4S 46W - Yuma County. (a John D. Burr proved up a quarter in 2N 47W - Yuma County, in 1892.)

"Gordon Gay Burr (born June 24m 1865) came west to Colorado in roughly 1887, with his mother Penelope (Hadsell, Blackmar) Burr; and his half-brother John Blackmar. Gordon and John "cowboy'd" around on the Bar T Ranch for some time. The family filed homestead claims along the Republican River. Gordon's bride, Ethyl Belle (Boyles) Burr taught in a one room schoolhouse on the Burr homestead near Tuttle. "

George proved up a quarter in sections 13, 14 and 23, 6S 46W in 1899 - about a dozen miles south.

Penelope proved up a quarter in 23, 6S 46W, on the same day in 1899. Then in 1902 Penelope cash-claimed a quarter in 21, 4S 46W - Yuma County.

In 1900 Kit Carson County, Gordon is farming in northern Kit Carson County, born June 1865 in Pennsylvania, single, and his mother Penelope April 1832, both born in Pennsylvania is widowed. He was her only child.
His half-brother John F. Blackman, born March 1861 in Pennsylvania is with them, married 16 years but no spouse.


In 1910 "Penelopy Baer" is in Kit Carson COunty, 72, born in Pennsylvania, married but no spouse. She has a boarder, Emma Myre, a drugstore clerk, 29, born in Iowa.

Penelope 1832-1917 is buried in Stratton # 81523181.


Ethel is living in Burlington in 1900, born September 1879 in Kansas, teaching school. She's living with parents William January 1844 in Illinois a railroad section laborer and Cynthai March 1856 Missouri. Elsie is 17, Nellie G. 13, Clara M. 11, Carl L. 6, and John 3.

Gordon G. Burr married Ethel Boyles on March 20, 1901, recordded in Kit Carson County.

December 1902 Burlington "Miss Cecil Boyles who went to Tuttle on a visit with her sister, Mrs. G. G. Burr, on Thursday of last week returned home Tuesday."

[She's the sister of Nellie G. Boyles, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Boyles, who married Beach B. Landers in July 6, 1910 in Burlington. The Burrs attended this wedding.]
William Boyles married Cynthia E. Pierce on September 18, 1878 in Scotland, Missouri.

They are in Nemaha County, Nebraska in 1885, Wm. 41, Cynthia 28, Launda 16, Cornelius 13, Edwin 10, Robert F. 9, Ethel B. 7, and Elsa C. 3.

William N. Boyles 1844-1929 is buried in Burlington # 89392599.
So is Cynthia 1852-1937 # 89392462.

The 1910 census has Gordon a stock dealer, 45, married nine years to Ethel B. 29 born in Kansas. Her three kids are still living.
Opal E. is 8, Nellie Penelopie is 7, Gordon G. Jr. 4. They have a boarder 13 Willard Gee born in Iowa (probably to attend school_.

April 1910 "Mrs. G. G. Burr entertained the Ladies Aid Society of the Christian church at her home Thursday afternoon."

June 2, 1910 "G. G. Burr has purchased the Lone Star livery barn from L. K. Bevier. Mr. Burr is an experienced horseman and his many friends are glad to see him engage in this line of work."

June 30, 1910 "Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Burr and children left Sunday morning for a week's visit with Denver friends."

July 14, 1910 "Gordie Burr, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Burr, met with a very serious accident one evening this week. He in company with his two little sisters were playing around several hcavy corrugated iron culverts and attempted to enter one of them while it was in motion. In some manner he fell and a portion of the rim passed over one of his limbs, cutting it nearly to the bone in several places. Medical attendance was promptly secured and the little suffer was made as comfortable as possible. No serious results are anticipated and at last accounts the child was doing nicely." "

January 1911 advertisement in the Burlington newspaper " For bargains in work horses and mares see G. G. Burr. He has just what you want."

In February 1912 G.G. Burr was named vice-president of the Fair Association.

May 1912 "Born, to Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Burr, Wednesday, May 8, a baby boy. Gord says he is a strong little Democrat and the parents will probably name the little fellow Champ Clark Burr."
"The Midway Theater was constructed in 1916 by G.G. Burr"

In 1920 Burlington, on Eleventh Street, Gordon is a cement contractor, 54, Ethel 39, Opal 18, Nellie 16, Gordon 14, Billie 7, and Elsie 6.
In 1930 Burlington, Gordon is still a cement contractor, Ethel is the deputy county clerk, Nellie is the county clerk, William is 17, Elsie 15, and Eldon C. is 10.

In 1940, Gordon 75, Ethel B. 60, and Charles E. 20 are in Loveland, Colorado.

Ethel Bell Burr 1879-1964 is buried in Loveland, Colorado # 149918964., with Gordon 1865-1951 # 149919075.

Merrill L. Ormsbee divorced Lilly W. Ormsbee on August 20, 1930 in Kit Carson County.

Nelle Burr married M.L. Ormsbee on November 8, 1930, recorded in Kit Carson County.

Merrill Luther Ormsbee was in northern Yuma County in 1910, and in 1920 is in Kit Carson County, 16, with parents George 37 and May 36.

Merrill 1903-1984 is buried in Loveland # 167823730.
So is Nellie B. 1903-1990 # 167823897.

Gordon Burr married Edna Schlosser on August 15, 1928, recorded in Cheyenne County, Colorado.

Opal E. Burr married William G. Prottsman on August 8, 1921, recorded in Kit Carson County.

Elden Cecil Burr enrolled in the CCC/WPA in Larimer County - and Eldon C. Burr has a record in Colorado Corrections data base.

Elsie Burr married Miland H. Dunivent on February 24, 1932, recorded in Larimer County


September 1899 McCook, Nebraska "W. L. Reynolds and J. F. Blackmar are new switchmen in the McCook yard , and J. J. Laughlin at Akron."

John F. Blackmar is in the 1900 Kit Carson County census, 39, born in Pennsylvania.

John F. Blackmar married Mrs. Anna Margaret Gee on May 3, 1908, recorded in Kit Carson County.

John's second wife was Inez (Loshbaugh) Campbell.

On December 14, 1854, in Mahoning County, Ohio, Ann Trimble married Plimpton Gee.
She was born April 26, 1835 in Ireland to William Trimble and Jane Daws, and died May 8, 1922 in Portage COunty, Ohio, buried in Canfield, Ohio.

In 1885 Lyon County, Iowa, Elliot Gee is 31, with Mirai 23, both born in IOwa. Ella E. is 3, born i nIllinois.

In 1900 Lyon County, Iowa, Maria A. Gee born Feb 1862 in Ohio, married 21 years to Plimpton E. Gee August 1854 Ohio, have Ella E. Sept 1881 born in Illinois, Benjamin H. Feb 1886, Plimpton E. Aug 1894, and Willard SSept 1894, all three sons born in Iowa.

Possibly related to Sadie Gee, who cash-claimed a quartere in section 6, 11S 46W in 1910.


Ella Etta Gee married Scott W. Lyon on April 5, 1904 in Lyon County. He was 28, living at Newton, Iowa, son of John W. Lyons and Elinor Hewitt. She was 23, living at LIttle Rock, Iowa, daughter of Clinton E. Gee and Anna Wyatt. Mrs. Annie Gee was a witness.

In 1905 Lyon County, Scott and Ella are in Lyon County, next to Mariah Gee, with Benjamin, Plimpton and Willard.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Scott W. Lyon is widowed, 33, born in Iowa, with John E. 4 born in Iowa and Fred 1 born in Colorado.
Scott proved up a quarter in 10, 8S 46W in 1911.

Scott moved to South Dakota, in Brown County in 1920, a laborer for the Fred Voigt family.
He's in Brown County in 1930, 52, a laborer, married to Eleta 48 born in Minnesota. Scott was widowed in both the 1925 and 1935 state census, so this marriage didn't last long.

South Dakota death index has Scott dying December 2, 1944 in Brown County. The two sons were with relatives in South Dakota in 1920, He had re-married

Per # 107354174, Scott is buried in Riverside Memorial Park, Aberdeen.

Fred G. Lyon of Aberdeen, South Dakota, age 27, married Catherine C. Morgan, 24 of Warner, Brown County, on February 10, 1936 in Aberdeen.

In 1940 Aberdeen, Fred is a mechanic, 31, born in Colorado, married to Catherine 26, and they have Harold 5 born in Minnesota. Scott, 62, s widowed, is wtih them.

The son Fred G. Lyon was in Aberdeen South Dakota in 1958, superintendent of Sunset Memorial Gardens, living with Catherine C. at 635 S. McCoy.

John E. Lyon of Aberdeen South Dakota, son of Scott W. Lyon and Ella Gee, married Nellie Barlow on September 19, 1925 in Custer COunty, Montana

John is a laborer in 1930 Aitkin County, Minnesota, 24, wtih Nellie M. 21 born in MInnesota. Lester is 3 born in Wisconsin and Maris J. 1 born in Michigan.

John E. Lyon 1905-1974 is buried in Battle Creek, Michigan # 12845003.

Maves is living with his grandparents George and Minnie Barlow in 1940 Aitkin County, 11.


On December 24, 1917, in Ottumwa, Iowa, Willard D. Gee, son of Plimpton Gee and Anna Wyatt, married Ethel Beatrice Chisman Potter, age 24, born at Christianburg, Iowa, daughter of Parmer CHisman and Catheryn Clements.

In 1930 Chicago, Willard drives a tractor in a stockyard, and Ethel are both 37 born in Chicago, he first married at 25, Ethel at 20. Bernard is 15, born in Iowa, Max 10 and Evelyn 6 in Illinois.

In 1940 Chicago, Willard is a hotel porter, 49, Ethel 49, Max 19, Rita 12, Elise (Elrie) son 9, adn Ella 2.

Willard died October 8, 1964 in Cook County, Illinois.
Ethel died May 10, 1981 in Cook County, Illinois.


Benjamin 1887-1934 is buried in Ottumwa, Iowa, per # 93082733. "Husband of Gertrude (Price) Gee"

In Schuyler County, Missouri, Sarah remarried on May 19, 1936 Wallace Patterson, both of Wapello, County, Iowa.

She's buried in Ottumwa, too 1895-1979 # 150141834.

In 1920 Kearney, Nebraska, Plimpton is an electrical lineman, 27, Florence E. 24 born in Nebraska, with Helen L. 3 and Harriette L. 1 both born in Nebraska.

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