Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Abigail A. (Gooden) Dunbar, 6 South 46 West

In 1850 Orange County, Vermont, Otis and Julia M. Dunbar, both 38, have John F. 14, Lewis W. 13, Lydia A. 10, Otis H. 8, Julia M. 6, Sarah E. 4,and Frederick C. 1.

Julia is buried in Grafton County, New Hampshire dying January 13, 1851 age 38.
In 1860 Lee County, Illinois, Otis Dunbar is farming, 48, Abigail 43, Iralia 16 a school teacher born in Vermont, Sarah 14, Frederick 11, Abby 8 all in Vermont, and Mary 3 born in Maine. JohnF. Dunbar 24 born in Vermont is a school teacher.

(Otis H. Dunbar 1842-1864 serving in the First Maine Heavy Artillery, died of wounds.

In 1870 Ogle County, Illinois, Otis Dunbar is farming 57, born in New Hampshire, Abigail 53 in Canada, Mary 14 in Maine, and Hattie 8 in Illinois.

In 1880 Adams County, Iowa, Otis Dunbar is 68 a "superannuated minister", born in New Hampshire, Abbie 64 born in Canada, and Hattie 18 born in Illinois.

Abigail A. (Gooden) Dunbar 1816-1895 is buried in Adams County # 40958098 "Rev Otis Dunbar's second wife."

Hattie Amelia Dunbar, daughter of Otis Dunbar and Abbie Gooden, married Ira J. "Whiffle" in Adamas County on February 14, 1885.

Hattie is in Kit Carson County in 1900, born January 1862 in Illinois, married 15 years to Ira Whipple Dec 1856 Massachusetts. Dallas was born Aug 1888, Alan Sept 1890, adn Laverne October 1895, all in Colorado.

Hattie 1862-1919 # 81872832 is buried in Armel, Yuma County with Ira J. Whipple 1854-1939.

"Heirs of Abigail A. Dunbar" claimed a quarter in section 35, 6S 46W in 1901.

October 18, 1907
July 19, 1914 "Marriage license was issued July 3, to Dallas Dunbar Whipple and Miss Alma Helene Juhl, both parties residents of the Hale neighborhood. The marriage was performed Sunday."

Lucerne Lanphere was in Branch County, Michigan in 1850, 9, with parents Burotn A. 41 and Emeline 31. Clark is 14, Mary 11, Rodman 5, Helen 3,and Artless newborn.

In 1900 Platte County, Missouri, Lucerne Dunbar is widowed, 49, Burton 24, Daisy 23, and Hortense 21. They were in Platte County in 1880, too.

Daisy Ella Louise Dunbar, never married born April 4, 1876 at Iatan, Missouri to John Dunbar and Lucerne Lanphere, died inSt. Joseph, Missouri Sept 15, 1959, Burton L. Dunbar, same address was the informant.

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