Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Wellington and Ethel (Carr) Holbrook, brother Scott Holbrook, 6 South 46 West

Joseph Holbrook married Barbara Nichols about 1855.

In 1870 Johnson County, Nebraska, J. B. Holbrook is 43, farming, born in "Rohde Islan", Barbary 32 Ohio, with Enos 12, Scot 7, Taylor 6, Heman 4, Ida 1, and Ruth six months, all kids born in Nebraska.

In 1880 Johnson County, Nebraska, Barbara Holbrook is farming, widowed, 41, Enos 22, Scott 18 farming, Taylor 16, Henan 14, Ida 11, Ruth 10, Wellington 8, and Sherman 6.

In 1885 Johnson County, Nebraska, Wellington Holbrook is 13, Ida 17, Ruth 15, and Sherman 11. They're children of K. P. Preston 39 - a traveling man- and Barbara E. 46.

"MRS. B. E. PRESSON, farming and stock raising, Section 35, P. O. Vesta. Mrs. P. was born in Ohio and moved to Bureau County, Ill., with her people where she was reared and educated. In 1856 she was married to Mr. Joseph B. Holbrook, who was born in Rhode Island, in 1825. Mr. and Ms. H., formerly Nickols, moved here and took an active pioneer course of life which they very ably carried through until 1879, when Mr. H. passed away from this life, leaving a family of six sons and two daughters--Enos, Scott, Taylor, Heman, Ida, Ruth, Wellington and Sherman. Mr. H. is buried in the cemetery at Vesta. In April , 1879, Mrs. H. was married to Captain R. B. Presson, a native of Ohio, who came to this State about 1865."

Barbara E. Presson 1839-1889 is buried in Johnson County, # 59839902, "Mrs. J. B. Holbrook"
Joseph Holbrook 1824-1878 is also buried there, # 57381651.


In 1910 Kit Carson County, Wellington Holbrook is a farm laborer, living alone. He's 38, born in Nebraska, and two other single men are next to him.

Ethel Lydia Carr was born April 19, 1877 to Merrittt L. Carr and Emily A. Young,

In 1910 Otero County, Colorado, Ethel Carr is 32, single, a school teacher, living with parents Merrite 62 and Alice 56, farmers. Bert is 30 , a awyer, Arthur 25, Leo 24, Lulu 21, Etta 18 teaches school, and Nellie is 17.

"Wellingham" Holbrook married Ethel Carr on September 7, 1916, recorded in Crowley County, Colorado.

Wellington proved up two quarters in section 10, 6S 46W in 1917.
In 1920 Kit Carson County, Wellington is 47, farming, now married to Ethel L. 40 born in Illinois.

In 1922-1923 Mrs. Ethel Holbrook, with a Kirk address, was teaching in Kit Carson school district # 65.

In 1940 Wellington, "canvassing for books", and Ethel are in Los Angeles.

Wellington, born October 27, 1871, died in Los Angeles County July 13, 1947.


Scott Holbrook, 21, married Belle Pierce, 16 on January 1, 1884 in Johnson County.

Nora Belle Pierce was in Johnson County in 1880, 12, born in Illinois, with parents Rufus 37 and E.E. 34. Geo A. is 10, Nellie a. 7, John 5, and Wm. A. 2.

Rufus married Mary about 1904, and they're in Gage County, Nebraska in 1910 - second marriage for both. He's 63, Mary is 54.

In 1885 Nuckolls County, Nebraska, S. Holbrook 23 is farming, with Nora 18, next to R. M. 42 and E.E. 39 Pierce.

In 1900 Johnson County, Nebraska, Heman Holbrook is 34, married to Luticha 29 born in Missouri. They have Joseph O. 4. Scott Holbrook, born May 1862 in Nebraska, is farming with them.

In 1910 Knox County, Nebraska, Scott is 43, widowed, farming for C. L. Norton 26 born in Nebraska and his mother Alice 45 born in Ohio, also widowed.

Scott proved up 307 acres in section 19 in 1920.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Scott is single, 58, living alone.

One Ancestry tree said Scott died in Colorado in 1925.


Scott and Nora had Blanche Holbrook in May 1886, and in 1890 Grace B. Holbrook is 4, born in Nebraska, with her grandparents Rufus and Emily Pierce in Logan County, Oklahoma.

Blanch Holbrook was living with E.E. Pierce, widow, in 1900 Lincoln. J.A. Pierce is 29, W. A. 22, C.E. 14 - Emma 10 - both daughters, and M. J. 22 married to J.A.

July 1, 1917 Lincoln, Nebraska "Miss Blanche Holbrook of Lincoln and Henry Huff of Luseland, Canada, were married Wednesday. June 27 at Moosejaw, Canada. Mr. Huff was formerly of Lincoln."

Blanche Holbrook married Henry Hoff on April 18, 1927, recorded in Kit Carson County. Both were 35.
Both had addresses of Kirk, Colorado.

When they married, they said Henry was divorced September 1, 1926 in Burlington on the grounds of mental cruielty.

Blanch Hoff divorced Henry Hoff in Kit Carson County in 1927...

Blanche is living in Kit Carson County in 1930, 42, married to Henry Hoff 37, both born in Nebraska.

December 8, 1932 - Kirk items in the Yuma Pioneer " Henry Hoff is going to have a sale soon and will probably seek employment at Lincoln, Nebraska. He being alone since the death of his wife a week ago, is very much dissatisfied and is at a loss to know what to do."

Henry Hoff married Opal Smith on June 5, 1934, recorded in Kit Carson County.
Henry Hoff is a gardener in Canon City Colorado in 1940, 45, married to Opal 43.
He registered for WWII in Canon City, born November 11, 1892 at Lincoln, Nebraska.
Henry and Opal moved to Corvallis, Oregon, and are buried there, Henry dying 1959, FindaGrave # 26108195, and Opal (Smith)(Locke) Hoff 1896-1984 # 93711445.

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