Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Fred Everett Martin, brother Ralph and Louise (Kechter) Martin, 6S 46W

In 1900 Lawrence Kansas, Andrew J. Martin is 41, Lucy E. 35, Clara M. 13, Ida E. 11, Nellie A. 9, Freddie E. 6, Andrew W. 5, Roland E. and Ralph E. both 1.

Fred E. Martin, born December 30, 1891 in Lawrence, Kansas, registered for WWI with a Stratton address, married, farming.

Fred E. Martin proved up 240 acres in 11, 6S 47W in 1918. That's only a mile from James' claim, but they aren't brothers.
In 1920 Denver, Fred E. Martin is a foreman at a railroad mail terminal, 27, born in Kansas, married to Chloe Martin, 26, both born in Kansas. They have some lodgers with them.

Fred and Chloe divorced in Denver in 1924.

October 30, 1922 Lawrence, Kansas " Mrs. James Gulley returned last evening from Stratton, Colorado, where she visited with her two brothers, Fred Martin of Denver and Ralph Martin and family, who live on their farm near Stratton. She reports they are all well and doing fine. On her return she stopped with her sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bolen of Goodland, Kansas, whom she says are doing fine."

(This is Nellie Gulley, who's with parents Andrew and Lucy Martin in 1920 Lawrence. Nellie is widowed, 29, born in Kansas, no occupation.)

In 1930 Nellie is divorced, 39, living with sister Clara M. Zimmerman 43 and Glenn O. ZImmerman 46. Rolland Martin is 31, living with them, too.

Nellie, born March 1, 1891 at Lawrence to Andrew J. Martin and Lucea E. Highnote, was listed as Nellie Artis Doile in 1974. SHe's buried in Pratt, Kansas # 76140733 "the third wife of Cyril and the only one to be buried with him."

Fred Everett Martin registered for WWII in Topeka Kansas, saying he was born December 30, 1893 at Lawrence. His reference was L. H. Martin of 313 West 6th, Topeka, and he was working for Mutual Laundry of Topeka.

Fred # 9592065 is buried in Lawrence Kansas. "Fred Everett Martin was born in Lawrence, Kansas in 1892 to Andrew J. and Lucea E. (Highnote) Martin. He lived in Kansas and Colorado. He married Annabelle Bowman in 1941. He passed away in 1949 in a Colorado Springs hospital when his children, Myra Jane and Charles Edward(Chuck), were 7 and 5 years old. "
February 28, 1949.


Ralph Martin and Louise Kechter married October 12, 1916, recorded in Kit Carson COunty.

Ralph registered for WWI with an address of Vona, born October 14, 1898, wife Louise K. Martin.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Ralph E. Martin is farming, 21, Louise 22, born in Colorado, Nellie L. 2 born in Kansas.
Louise was in Kit Carson County in 1910, 13, born in Colorado, with Jacob 30 and Elizabeth 41. Elizabeth is 17, Molly 15, Louise 13, Pauline 6 and Willie 3.

Her sister Pauline Kechter Chaney is buried in Wheat Ridge 1903-2005 # 69640545.
Her brother William H. Kechter 1907-1999 is buried in Kirk # 67354550.

In 1930 Ralph and Louise are in Yuma County, Kirk precinct, farming, with Nellie L. 12 Clarence 10, and Margaret L. 7.

In 1933 Ralph was a pallbearer for the funeral of James Laughlin.
Nellie graduated from eighth grade in May 1933
The same week Louise's sister died.
May 25, 1933

August 25, 1938

Andrew Jackson Martin 1858-1938 is buried in Lawrence.

In 1940 they have only Clarence 20 and Margaret 17, still farming in Yuma County.

September 9, 1943

March 16, 1961

In 1917 Ida E. Martin passed the teacher's exam in Lawrence, Kansas.

December 2, 1919 Lawrence Kansas "Miss Ida E. Martin of Washington, D. C. arrived in Lawrence yesterday to spend a month vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Martin, and friends. ."
Ida Elizabeth (Martin) Marlowe 1899-1961 is buried in Concordia # 92327254, with John A. Marlowe 1873-1961.

A brother Walter Andrew Martin 1895-1972 is buried in Franklin County, Missouri # 56986932.

Louise's mother died in 1963

Ralph Martin 1898-1977 is buried in Kirk, Colorado # 67354597.
On the same stone is Louise 1897-1984 # 67354596.
February 16, 1984

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