Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

John Y. McLean, son Tyson and McLean, daughter Maggie (McLean) and John Shively, daughter Lizzie (McLean) Graves, 6 South 46 West

In 1860 Boone County, Missouri, John Y. Mclane is 1, Charles T. 4, and Elizabeth McLane 23. They're living with the Andeson F. 42 and Harriet J Younger family.

In 1870 Thomas, 13, John Y. 10, and Elizabeth 30 are still with the Anderson Younger 52 and Harriet J. 50 Younger family.

(Charles T. McLean, a physician, died September 10, 1939 in Bloomington Illinois, esidence Hallsville, DeWitt County.)

John Y. McLean, born about 1862, married Miss Nannie J. Pulis, age 18, on Septeembe 5, 1883 in Audrain County, Missouri.

Maggie was born December 11, 1884 in Golden City, Barton County, Missouri.

In 1900 Audrain County, Missouri, John McLean born Oct 1858, married 16 years to Nannie J. May 1856, have Tyson Oct 1884, Maggie Mar 1886, and Lizzie Dec 1888, all born in Missouri.

Nannie J. Mclean 1855-1902 is buried in Centralia, Boone County # 119164346 j "Wife of John Y. McLean"
John is buried there, too, according to # 119164359.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Maggie 24 and Tyson 25 have separate households, Tyson faming, Maggie no occupation.

In neighboring Yuma County are Lizzie Graves 21, married two years but no spouse, with Jewel Y. 2 born in Colorado. John Y. McLean is her father, a mail carrier, widowed, 51 born in Missouri.
John Y. McLean proved up a quarter in 10, 5S 46W in 1912. That's about ten miles east of Kirk in Yuma County.

April 3, 113 "J. Y. McLean returned home from Denver Saturday and while coming from the station the team of mules which he was driving ran away and threw him out of the buggy, hurting his head causing unconsciousness for about thirty minutes."

John Y. McLean is back in Audrain County, Missouri in 1920, 61, living next to mother E.A. Ellis 83, widowed.
(Elisabeth A. McLane had married John Ellis on April 11, 1871 in Boone County, Missouri.)
Elizabeth 1836-1924 is buried in Audrain County # 32816349

"Daughter of Thomas Callaghan (who was born in Ireland) and Elizabeth Jane Campbell Callaghan. Wife of 1st: John Yerby McLean-mother of Charles Thomas McLean and John Yerby McLean Jr. Wife of second: John W Ellis-mother of Nolan Vincil Ellis, Arthur Maud Ellis, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, and Octave Felix Ellis"

John is back in Yuma County in 1930, 72, no occupation, living with Homer Wise 47 born in Nebraska and Elizabeth 41 born in Missouri. Leland is 14, Arnold 10, and John P. 5, all bon in Colorado.

John October 24, 1858-June 10, 1937 is buried in Kirk # 28342827 -


Homer Wise married Lizzie Graves on October 26, 1912, recorded in Kit Carson County.

March 9, 1930 "A horse kicked Homer Wise Thusday morning, breaking one of his arms. He and son, Arnold, went to Loveland Saturday to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Perry Wise, while he is not able to work."

April 1930 "Homer Wise will start taking the census next week. He has three townships.

November 3, 1932

Homer Wise 1887-1959 is buried in Kirk, Colorado # 28342849, on the same tombstone as Elizabeth "Lizzie" Wise 1888-1971 # 28342855.

January 29, 1959

Jully 1, 1971

June 15, 1944 "Jewel Graves visited his mother, Mrs. Lizzie Wise, and other relatives and friends last week. He is stationed at a camp in Illinois."
"Mr. and Mrs. Homer Wise received word from their son , Corporal John WIse that he is now at Dew Field, Tampa, Floraida.
Guests at the Glen Scruby included Mr. and Mrs. Homer Wise, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Wise and son,...Private Jewel Graves...
"Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Boone entertained Private Jewel Graves at supper Sunday night."

Arnold Wise 1919-1977 # 28342872 and Betty (Atkinson) Wise 1921-2005 are also buried in Kirk "Married October 8, 1940"

Jewell - with aunt Maggie Shively in 1920 Kit Carson County - is in Dodge City, Kansas in 1930, 23, rworking in a pool hall, rooming wtih the undersheiff Garland J. Moore 35 and hisw wife Grace 30.
He's listed twice in that Dodge City census, the other time in a lager rooming house.

September 5, 1957

September 14, 1939


Maggie McLean married John C. Shively on November 12, 1910, recorded in Kit Carson County.

Maggie proved up two quarters in sections 5 and 8, 6S 46W in 1917.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Maggie is married to John Shively, 32, born in Kansas. They have Elizabeth A. 8, Harlan F. 6, and Frances V. 5, all born in Coloado. Nephew Jewel T. Graves, 11 is with them.

In 1940 Kit Carson County, John C. 52 and Maggie 54 have Harlan 26 and his wife Jean 21 born in Nebaska. Jean was in Custe County, Nebraska in 1935.
Daughter Frances Dickinson is a cosmetologist, 25, divorced, with a son Jackine 7.

October 30, 1947

Maggie 1886-1985 is buried in Kirk, # 67354710.
May 30, 1985

So is John Calvin Shively 1888-1957, # 56354709.

In 1965, when uncle Marcus Graves died, Jewell was living at Glasco, Kansas.
November 10, 1966

January 12, 1969 "TYSON (JIM) GRAVES GLASCO -- Tyson Jewel (Jim) Graves, 60, died Friday at St. Joseph's hospital, Concordia. He was born March 4, 1908, in Kirk, Colo., and moved here in 1932. He had worked for the Natural Gas Pipeline Co. ... at Natoma. He was a member of the Masonic lodge and the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Glasco, and the Elks lodge, Concordia. Survivors include the widow, Lucille, and two daughters, Mary of ...Bernice Davenport, who lives in Turkey; four brothers, Mark Graves, Douglas, Wyo.; Wayne Graves, Stockton, Calif.; Arnold Wise, Kirk, Colo., and John Wise, Denver, Colorado. The funeral will be at 2 pm Monday at St. Paul's Lutheran ."
Tyson is buried in St. Mary's, Glasco, Cloud County # 69113115, with Lucille D. 1919-1993 .

June 1970 "Mrs. Lucille Graves and daughters Mary and Nancy of Glasco, Kansas visited at Mrs. Lizzy Wise and the Arnold Wises over the weekend."

June 23, 1960

Claris A. (Shively) Crawford 1910-1994 is buried in Kirk # 67354371, with V. Frances 1915-1997.

Elizabeth A. (Shively) Boone 1911-2000 is also buried in Kirk, # 54893726, with Elmer O. Boone 1907-1999

September 5, 1957

Harlan F. Shively died February 1, 1974 in King County, Washington.


Lilas Gleaves graduated from the eighth grade at Wray on June 30, 1911, with sister "Gean".

December 12, 1912 "Lilas Gleaves and Tyson McLean spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Shively."

January 9, 1913 "Tyson McLean broke his buggy down Sunday while going to his brother-in-law's. No injuries were done to himself."

Tyson D. McLean married Lilas Gleaves on April 26, 1913, recorded in Denver.
May 8, 1913 "Tyson McLean gave this neighborhood quite a surprise by going to Denver and returning with Miss Lila Gleaves as his wife. They will live on the Culbertson farm north of the old Fox post office."

May 4, 1916 "Mr. and Mrs. Tyson McLean were skating in Tuttle Saturday night."

Tyson Dines McLean registered for WWI with a Kirk address, born October 8, 1884, farming, nearest relative Lilas M. McLean.

Tyson D. McLean proved up 200 acres in 35, 5 1/2 S 47W in 1919.

February 13, 1919 "Tyson McLean hit a chuck hole with his flivver the other day coming to Kirk. It nearly spilled the Irishman."
"Tyson McLean drove to Burlington last Saturday. Said he had business over that way."

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Tyson is 35, farming, Lilas M. 26, both born in Missouri. Opal F. 5 and Chester E. one month were both born in Colorado.
Murrell L. Gleaves, 20 born in Missouri, is working for them.

In 1910 Yuma County, Murrell L. and Lilas M. were with parents Charles J. and Yannie D. Gleaves, both 37. Mildred N. is 8 and Gladys L. one month.
(Murrel Leslie Gleaves born August 1899 in Guilford, Missouri, married Margaret Ann Preston in 1924 Price, Utah, and died March 16, 1959 in Oregon, per one tree.)

Next to them are Lizzie Graves 21, married two years but no spouse, with Jewel Y. 2 born in Colorado. John Y. McLean is her father, a mail carrier, widowed, 51 born in Missouri.

November 30, 1939 "Mr. and Mrs. Tyson McLean and sons, John and Chester, went to Canon City for a few days' visit with Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Gleaves, parents of Mrs. McLean."

May 25, 1944

February 8, 1945

November 1953

September 29, 1960 "Mrs. Gladys Roberts, of Portland, Oregon, flew to Denver and to Joes by bus to visit her mother, Mrs. Fannie Gleaves and sister and family, Mrs. Tyson McLean."

June 29, 1961 "Mrs. Mildred Dodd of Nevada, Iowa, sister of Mrs. Tyson McLean came for a visit with Mrs. McLean and her mother, Mrs. Fannie Gleaves and other relatives in the area."

August 9, 1962

October 5, 1964 Maryville, Missouri "Mr. and Mrs. Leon Clayton returned to their home Wednesday afternoon from a trip to Colorado. They visited Mrs. Clayton's cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Tyson McLean, Kirk, Colo.,and his nephews and nieces at Holyoke, Colorado."

September 28, 1972

Lilas McLean, born Sept 28, 1893, died in April 1975, last residence Loveland, Colorado.

One tree said she was born in Guilford, Nodaway County, MIssouri, and died April 21, 1975.

Opal Frances Gurss 1914-1996 is buried in Kirk # 67354481, with Alfred Harold Gurss 1911-1988.

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