Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Walter Osborne, Fred Osborne, George and Lucinda Osborne, their son Jesse and Lorina (Andrews) Osborne , 6 South 46 West


Mary E. Osburn cash-claimed a quarter in section 30 and 31, 7S 45W in 1891. She might be an aunt....
Or she could be the Mary E. Osburn in 1885 Elbert County, Colorado, 14 born in Colorado. She's the oldest of William Osburn 50 - a shop owner born in Kentucky and Susan 43 born in Virginia. This mary married Milton Cunningham about 1898, and they're in Elbert County in 1900, with Mary E. born in 1899.
"Milton was the son of Isaac Perdue Hitchcock and Sarah Ann Price. He was taken in by the Harvey Cunningham family after the death of his mother, and was so thankful to them he took their name of Cunningham. "
This Mary died in 1912, and is buried in Elbert County # 43563256.


Walter Osborne is single in 1920 Kit Carson County, 23, born in Kansas, both parents born in Virginia.

Walter claimed a quarter in sections 22 and 27, 6S 46W in 1924. Osborne, W. L., Farmer, S. 27, T. G, R. 46, P. O. Kirk. Mr. Osborne was born in Kansas in 1897, and settled in the County in 1914.

He might be the truck driver in 1930 Shawnee County, Kansas, 33, both parents born in West Virginia.


In 1880 Cloud County, Kansas, William Rafferty is 45, Catherine 37, both born in Ireland. Thomas 16 born in Pennsylvania, Owen 13 in Missouri,"Cathern" Rafferty is 5, Mary 2.

They're in Wabaunsee County in 1885, William 50, Catherine 40, Thomas 20, Owen 18, Catherine 9, Mary 7, and William 4.

William's father is likely:
OWEN RAFFERTY, farmer, owns 160 acres, Sections 22 and 27, two miles from Dover; has seventy acres under cultivation; came to Kansas in 1854, and settled in Doniphan County, near St. Joe, Mo., and participated in the early struggle of Kansas for the cause of liberty, under the leadership of John Brown and Jim Lane. He was born in County Mongham, Ireland, in 1816, and when twenty-six years of age came to America, and settled in the West. While in Ireland he was engaged in the cattle business. He married in 1859, at St. Joe, Mo., to Miss Margaret Hamlon, a native of Ireland; they have six children - William, Thomas, Barney, Mary, Hattie and Rosa. He was disabled by a wound received in the right leg while in Capt. Kellogg's company of Home Guards; was also a member of Loomis' Cavalry; is a member of the Catholic Church.

In 1900 Waubansee County, Kansas, Fred J. "Osburn" is farming, born January 1875 in Virginia, married two years to Katie Sept 1874 Kansas. Katie's parents were born in Ireland.
Alford Sept 1898 and Fred J. October 1899 were born in Kansas.

Alfred Osburn 1899-1908 is buried in Stratton 1899-1908 # 75468554.

" Patricia Perry - Mon, 2 Feb 1998
Looking for information on Fred and Dessie Osborne, Bill and Edna Osborne, Bert and Rosa Osborne, George and Jessie Osborne.
My email is "

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Fred is farming, 36, married twelve years to Kate 37, with Richard 11 and James 7.

Also in 1910, among dinner guests of the J.B. Pfaffly home at Bethunene were "..the Misses Margaret and Agnes Rafferty..."

Mrs. W.M. Rafferty was president of the District # 1 school board, secretary T.A. Spratlin of Bethune.

William Rafferty proved up a quarter in 28, 8S 45W in 1912.

Wm. John Rafferty 1880-1962 and Catherine Rafferty 1890-1936 are buried in Stratton, - and so is O. J. Rafferty Sr. 1876-193?

Owen Rafferty proved up a quarter in section 6, 8S 45W in 1919.

Frederick J. Osborne proved up a quarter in 23, 7S 46W in 1913.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Fred Osborn is 46 born in West Virginia, with Kate 47 Kansas. Richard 23 and James 17 were born in Kansas.

Richard Frederick Osburn 1900-1927 is buried in Stratton # 75468631. "Married Ada Fay Earl February 18, 1920." Ada, per # 75468680 is buried in Stratton 1902-1995.

Their daughter :
Maxine T. (Osburn) Duden, 73 died September 22,1996 in Limon, Colorado.
Services were officiated by Rev. Brad Cowger of Monument Hill Church on September 25th at Hendricks - Love Funeral Home in Burlington, Colorado.
Maxine was laid to rest near her father, mother and sister (Irene Buhr), in Claremont Cemetery at Stratton, Colorado.
Paul Bearers included Jim Rau, Danny Rau, Tom Rau, Bill Rau, Skye Rau, John Rau, Glenn Pence and Rich Buhr.

Maxine was born July 31,1923 near Bethune, Colorado to Ada and Richard Osburn.

She is survived by her four sons, Jim Rau and Bill Rau of Monument; Tom Rau of Collbran, and John Rau of Guthrie, Oklahoma, 13 grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren; and Merrell Jaques partner and the rest of the loving Jaques family of Arriba, Colorado.

In 1930 Fred is still farming in Kit Carson County, with Kate 53 and James 23.

Frederick J. "Osburn" 1872-1940 is buried in Stratton # 75468610, with Catherine Ann 1872-1944 # 75468708.

In 1940 Kit Carson County, Catherine is widowed, 68, and son James 38 is farming. Her brother William J. Rafferty 59 widowed born in Kansas is a farm laborer.

James O. Osburn 1903-1960 is also buried in Stratton # 75468575.


In 1895 Wabaunsee County, Kansas, G. W. Osborne is 27, born in Maryland, with Lucinda 25 born in West Virginia. Jacob Keischler 18 born in Germany is with them.

George and Lucinda are farming in Dover, Shawnee County, Kansas in 1900, George born October 1867, Lucinda April 1871, with Jesse A. June 1893 at school, Bernice June 1895, Roy March 1898, and Ruby February 1900 all born in Kansas.

In 1905 Sheridan County, Kansas, George is 38, Lucinda 36, Jessee 11, Bernice 10, Roy 7, Thelma 5, Nora 3, and a newborn son.

George proved up a quarter in 30, 7S 45W in 1912.

Osborne, G. W., Farmer and Auctioneer, S. 31, T. 6, R. 46, P. O. Stratton. Mr. Osborne was born in Maryland in 1867, settled in the County in 1906, and married Lucy Sponauogle. They have eight children.
He might be the George W. Osborne 1867-1951 buried in Denver # 31213005, with Lucinda 1871-1927 # 31213011.

Roy Osborne registered for WWI with a Bethune, Colorado address, born Feb 28, 1900, working for George.

In 1920 Denver, Bernice is 24, born in Kansas, with Velva Osborne 19 born in Kansas lin a 20-person lodging house.
Velva Osborne married William L. Roberts on June 29, 1921, recorded in Jefferson County, Colorado.


Larina J. Andrews is in Yuma County in 1910, 8, with parents Edward L. 36 and Beulah M. 30. Marion A. is 13, Maud E. 17, Ella R. 10, Lorena 8, Leon E. 7, Eldridge 6. Hazel 2, and Francis E. 2.

Edward and Beulah are farming in Kit Carson County in 1920, with Eldredge L. 14, Hazel M. 13, Edith F. 12, Elizabeth 9, Dorothy M. 7, Gilbert L. 5, and Mazie three months.

Edward 1874-1947 is buried in Burlington # 88884411, with Beulah M. 1879-1946, # 88884263.
Marion A. Andrews was an electrician in Kit Carson County in 1940, 43, with Edna 38, Geraldine 2, and Edna's son Durward R. Dunn 18 born in Texas.

Marion 1897-1987 and Edna 1917-1981 # 19034723 are buried in Johnson County, Arkansas.
Andrews, Eldridge E.; Inez L. Davidson 22 Dec 1926 Kit Carson
Osborne, Jesse -- Bethune, married Andrews, Lurana -- Tuttle on 6/11/1918 in Burlington.
Husb: 25 Wife: 16
spouses father Ed Andrews

Osborne, J. O., Farmer, S. 7, T. 7, R. 45, P. O. Stratton. Mr. Osborne was born in Kansas in 1893, settled in the County in 1906, and married Florence Andrews.
Jesse Osborne registered for WWI with a Bethune Colorado, address, supporting his mother and father. He was born June 28, 1982 at Dover, Kansas.

Jesse O. Osborne proved up 310 acres in section 6 and 7, 7S 45W in 1921.

Jesse Osborne and Florence Andrews had Beverly Geralding Osborne in Burlington on July 27, 1928. She was Thallheimer in 1863, Angis in 2001, dying May 1, 2001.

In 1930 Denver, Jesse is a track man for a steel railway, 37, born in Kansas, married at age 25. Florence 27 was first married at 17. Beverly is one, born in COlorado. Florence's niece Leta Andrews 8 born in Kansas is with them.

Jesse Alden Osborne registered for WWII in Denver, born June 28, 1893 at Topeka Kansas, a tramway worker, with Florence at 4129 Xavier St.

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