Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

James H. Parsons, Wilber T. Parsons, Benjamin F. Parsons, 6 South 46 West

In 1880 Osborne County, Kansas, Francis M. Parsons is 30 born in Indiana, Samantha 29 New York, with Reba 3 Iowa and James 1 Kansas.

Mary Jane Parsons is in Frontier County in 1900, born Sept 1886 in Kansas. Francis Parsons is 50, Samantha 48, Benjamin 19, Sidney 17, Jennie 11, and Wilber 9.

Henry and Anna Puls are in Frontier County, Nebraska in 1900, with Henry 19, Reinhart 17, Elfreda 15, Hedwin - daughter is 10, Carl 8, Fred 6, Dora 2, and Anna born August 1899.
James H. Parsons married Elfreida Puls in Gosper County, page 463 in the marriage book.

In 1910 Gosper County, Nebraska, James is 31 , Elfreida 25, married six years. Viola is 5, Howey 2, and Henry six months.
James claimed two quarters in section 21, 6S 46W in 1917.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, James is farming, 40, born in Kansas, with Elfreida A. 34 Nebraska. Viola S. 15, Howey F. 11, and Henry A. 10 were born in Nebraska, Margaret 8 and Francis M. 4 in Colorado.

Elfreida's older brother Richard Puls also claimed land in Kit Carson County.

In 1930 James and Elfreida are back in Gosper County, with Marion 15, Stella 8, and Helen P. 6, all three kids born in Colorado.

Elfreida 1885-1939 is buried in Gosper COunty # 36361752.

Estella Mae Parsons was born July 29, 1921 in Stratton to James Parsons and Fredia Puls, as Kelsey in 1941, as Mullen in 1955.
In 1940 North Platte, Stelle is 19, married to Frank 24, with Caroline 1 and Frankie Joyce one month.
She's buried in Cheyenne, Wyoming # 51796009.

John W. Mullen 1925-1998 is buried in Cheyenne, Wyoming # 51796026.

Stella M. Mullen, 78, of Cheyenne died Sept. 7, 1999 at the Life Care Center. Mrs. Mullen was born July 29, 1921, in Stratton, Colo. She was a real estate broker. She married John W. Mullen on May 14, 1951, in Laramie. She was a Lutheran. She was a member of the National Association of Realtors and the American Legion Auxiliary. She is survived by her son, Steve Mullen of Laramie; three daughters, Carolyn Andrews of Denver, and Frankie Sperle and Nancy K. McDonald, both of Cheyenne; 14 grandchildren; and 18 great-grandchildren. She is preceded in death by her husband, John Mullen; one son, Gayland Kelsey; one daughter, Sharon Pharoah; three brothers; and three sisters.

James Harmon Parsons 1879-1960 is buried in North Platte, Nebraska, # 49678640.

Viola S. Pugh is in Furnas County, Nebraska in 1930, 25, married to Jay E. Pugh 32 born in Oregon. Wilmer is 7, Anna Bell 5, and James O. 3 born in Colorado, Donald four months in Nebraska. Margaret E. Parsons 18, born in Colorado, is with them.

In 1940 Lincoln County, Nebraska, Viola is 34, married to James T. Ferkin, with Wilmer Pugh 17 and Beverly Pugh 7, all four born in Nebraska.
Viola 1905-1973 is buried in Fort Collins, Colorado # 52411227, with James T. Ferkin 1906-1965.
James Orr Pugh 1925-1971 is also buried in Fort Collins, # 52410945.

Jay Earnest Pugh 1897-1956 is buried in Fort Logan - his application for a headstone signed by sister Mrs. Viola Landercasper of Denver.

Annabelle Pugh was born July 15, 1924 at Stratton, COlorado dying as Johnson November 14, 1992.

B.F. Parsons married S. F. Critchfield in Gosper County, page 496 in the marriage book.

Jennie Parsons married Arch Stambaugh in Gosper County, page 572 in the marriage book.

In 1910 Frontier County, Nebraska, Francis M. Parsons is 60, Samatntha 58, Benjamin 28 is divorced, and Sidney 26.

The next household is John A. Mills 40 born in Kansas married to Robie M. 33, born in Iowa. They have Ellie 14, Mabel 12, Grace L. 9, and Bertha 6, all born in Nebraska.

Robie Parsons married John Mills in Gosper County, page 133 in the marriage book.
Benjamin F. Parsons and Sarah Parsons divorced in Kit Carson County in 1917.

Sarah Jane Parsons married Ernest Wesley Lyons on March 12, 1931, recorded in Kit Carson County.

Ben Franklin Parsons registered for WWI with a Stratton, Colorado address, born April 9, 1881, farming, with Irleen .

Benjamin claimed a tract in section 32, 6S 46W and 5, 7S 46W in 1920.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Benjamin is 38, born in Kansas, with Eileen 32 Minnesota. William 1 was born in COlorado.

The three are in Kit Carson County in 1930, and in 1940 Ben and "Ileen" are alone.

Eileen Ceceile O'Neill ws born April 18, 1887 in Currie, Minnesota to Wm. O'Neill and Sarah McCormich,
William F. Parsons is in the army in 1940, stationed at Fitzsimons Hospital in Denver, 21.
He was born January 15, 1919, and died April 26, 1975.


Wilbur T. Parsons and Elvina Roggensee's daughter Dorothy, age 20, born at Stratton Colorado, married Earl E. Newton of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, age 26, on June 9, 1934 in Gelnwood, Iowa. On the same day as James in 1917, Wilber T. claimed two quarters in section 20.

Elvina Roggensees was in Hodgeman County, Kansas in 1895, age 1, with T. L. Roggensees 35 and Minnie E. 26. GUs is 6, Freddie 4, Amie 3.
They're in Frontier County, Nebraska in 1910, Theodore L. 50, Minnie C. 41, Anna 18, Elvina 16, Earl 14, Mabel 13, Albert 11, Minnie 9, Maggie 5, and Theodore 3.

Theodore 1860-1924 is buried in Springfield, Missouri # 23017847.

Minnie 1868-1957 is buried in McCook # 40799308 "no stone directory listing."

In 1920 Kit Carson County, next to Richard Puls, Wilbur Parsons is 28, Elvina 26, both born in Kansas, with Lloyd G. 4 in Colorado and Doroth1 born in Nebraska.

Wilbur, a truck driver, and Elvina are in McCook, Nebraska in 1930, with Loyd 14 Colorado, Dorothy 11 Nebraska, MarMarion 8 Colorado, Harold 4 Colorado, Dennis 2 Colorado, and Virgil 1 Nebraska.

They're in Howell County, Missouri in 1940, with Harold 14, Donald 12, Virgil 11, Zella M. 8, and Robert 6. Granddaughter Carolyn Justis 1 is with them.

Elvina Parsons, born January 14, 1894 in Kansas, father Roggensees, mother Noltie, died in San Diego County May 31, 1957.

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