Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

William A. Richards, 6 South 46 West

In 1880 Louisa County, Iowa, John Richards is farming , 50, with Ann 47, both born in Wales. Willilam is 17, born in ILlinois, Jane 16 Lewis 13,and Catherine 10 born in Iowa.
John Richards 1830-1917 is buried in Louisa County, # 154677823, with Ann 1833-1922 # 154677784.

In 1880 Louisa County, Henry Daniels is 46, a day laborer born in Wales, with Sarah 35 in Wales. Sarah is 13, Benj. 15, Ann 6, and David 4, all the kids born in New York.

On February 15, 1907, witnesses for the land claim of ANdrew J. Johnson in 1N 44W were Danitl Jackson, Alice Jackson, Benjamin Daniels, and Neal Davenport, all of Wray.

Henry and Sarah Daniels are farming in eastern El Paso County, Colorado in 1900, with David born April 1876.
The three are in Elbert County, next to El Paso County, in 1910, farming.

October 15, 1898 "We forgot last week to note the birth of a son to Mr. and Mrs. Ben Daniels, on the 1st inst."

November 30, 1901 "The little son of Ben Daniels, living west of town, fell info the irrigation ditch and was rescued by Philip Jackson in time to save him from drowning."

May 16, 1902 " Clyde Owen of Friend, Nebraska, has placed a large bunch of cattle on the Mullison ranch. Mr. Owen is an old friend of Daniel Jackson, and was a guest at his home during his stay here. He is thinking strongly of locating in Yuma county this fall."

March 6, 1903 " Clyde Owens and Miss Pearl Jackson were married at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Jackson, Wednesday afternoon, Rev. D. O. Cowan officiating."

October 17, 1902 "DIED: The six weeks old baby of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Daniels on Thursday, Oct. 16, 1902. A short funeral service was held at the residence today at 10 o'clock."

August 18, 1905 Wray "Ben Daniels and Dan Jackson and families returned Sunday from Cope."

February 19, 1909 "A boy was born Friday, February 15th, to Mr. and Mrs. Ben Daniels. The youngster arrived on the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln and he was named Harry Lincoln Daniels in honor of this great man."

February 26, 1909 "The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Daniels died Wednesday, being only twelve days old. The child was interred Wednesday."

November 26, 1909 "Mrs. Daniel Jackson and Mrs. Ben Daniels left Tuesday for Friend, Neb. to spend Thanksgiving with their daughter and sister, Mrs. Pearl Owens."

October 5, 1911 "Charley Jackson, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Jackson, of the west part of town, leaves Thursday of this week for Denver to spend a few days visiting his brother, Phillip, who is attending school in the Denver University. From there he will go to Fort Collins where he enters the Agricultural College which opens Tuesday of next week. Charley is an industrious and ambitious young man and will be missed by his friends and associates in Wray and is deserving of an abundance of success in anything he may engage in."

Hans J. Christiansen married June B. Jackson on November 20, 1892, recorded in Kit Carson COunty.

In 1900 Idalia precinct, Hans J. Christiansen born May 1868 in Denmark, married seven years to June B. Nov 1876 Nebraska, have Dora Aug 1893, Alice M. March 1897, and Maud A. July 1899, all three born in Colorado.

Hans J. Christiansen claimed a quarter in 33, 6S 46W in 1902.

1902 Wray "Miss Marie Seward of Denver is visiting her brother, Hans Christiansen."

In 1910, farming west of Wray, "Henry" Christiansen is 41, June 32, Dora 16, Alice 13, Maude A. 10, Leroy 8, adn Heeald 2.

August 8, 1912 "Mrs. Hans Christiansen and mother, Mrs. Daniel Jackson, left Sunday for Denver and Steamboat Springs. In Denver they will visit Phillip Jackson, the son of the latter and in Steamboat Springs they will visit Mr. Christiansen the husband of former who is the proprietor of a store in that place."

December 19, 1912 "Mrs. Dorthea Shur and her grandson, Will Berry of Upland, Nebraska, are expected the first of next week to visit in the home of the former's son, Hans Christiansen, of the west part of town. Ihey will remain for an indefinite length of time."

Willie Berry is female in 1885 Franklin County, with Joel Jepson 49 and his wife Julie 40. Essie is 8, Elbert 6, Willie 3, and James Berry 35.

In 1910 Franklin County, Georgia Suhe is 74, born in Denmark Willie Berry 10 born in Nebraska.

In 1920 Franklin County, Nebraska, Dorothea Suhr is 84, immigrating in 1870, born in Denmark. William J. Berry is 19, her grandson. They're next to Chris Christiansen 47 born in Denmark, Mary 33 Nebraska, Millie 16 Alvida 8, and Evylen 1.

November 27, 1913 Wray
"Mrs. Hans Christiansen was surprised Thursday evening by the arrival at her home of her relatives, who brought with them well-filled baskets and proceeded to spread a bountiful table. The occasion was the anniversary of Mrs. Christianson's birth and also of marriage, and was attended by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Jackson, her brothers Charles and Harry Jackson, and the family of the latter and a sister, Mrs. Ben Daniels, and family."

May 21, 1914 "Dora B. Christiansen, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hans J. Christiansen of Wray and also a native of Wray, became the bride of Willard M. Scott of Colby, Kan., immediately upon receiving her diploma. As for Mrs. Scott's future we can only predict, and wish for her the happiest of years in her Kansas home, and we know she will prove a true helpmeet to her husband."

April 10, 1919 "Hans J. Christiansen, for a number of years marshal of Wray, last Tuesday night tendered his resignation to the board of trustees and the same was accepted. Hans is going to try his hand at farming and plans to begin operations as soon as the weather will permit. Mayor Carl, by order of the board, was empowered to appoint a marshal for the month of April."

July 24, 1919 "Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Scott came over from Kirk, Tuesday, and will be here about ten days. They are guests at the Hans Christiansen home, a mile east of Wray. Bill came over to take treatments for a trouble of long standing and which he contracted in the print shop."
In 1920 Yuma County, Hans is farming, immigrating in 1879, naturalized in 1897, with Alice 23, Maude A. 20, Leroy J. 18, Herold G. 11, Erma L. 7, and Helen T. 4.

They're still farming in 1930, Hans 61, June 53, Harold G. 23, Erma L. 18, and Helen F. 14.

Hans and June are alone in 1940 Wray.

Hans J. Christiansen 1858-1956 is buried in Wray # 17083358. On the same stone is June Christiansen 1876-1965 # 17086741.

April 16, 1914
Heart Failure Claims Benjamin Daniels as Its Victim at His Home in Wray Last Friday
Last Friday morning at 8:30 o'clock, the death angel visited the Ben Daniels home in West Wray and took the husband and father to his last rest. The deceased had been sick for about a week with a fever and had partially recovered, but the sickness had left his heart weak and he quietly passed away from heart failure. He had told his relatives a day or two before that he was going to die and that he was ready for the end to come. Mr. Daniels was one of the earliest settlers in this country , coming here in 1886 and moving to Wray in 1898. His whole life has been above reproach and in his death, Wray loses a citizen of whom no one can say anything but good. He lived a quiet, unostentatious life, and in his quiet way set an example of industry and honesty, which if all would follow, would remove most of the ills of this world and put it on a higher plane. Fortune did not smile upon him and give him her favor in accumulating an abundance of this world's goods, but he met both fortune or misfortune with quiet fortitude and whatever came or didn't come, did his duty as he saw it at all times.
Benjamin Daniels was born in Madison county, New York, October 21, 1864, and died April 10, 1914, at his home in Wray, Colorado. He moved to Colorado in 1886, was married January 1, 1894, to May Jackson, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Jackson. They moved to Wray in 1896 and have made their home here ever since. To Mr. and Mrs. Daniels were born five children, three of whom have departed this life leaving two, Grace and Elmer, to mourn the loss of their father. He leaves also his wife, father and mother and one brother.
The funeral services were held Saturday at the Methodist church and were conducted by Rev. A. W. Rice. The body was laid to rest in Grandview cemetery. Mr. Daniels' mother, Mrs. Henry Daniels, and his broiher, David, both from near Colorado Springs were present at the funeral, the father being unable to be here because of sickness.
As Ben had no enemies and all who knew him were his friends, we all join in extending our sincere sympathy to those bereft of their loved one by his death."

Benjamin is buried in Wray # 62941120.

Waneta May Daniels -1875- February 11, 1951 is buried next to him. In the same lot are Harry, Henry, and Richard Daniels.

October 5, 1916 "Mrs. Daniel Jackson was called away Sunday evening by a message telling of the serious illness of her daughter, Mrs. Pearl Owens who resides in Friend, Nebraska. Mrs. Owens spent several weeks with her parents in West Wray not long ago, but on returning home her condition became worse."

Mrs. Alice Elizabeth Jackson died at her home in west Wray on Monday, Nov. 13, 1922 following a brief illness, at the age of 67 years, 10 months, and 23 days. Funeral services were held Wednesday of this week and burial took place in Grandview cemetery. Mrs. Jackson's husband, Daniel Jackson, preceded her to the great beyond about a year ago. Her death was due to bronchial pneumonia with other contributory causes. The deceased had been a resident of this community for many years, where she was known and respected. The Rattler speaks for the community in extending sincere sympathy to the bereaved relatives.
Wray Rattler
November 16, 1922
Transcribed by Carol Moore.

December 31, 1914 "Miss Grace Daniels , who is teaching school this year near Colorado Springs, came home last Thursday to spend her holiday vacation with the home folks. Miss Daniels is one of the graduates of the Yuma County high school of the class of '13 and is making good in her work in the school room as teacher."

September 9, 1915 Wray "Grace Daniels left Sunday morning for the home of her uncle, David Daniels, near Colorado Springs, where she will spend the winter. Miss Grace has spent the summer months with her mother, Mrs. May Daniels, but was compelled to return in order to take up her work as teacher in one of the schools near her uncle's home."

December 28, 1916 Wray "Miss Grace Daniels, who is teaching, arrived Friday evening from near Greeley, and will spend her two weeks vacation with her mother, Mrs. May Daniels, and her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Jackson."

September 6, 1917 Wray "Miss Grace Daniels went out to Idalia last Sunday where she will teach school the coming winter, near the Ingalls neighborhood."

October 18, 1917 Wray "Miss Grace Daniels, who is teaching school in the Idalia neighborhood was in Wray last Saturday visiting with home folks."

May 15, 1919 "Miss Grace Daniels left Saturday afternoon for Mildred, where she will teach th e spring term of school."

In 1920 Wray, Daniel Jackson is 73, born in Indiana, Alice E. 64 in Ohio, and Charley F. 24 in Colorado. May W. Daniels, daughter, 44, widowed was born in Nebraska, and Grace V. 23 teaching and Elmer S. 21 a farm laborer were born in Colorado. Gr
In 1920 Elbert County Henry is widowed, 78, with David 42, his wife Marie Daniels 22, and Cleo White 14.

John Wann married Grace Daniels on December 24, 1921, recorded in Yuma County.

History of Elbert County " Many schools were established in the area. Some names which may bring back memories of childhood are: Pleasant Valley, Eagle Bluff, Gym School, Sunny Slope, Central, Knowledge Hill, Brown-Dodd, Lone Tree. Some of the teachers: Opel Sanders, L. Campbell, Mae Vermillion. Grace Daniels (Mrs. John Wann). "

In 1930 Elbert County, John M. Wann is 31, born in Oklahoma, farming, with Grace V. 32 born in Colorado. John H. is 7, Wayne W. is 6.

In 1940 Elbert County, Grace V. Wann 44 - married but no spouse is lodging with Caleb 64 and Mary E. Jones 58.

John and the two sons are in Elbert County in 1940, with no occupations.
John 1897-1974 is buried in Simla # 26418183, on the same stone as Grace 1896-1991 # 26418146.

Wayne Wilks Wann 1924-2014, retired postal carrier is buried in Bixby, Oklahoma # 132509100, with Dorothy A. 1929-2011.

Grace V. Wann 1896-1991 is buried in Simla, Colorado # 26418146.

William A. Richards, age 24, son of John Richards and Ann Arthur, married Sarah Daniels, age 20, daughter of Henry Daniels and Sarah Vaughn, on December 23, 1886 in Louisa County, Iowa.

In 1900 Arapahoe County, Colorado, Idalia precinct (Yuma County), William born May 1862 in Illinois, married 15 years to Sarah D. December 1866 New York, with Edna M. Nov 1886, Estella R. Jan 1888, John A. July 1889, and Henry S. June 1898.

Charles W. Andrews married Edna May Richards on February 1, 1904, recorded in Yuma County.

November 6, 1908 "Hermes is the name of a new post office just established over in the south part of the county near Landsman. Edna M. Andrews is the postmaster and Wm. Richards is the assistant. "

In 1910 Yuma County, Idalia precinct, William is farming, 49, born in Iowa, with John 20 and Harry S. 11 both born in Colorado.

In 1914, near Hermes Colorado, Addie Wilson married Aubrey V. Coloston. " Lewis Colston and Miss Edna Richards were best man and bride s maid "
Edna, 24, is married five years to Charles W. Andrews, 40, in 1910 Idalia precinct. Charles is running a general store.

William claimed a quarter in section 34, 6S 46W in 1901.
In 1920 Kit Carson County, William is a teacher, 53, born in Illinois, ucle of Lloyd L. Pugh 21 born in Colorado. They have a hired man with a wife, so she's probably a hoekeeper ?

In 1940, in the town of Stratton, William A. Richards is 77, widowed, born i n Illinois, brother of Jane Pugh 75 Iowa and Jane's daughter Leona Stapp, 53, widowed, born in COlorado.

William A. Richards 1862-1947 is buried in Stratton # 75471524.

So is his wife Sarah D. Richards born December 11, 1866, # 75471549.


January 6, 1905 "John Richards of Landsman was loading a revolver and the gun went off shooting him through the leg. He was taken to Burlington but the Doctors failed to remove the ball."

April 7, 1905 "John Evans and John Richards, of Landsman, attended the dance Saturday night, and were the guests of Payne Bros. Sunday."

January 22, 1914 " Mrs. Dave Anderson went to Hermes to stay with her daughter, Mrs. John Richards, during the absence of the latter's husband."

January 29, 1914 "Miss Mable Anderson was visiting her sister, Mrs. John Richards, of Hermes, Sunday."

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