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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Charles E. Scruby, Fred Scruby, 6 South 46 West


In 1880 Washington County, Kansas, William Scruby is 53 born in England, Melisea 43 in Maine, with Jonathan 17, Charles 15, William 12 - these three born in Minnesota. Freddie 5 in Kansas, and George 21 in Wisconsin. Brother Johnathan 64 was born in England.

William 1827-1912 # 23924237 and Melissa A. Scruby 1836-1918 # 23924242 are buried in Hollenberg, Washington, County, Kansas.

In 1900 Washington County, Kansas, Charles E. Scruby born Dec 1864 in Minnesota, farming, married 14 years to Sarah E. November 1864 Iowa, have Clara M. July 1891, George W. February 1895, and Edna B. Dec 1898, all kids born in Kansas.

Charles claimed two quarters in section 4, 6S 46W in 1918.
On April 8, 1919 Edna B. Scruby, 20, married David A. Bretthauer, 23 - both of Kirk, Yuma County, recorded in Kit Carson County.

On August 18, 1919, George W. Scruby, 24, married Lena Dietz, 18, recorded in Kit Carson County. Both were from Kirk.

December 1930

August 1931 "Mr. and Mrs. John Scruby drove up from Washington, Kanss, bringing home Charley Scruby, who had been visiting there."

September 1931
Will Scruby, a painter by trade, is at the Charles Scruby place, repainting the Scruby house."
"Will Scruby and daughter Eunice, who are here from Washington, Kansas, took Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Scruby."

October 1939 "Mrs. Sarah Scruby of Washington Kanss, is visiting at the homes of Charlie Scruby, George Scruby, Dave Bretthauer and other relatives here."

Charles is buried in Kirk, # 67354691
March 13, 1941

September 1931

September 3, 1936
February 27, 1958
April 1958 "Mr. and Mrs. Lester Scruby and son were in Denver one day this week and visited at the Glen Scruby home."

Sarah Ella Scruby 1865-1959 is buried in Kirk # 67354694.
Thanks to the Scruby family.

Thomas Knight 1828-1905 is buried in Washington, Kansas # 40593287

"Gulley, W. L., Farmer, S. 6, T. 6, R. 46 P. O. Kirk. Mr. Gulley was born in Missouri in 1985, settled in Kit Carson County in 1912, and married Clara Scruby. They have two children. "

Walter L. Gulley claimed a tract in 6, 6S 46W in 1917, and another quarter in section 7 in 1921.


September 1931

October 8, 1991


June 28, 1890 "A wedge shaped meteorlite weighing 188 pounds, alighted about three miles north of this city (Washington, Kansas) at about 10 o'clock last night. It sank four and one-half feet into very solid earth and in removing it a fragment was broken off. The larger piece now weighs about 130 pounds. J. H. January and Fred Scruby saw the stone descend. The former was breaking prairie only thirty rods distant. He unearthed it after three hours labor. The land on which it fell is not his, but belongs to a lady residing at present in Iowa. Mr. January has the stone In his possession."

In 1910 Washington County, Kansas, Fred is farming, 36, Nettie 33, with Bethena 10, Beulah 8, and John 3, all kids born in Kansas.
On the same page are J. S. Scruby 47 and his wife Mary 44.

Fred Joseph Scruby registered for WWI in Washington, Kansas, farming, with Nettie M. Scruby.

In 1920 Yuma County, Kirk precinct, Fred J. Scruby is a farm laborer, 46 and Nettie M. 42 born in Kansas, have John F. 13 born in Kansas.

March 27, 1930 "Mrs. Fred Scruby has been with her daughter, Mrs. Frank Clark and family helping care for them. They are having the measles."

In 1930 Yuma County, Fred is a laborer 55, Nettie 53, with no kids.
October 9, 1930

October 13, 1933 "Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hilyer, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tegethoff and Grandpa Hillyer, who had been visiting at the Fred Scruby home in Kirk, left Satuday moning for their homes at Washington, Kansas.


Fred 1874-1954 # 107943251 is buried in Washington, Kansas, with Nettie Marie (Hilyer) Scruby 1877-1935 # 107943374.

August 8, 1935

Beulah M. Clark is 18, married to Frank E. Clark 20, in 1920 Yuma County.

In 1930 Yuma County, farming, Frank and Beulah have Edna M. 9, Dorothy M. 7, Albert L. 5, and Walter L. 3. They're next to Fred 's family 28, and Ulysses S. Clark 61.

In 1940 the Clarks are in Los Angeles. He's a cement worker, 40, with Beulah 38, Dorothy M. 17, Robert L. 15, and Walter L. 12. Daughter Edna M. McBroom 19 and her husband James L. 24 - also a cement worker - are with them.

Rev. Beulah M. Clark 1901-1961 is buried in Kirk # 67354346, with Rev. Frank E. Clark 1899-2000.
December 28, 1961
January 11, 1962

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