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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Isaac N. Stage, 6 South 46 West

Isaac is likely the Isaac Newton Stage born August 2, 1859 in East Pembroke, New York, son of Albert Peck Stage and Myrtle Peck of Stafford New York.

In 1850 Genesee County, New York, J. N. Stage is 50, Myrta 49, Frances 19, Albert P. 17, George 8, Harriet Harvey 11, and six other adults.

HARRIET FISK - Isaac's mother

Both Harriet and Harman are children of Jesse and Amanda Fisk - with them in 1850.

Wyman, another child, is in Columbia County in 1880, 38, married to Cora 30, with Maud 12, Lotta 9, Anna 4, and Hellen 2.
Wyman is buried in Fall River, Columbia County 1842-1917 # 62671196., with Cora 1850-1936.

Hattie Hanna is in Topeka, Kansas in 1940, 72, with daughter Florence Hanna 32, living with Rollin Chubb 46 and Julia 40.
She was a niece of Harriet, born about 1868 in Indiana to Harlow Fisk born about 1824 and Lucreatia (Billings) Fisk about 1842.

Isaac Stage is 10, with Harmon Fisk 30, Lucy 28, both born in New York. Jessie Fisk is 6, Gertrude ten months, both born in Wisconsin. Hattie Fisk 36 born in New York is with them. So Hattie must be Harmon's sister or cousin.

Next household has an Amanda Fisk 56 born in Vermont, living with the David and Ann James household
Charles W. Fisk married Hattie E. Fisk in Columbus, Columbia County, Wisconsin on Janaury 11, 1866.

[Harmon J. Fisk was a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly. Fisk was born on August 1, 1839 in Stafford, Genesee County, New York. read law and was admitted to the bar. Came to Wisconsin in 1862 and settled at Columbus. Is now engaged in faarming He later resided in Columbus, Wisconsin. ]

In 1870 Rock County, Wisconsin, J.P. Fisk is teaching college, 52, with Abby R. 48. Abby C. is 19, Harriet 17, Frank 14, John P. 12, Edwd 10, and Geo F. 6 - so this Harriet is too young to be Isaac's mother.

In 1880 Wichita, Charles W. Fisk is 50, Harriet E. 40, both born in New York. Birdie is 8, born in Kansas, and Amanda - mother-in-law is 60, born in Vermont.

April 7, 1881 Wichita - New building to be erected by Mr. R. H. Roys on corner of Lawrence and Douglas, 50 by 80 feet, two stories of brick and stone. Designed by C.W. Fisk. Messrs. Bunnell and Roys will occupy the front corner rooms on the second floor for their land and loan agency."

Charles W. Fisk 1825-1889 is buried in Wichita # 23780034, the same cemetery as Harriet, and his mother Amanda Parker Fisk 1813-190 # 23780033.

November 13, 1895 Wichita "Miss Birdie Fisk is again at her desk in the district clerk's office. The Beacon of two weeks ago contained an account of her being run over by a horse in front of the Occidental Hotel while riding a wheel. Miss Fisk has a deep scar on her upper lip and she is fearful that she will be disfigured for life But the probability is that all traces of that vicious horse foot will be gone in a year from her face. "We people who ride wheels have a hard time of it." said Miss Fisk to a reporter for the Beacon this morning as she rubbed the tips of her dainty fingers tenderly over the scar on her upper lip, "I was riding my wheel on the right side of the street when that man came meeting me on horseback and the horse threw me from the wheel and trampled me under his feet. "I see the city council is going to pass an ordinance to fine us for riding on wheels on the sidewalk when we do not seem to have any rights in the street that anybody is bound to respect. "There are a good many thousands of dollars invested in bicycles in this city and I do not see any harm in riding on the sidewalks in the residence portion of the city. "I think it would be well enough to provide a penalty for passing footmen on the sidewalk with a wheel. I think when one is riding a bicycle on the sidewalk that they ought to get off when they want to pass a footman or leave the walk. I have been told that they have ordinances to that effect in some of the eastern cities. "As a rule people who are able to own a good bicycle have been too well raised to want to drive people from the sidewalks and I really believe that the footman ought to have the right of way. There, however, does not seem to be any sense in compelling a person to walk and push a wheel out in the residence portion of the city when there is perhaps nobody in four blocks of him but I do wish the city council would pass an ordinance compelling people to drive on the right side of the Street."

May 27, 1899 Wichita "Mr. Wyman P. Fisk of Fall River, Wis., is in the city visiting his mother, Mrs. Amanda Fisk of ol7 North Emporia avenue. Mr. Fisk is an uncle of Miss Birdie Fisk."

February 16, 1900 Wichita
"Amanda Fisk ... Nearly Reached Her 87th Year.
Mrs. Amanda Arvilla Fisk, mother of Mrs. Page and Mrs. Tuttle of 31V North Emporia avenue, and grandmother of Miss Birdie Fisk, died at the home of her daughters yesterday morning at 11:43 o'clock, and in her death Wichita loses another of its earliest settlers and most respected citizens. Mrs. Fisk had reached the ripe old age of 87 years. The funeral services will be held at the residence at 2:30 this afternoon. Mrs. Fisk was born at Stratford, Orange county, Vermont, April 17, 1813. She was the daughter of Rebecca Stiles and Captain John ... Parker. Her parents removed with their family to Genesee county, New York, when she was 3 years of age. She was united in marriage to Jesse Hartwell Fisk January 24, 1829. She was the mother of seven children, four of whom are now living. These are Harmon J. Fisk and Wyman P. Fisk, who reside in Columbia county, Wisconsin; Harriet F. Stage and Mrs. Helen M. Tuttle of 317 North Emporia avenue. Mrs. Fisk was one of the first settlers of Sedgwiok county, having lived in Wichita since 1872. She was a member of St. John's Episcopal church, and Mrs. Fisk was a woman of remarkable strong character and constitution, and until the last three years was able to attend to business matters and household duties.


In 1855 Niagara County, New York, Levi Fisk is 51, Amanda 42, Charles 25, Hannah 22, Wilbur, 20, Amanda 17, Newton 13, Orvil 10, Lucy 7, and Levi 5.

There's an Isaac N. Stage in 1860 LeRoy, Genesee County, New York, newborn, with Hariet 25. They're in the Amanda Fisk household. She's 46, born in Vermont.

In 1872 Newton Stage was in the Wichita Kansas high school.

1877 Wichita directory "Stage, J. N. foreman Wichita Independent, bds C. W. Fisk."

The 1880 Denver census has Isaac Stage, 22, born in Kansas, a machinist, rooming with Ben and Mary Hold.

Isaac claimed a quarter in section 26, 6S 46W in 1886. <

I.N. Stage, age 27, married Ella F. Kellogg, age 22, both of Wichita, on May 10, 1887 at the residence of the bride's parents on North Topeka, by Rev. Adams.

Ella was in Wisconsin in 1870, with Chancey W. Kellogg 41 and Frances E. 42. William is 12, Ella 7.

April 6, 1895

In 1895 Wichita, I. N. Stage is 35, born in New York. E. L 33 New Hampshire, and H. P. 60 New York.
Next household is B. Fisk 22 born in Kansas, A. Fisk 80 born in Vermont, and H. M. Tuttle 48 born in New York.
August 27, 1895

January 26, 1897 "up on them with a shotgun, and caused them to run way, and leave their horse and wagon. They afterwards came to the burglars tools in her cellar that were left there one day John Henry, coming away from Mrs. allcrs' home that same day Newt Stage of the novelty works, told how the work on the safe could have been done with the tools found In the cellar. He also gave It as his opinion that the men who did the work were not expert safe crackers. The evidence will likely all be In this afternoon."

August 4, 1897

In 1900 Wichita, Kansas, Isaac is a machinist for a novelty works, born August 1859 in New York, married 15 years to Ela F. born August 1862 in New Hampshire. Her mother Francis E. Kellogg born April 1827 in Massachusetts are with them.
Next household is Harrett Stage, born June 1834 in New York, widowed, a landlord. His daughter Birdie Fisk born March 1872 in New York, a file clerk for the District Court, single, is with him.

Harriet Fisk Stage 1834-1902 is buried in Wichita, # 23817625, with Amanda Parker Fisk 1843-1900 and on the same stone is Albert P. Stage 1833-1896.
Albert, # 23817623 "Co K, 12Th NY Inf"
February 4, 1902

February 18, 1902

In 1903 Newt Stage was to enter his auto in the Flower Parade. His was one of thirty autos in the city of Wichita.

January 31, 1904

February 2, 1904
In 1905 Wichita I. N. Stage 45 and Ella 40 have Earl Kellogg, 14 living with them.

In 1910 Wichita, Isaac and Ella still have Frances Kellogg with them. Also with them are William L. Kellogg, an architect, 51, born in Massachusetts, widowed, and Earl, probably his son, 18, a clerk for Bradstreet, born in Missouri.

(William and Earl were in Queens, New York in 1900, with William's wife May bon in Wales, immigrating in 1888.

March 14, 1919 Wichita "William C. Kellogg, 62 years old, died at a local hospital laat evening after a short illness. He was a veterinary surgeon and was connected with Dr. Wildes on North Waco Avenue. He was a brother of the late Mrs. Newt Stage. Funeral services will be held from the Oill Funeral Home Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock."

March 5, 1913 Wichita
Wichita Novelty Works Moved to 311 North Main
by R. E. Wright.
Newt Stage, pioneer novelty works man in Wichita, sold the Wichita Novelty Works at 237 North Main street Tuesday afternoon to R. E. Wright, owner of the Wichita Scale and Fixture Exchange at the same number. Mr. Wright is moving both the novelty works and scale exchange to 311 North Main street. Mr. Stage is probably the best-known locksmith and safe opener in Kansas. His fame has traveled in all directions from Wichita, and he is often called to distant towns to open safes and locks where combinations and keys have been lost. Mr. Stage will continue as manager of the novelty works for Mr. Wright. The novelty works was opened 23 years ago by Mr. Stage at 237 North Main street and continued in the same location until Tuesday, when removed to 311 North Main street. Mr. Wright has been in Wichita for a year. During that time he has conducted the only scale and fixture exchange in Wichita. The move to 311 North Main street was to secure larger quarters and a better salesroom."
March 9, 1913 Wichita "Newt Stage .... the bank's money came back to rest at home. Another safe belonging to a dental company closed up and would not open when it contained $1,500 worth of gold and platinum. It took three days of chiseling to get it open. It was the hardest safe to crack he ever tried, claims Mr. Stage. For years Mr. Stage has made a study of refractory safes. He is called to open all sorts. Jail locks, too, in Kansas and Oklahoma are often submitted to him to be repaired or opened. Not infrequently the Wichita authorities call him when they run across safes which they suspect contain contraband liquids and of which the owners have conveniently forgotten the combinations."

Wichita - April 4, 1919
With only a few close relatives present, Mrs, Addle Matthews of 1218 North Waco avenue and George J. Qulnn were united In marriage at 8 o'clock Thursday evening at Mrs. Matthews' residence by Dr. Walter Scott Priest of the Central Church of Christ. The wedding ceremony was very simple. This wedding comes as a great surprise to friends of Mrs. Matthews and also Mr. Quinn. With the exception of a very few close relatives to act as witnesses, the wedding was not announced. Mrs. Quinn is the widow, of George J. Matthews who died on June 23, 1912. Mr. Matthews was a well-known real estate dealer and was also interested in rain-making. There is one son, George E. Matthews. Mr. Quinn is practically a newcomer In Wichita. . He came to this city from Denver, Colo., last October to take charge of the sales department of, the Wichita Scale & Fixture Exchange at 311 North Main street. He met his bride after coming to Wichita. George E. Matthews, son of Mrs. Quinn, is a partner In the scale and fixture exchange of which the stepfather is sales manager. This company recently purchased the Wichita Novelty Works of Newt Stage and -moved the business 'from 237 North Main to 311. Mr. and Mrs. Quinn will make their home at the residence of the bride on North Waco avenue.

I. Newt Stage - August 2, 1859 - April 19, 1915 is buried in Wichita # 23817626.

April 20, 1915 "I. N. (Newt) Stage, 55, a pioneer resident and widely-known safe expert and locksmith, died at his home, 215 North Main street, about 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon. He had been ailing since October, and death was not unexpected. Surviving relatives are his wife and a sister, Mrs. Sam Mountain, who resides in Hutchinson. Mr. Stage came to Wichita with his parents in 1870, when he was but 10 years old. He first became known to Wichitans when he operated a ferry boat from Main street to Topeka avenue while the flood of 1877 was at its highest. He was later publisher of the Grasshopper Times, a newspaper which was sold to Charles L. Davidson, former mayor and now president, of the Guarantee Title and Trust company. He also was connected with the Vidette during Wichita's early days. The Wichita Novelty works was started by Mr. Stage in 1884 and he continued to be Wichita's foremost novelty worker until 1913, when he disposed of the business to R. E. Wright. He operated the novelty business at 237 North Main street, but since Mr. Wright has taken charge, the store has been located at 311 North Main street. It was while engaged in the novelty shop that Mr. Stage became an expert safe-opener. During the summer of 1910, robbers attempted to blow the safe in the Andover postoffice. but were frightened away after drilling holes in the safe and filling them with nitroglycerine. The safe was given a "wide berth" for several days before an expert could be found. When he had succeeded in opening the safe without injury to himself, his name became permanently fixed as one of the most skilled safe experts in the central west. Other feats which Mr. Stage performed in the line of opening safes are the unlocking of a safe in the Bank of Cheney, which for three days had resisted the efforts of other experts, and a safe belonging to a former Wichita dental company which he finally was compelled to chisel open. His services were constantly in demand repairing locks on prison doors and adjusting combinations of time locks which were giving trouble.
While Mr. Stage was a small boy he earned a meager wage by carrying papers. Two subscribers resided on the west side of the river, and in order to deliver the papers, Mr. Stage was forced many times to tie the papers on his back and swim the stream. The funeral will be held from Gill's chapel on North Emporia avenue, where the body was taken last evening. Services will be held at 2:30 o'clock Wednesday afternoon. Interment will he in Maple Grove cemetery."

In the same cemetery is Ella F. Stage, dying April 14, 1918, # 23817624.

[Helen Frances (Fisk) Mountain might be a half-sister "Mrs. Helen Frances Fiske Mountain. ;Wife of Samuel Mountain. Daughter of Charles W. Fiske and Harriet Elizabeth (Fiske), his wife. "

In 1910 Fort Worth, Texas, Samuel is managing a light company, 44, born in Ohio "Bertie" 38 in Ohio, with Samuel F. 5 born in Kansas.
In 1920 Hutchinson, Samuel is managing a gas company, 52, Helen 47 born in Kansas, with son Fisk 15 and daughter Elizabeth W. 9 born iN texas.
Samuel 1866-1931 # 23814443 is buried in Wichita.

In 1940 Wichita, Helen Mountain is 67, living with daughter Elizabeth O'Donnell 29, her husband Harold F. 40, and their daughter Kathleen 1.
Helen F. Mountain 1872-1948 is buried in Wichita # 23814442.

Samuel Fisk Mountain 1905-1969 is buried in Belen, New Mexico # 130487308, with Beatrice 1912-2008.
"Fisk" was a teacher in 1938 Wichita, and living in Wellington, Kansas in 1944.
Elizabeth (Mountain) O'Donnell 1910-1987 is buried in Ellsworth, Kansas # 77419732.

Frances Elizabeth Kellogg 1827-1911 is buried in Wichita # 23812138.


In 1860 Genesee County, Albert is 28, living with M. M. Stage 54, female. Frances Pettingale is 30, with Samuel D. 6.
In 1885 Orange County, Florida, Albert P. Stage is 52, a carpenter, born in New York, a brother of F.W. Munson, a carpenter, 45 or his wife H.H. Munson 45 - the Munson's have four kids. All the Munsons were born in New York.

Harriet might be the Harriet Harvey in 1850 with Albert's family - maybe adopted - maybe a half-sister...

Finley W. Munson was in Orange County in 1880, 41, married to Harriet N. 41. Myra B. Henson 75 is his widowed mother. The Munson kits are H. Eugene 19, Charles W. 17, Frederick 14, Peearlette C. 10, and Corlis E. 7.

In 1850 Genesee County, New York, Finley was 11, sister Marintha 14, parents Eratus 49 and Myra 47.

In 1870 Genesee County, M.B. Munson is 66, mother of Phinley 31 a photograph artist, with Harriet 31, H. U. 10, C. H. 6, Fred .3, and Purletta nine months.

Almira (Myra) (Bardwell) Munson 1804-1882 is buried in Seminole County, Florida # 23050614.

Albert P. Stage, age 51, married Harriet E. FIske, age 50, in Sedgwick County, Kansas on June 25, 1887.

May 18, 1889 - Wyoming County Times, Warsaw, New York

Wichita, Kansas, November 19, 1897
The Scottish Rite Masons of the Valley of Wichita want a new home, and they have about completed arrangements for getting the Y. M. C. A. building, located on the corner of Topeka avenue and First street. Mr. Thomas G. Fitch last night in his toast put the proposition to tne members present, and out of the two hundred present fully nine-tenths arose to their feet on the aye proposition. The committee who have the matter in hand offered the owner of the building $18,000 on the following terms: $2,000 in cash, $2,000 in one year and $1,000 each year thereafter for twenty years.
This proposition was declined by the owner of the building. He submitted the following: He would sell the magnificent building for $23,000 - $3,000 in cash and $2,000 each year for ten years at 4 per cent interest. The committee did not exactly like the proposition, but when it was voted on last night in the banquet hall nearly all present voted that it be accepted, and those who did not arise to their feet in the affirmative did not vote in the negative.
The question has not been settled, nor has the vote in the banquet hall any bearing only as a test as to the sentiment. It now looks as if the Y. M. C. A. building will at no distant day be the home of the Scottish Rite.

Expressing to you, individually, our sincere thanks and enduring gratitude, for the very able and impressive manner in which you have conferred upon us the sublime mysteries of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, as well as the courtesy and consideration with which you have treated us. "We assure you that the lessons exemplified are written in the sacred recesses of our hearts, and hope they may so order and regulate our lives - that it will be to you an added consolation for your labors, and meet the approval of the Grand Master of tne Universe. "

Signed: Henry Edward Asp, Samuel Irwin Hale William Otto Lenbart, William Henry Harrison, Fred Burgess, Garcelon, Frank Nelson Masemore, William Browning Washington, Oscar F. Tayer, George Anderson Ibenoyer, Andrew Thomas Payne, Leroy Porter King, Henry Clay Calhoun, Albert Mortis, Frank G. Tnrall, Roland P. Murdock, George LaFayette McNeal, Charles Dupre Darrigraud, James Harvey Sandifer, James Robert Heskett, John Frederick Gribi, Isaac Newton Stage, Henry Ashbrook Atkeson, Frank Kelly, Thomas Hartman Ford, Herbert Kitchen, Lindsley, William Charles Barth, Thomas Homer Huffaker, Robert Brown Anderson, Henry Howard Watkins, Will LeRoy Jenkins, William Charles Rogers.

April 15, 1895 Wichita Kansas court proceedings "In the estate of Albert P. Stage, habitual drunkard, order of court to redeem homestead from taxes"


In 1855 Niagara County, New York, Levi Fisk is 51, Amanda 42, Charles 25, Hannah 22, Wilbur, 20, Amanda 17, NEWTON 13, Oril 10, Lucy 7, and Levi 5.

In 1875 Genesee County, Levi Fisk is 71, Amanda S. 37, Lucy A. 2, Levi R. 25, Carl J. Bateman 23, and Sylvester Batman 27.

Amanda, 42, is keeping house with her father in 1880 Genesee County. Levi is 75, raming. Luch A. is 22, Levi's daughter.

Lucy F. Bateman 1847-1935 is buried in Genesee County # 19248938.

In 1920 Monroe County, New York, Amanda is 82, living with sister Lucy Bateman, 71 and her husband Clark Bateman 67. The Bateman brothers were living with the Fisk family in 1875 Genesee County.,

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