Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Frank Lewis Vaughn, 6 South 46 West

Orville A. Vaughn, 6 South 48 West

In 1860 Wayne County, Iowa, Steven Vaughn is 34, M. J. 27 M.A. 12, Elizabeth 10, L.F. 8, G.W. 5, adn J.A. 2.

In 1880 Russell County, Kansas, Lewis Vaughn is farming, 25, born in Kentucky, with Almedia 25 born in Ind?
Carley 6 and Olive 4 were born in Iowa, Burty and Murty both three months old were born in Kansas.

Frank L. "Vaugh" is living alone in 1910 Kit Carson County, born about 1856 in Iowa, parents both born in Kentucky.

Frank proved up two quarters in section 9, 6S 46W in 1917.

In 1920 Josephine County, Oregon, Frank Vaughn is farming, 66, born in Iowa, with son Pearl 35 Kansas. Daughter Myrtle 38 born in Kansas is married to Henry Wallbracht 49 born in Ohio.

There's a Frank Vaughn in 1930 Josephine County, Oregon 73 born in Iowa, first married at 19. Dora is 63, born in Indiana, first married at 17. Her parents wee both born in Ohio. They'e living with Dudley and Marie Wood.

Myrtle Vaughn was born March 11, 1882 in Dorence ?, Kansas to Frank Vaughn and Almedia Vaughn, dying in Kansas City, buried in Forest Hill August 4, 1926, husband Henry Wallbrecht the informant. # 74526552.

In 1910 Kansas City, Missouri, Henry Wallbrecht is a bartender , 45, born in Ohio, with Mytle 30 just married.

October 6, 1926 Cincinnati, Ohio "Albert Relnhardt, Secretary of the Hamilton County Commissioners, received a telegram yesterday announcing the sudden death of his brother-in-law, William Wallbrecht, at Middlesboro, Ky as the result of a stroke of apoplexy. Mr. Wallbrecht was widely known in Cincinnati and over the river towns, as for years he lived here and was associated with the Brenner and Seller Brewing Company in Covington, Kentucky. For the last 25 years he had been with the New South Brewing Company at Middlesboro. Mr. Wallbrecht is survived by his widow, who has been in ill health for some time; one son, William Wallbrecht, and his daughter, Mrs. Frieda...Easter, and 10 grandchildren, all at Mlddlesboro, and two brothers, Gus Wallbrecht, of Cincinnati, and Henry Wallbrecht. Kansas City, Mo."

1922 Ontario, Oregon "Miss Freda Wallbecht of Vale, was a guest Sunday of Miss Blanche McDonald."

In 1940 Placer County, California, Henry Wallbrecht is a clerk for the city water supply, 70, born in Ohio, married to Anna 62 Iowa. Theye living with Betty Watson 39, Kansas. Charles Thompson , Betty's nephew 17 born in Missouri are withthem. Henry and Anna were both in Kansas City in 1935.

Henry, born March 9, 1870 in Ohio, died in San Diego County January 7, 1954,.


Pirl F. Vaughn married Otelia Olson, age 22, in Leavenworth, Kansas March 15, 1909.

He was a real estate agent in Kansas City in 1910, 26, married to Otlia 23 born in Kansas.
Pirl Franklin Vaughn was born March 28 1884 in Lincoln County, Kansas, and was living in Salina Kansas when registering for WWII.

October 8, 1920 Alliance, Nebraska
assignor of one-half to Cora W. Shelton of Salina, Kansas, and one-eighth to Jennie B. Phillips, of Wichita, Kansas
Application filed September 11, 1931.
My invention relates to an electric cooker. The object of my invention is to provide an electric cooker having an upper and lower heating element and a plurality of intermediately distributed heating elements to project within the article being cooked. " "
In 1940 Salina, Kansas, Pirl F. Vaughn, 56, born in Kansas, is widowed, a real estate salesman. He ws in Clay Center Kansas in 1937. He's living in a lodgin house.

September 1951 Salina " Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Vaughn, 148 N. 8th, will leave Monday to spend the winter in Phoenix, Arizona and California."

April 17, 1952 Salina "Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Vaughn have returned to their home at 148 N. 8th, after spending the winter in California and Phoenix, Arizona."

SSDI has Pirl Vaughn, born March 28, 1884, dying in January 1969, last residence Wichita.


Olive is in Lake County, Indiana in 1900, born March 1876 in Iowa, married nine years to Louis Jackson December 1868 Illinois. Grace October 1891, Harvy Mrach 1893, and Dewey March 1897 wee born in Kansas, Agnes February 1900 in Indiana.
Grace 18, was in Kansas City in 1910, age 18. Ollie Jackson is 34, widowed, a dressmaker, and Agnes 10 are all living with the Amelia J.l Black , 62 born in Kentucky.
Grace L. Jackson married J. Harry Gorman in June 1912 in Kansas City. He was 28, she was 20.

In 1930 Los Angeles, Harry is an accountant, 46 born in Illinois, wtih Grace 37 born in Kansas. Dorothy 16 and Virginia 14 were born in MIssouri.

She was born October 29, 1891 in Missouri, per the California death index, dying December 9, 194 in Los Angeles County.

Dorothy Lee Barrows, born Nov 3, 1913 in Missouri, mother Jackson, father Gorman, died February 15, 146 in Los Angeles County.
She was in Inglewood, California in 1940, married to Howard Barows 34 of Pennsylvania. Howard K. is 4, Harvey L. 2, both born in California.

December 14, 1946 "Ivan E. McDougal, 42, prominent Bear Valley fox farm owner for the past 20 years, ended his life at 4:45 p.m. yesterday by shooting himself through the roof of the mouth with a .306 caliber rifle. McDougal had been suffering from a nervous condition and was under treatment of a Pasadena physician, according to Deputy P. H. Evans who investigated for Coroner R. E. Williams. McDougal's fox farm is located on the south side of the lake two miles east of the village. His wife, Virginia, found the body at 5 p.m. upon her return from shopping. She told of McDougal's continued despondency over ill health. Also surviving are a son, Jerry, 7, and daughter, Linda, 5. Assisting Evans in the investigation were Constable Coy Brown, Deputy Sheriff W. L. Bowman and John K. Wood of the slate highway patrol"
Virginia L. McDougald born January 30, 1916 in Missouri, mother Jackson, died in Riverside County August 10, 1969.
She's buried there # 52054729 "Beloved mother to Linda and Jerry"

In 1915 Junction City, Kansas, Ollie Jackson is 38, Harvey 20, and Agnes 15.

Agnes Brunner, born Feb 27, 1901 in Indiana, mother Vaughn, father Jackson, died July 8, 1994 in San Diego County.
Agnes Jackson married Joe Brunner in Seattle June 6, 1919.
In 1920 Seattle, Joe Brunner is a crockery salesman, 50, born in Austria, immigating in 1895, naturalized, married to Agnes 19.
In 1930 Seattle, Joe is 63, Agnes 30, Marjory 10, Robert 4, and Nora 2 born in Washington.
In 1940 Seattle, Agnes is widowed, with Marjorie - both stenographers-, Roberta page, and Delores.

Harvey L. Jackson and Emma L. Taylor married in Kansas City, Missouri on October 3, 1917.

She's probably the Emma L. Zimmerman in 1895 Neosho County, Kansas, age 1, with J.R. 28, L.G. 22, Ira and Irene E. (The Zimmerman's were with tHarvey and Emma in 1920 Kansas City.)
In 1910 the Zimmerman's were in Kansas City, Kansas, Emma 15.
Harvey is in Kansas City in 1920, married to Emma 25. Her Zimmerman brothers and sisters are living with them.

In 1925 Johnson County, Kansas, Harvey is 30, a purchasing agent, Emma 30, and Lillian is 12.

Harvey is a barber shop supply salesman in 1930 Great Bend, Kansas, 35 with Emma L, both 35 born in Kansas. Lillian AG. is 17 born in Kansas.

In 1940 Everett, Washington, Emma Jackson is living alone, 45, born in Kansas, (in Chelan Washington in 1935). She has no occupation, and a unknown marital status.

Harvey Lewis Jackson registered for WWII in Seattle, living at 1518 38th Ave North, born at Neosha Falls, Kansas on March 10, 1895, with Agnes Brunner - same address - as his reference. Harvey was working for Boeing Aircraft.

January 19, 1956 Monroe, Washington "Mrs. Irene Wiggins underwent major surgery at the Monroe General hospital Thursday. Her sister, Mrs. Jackie Sacia, reports she is recovering very nicely."

March 8, 1956 Monroe, Washington "Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Zimmetman of Modesto, California were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Sacia. Mr. Zimmerman is Mrs. Sacia's nephew."

April 5, 1956 Monroe, Washington

May 5, 1960 "Mrs. Jackie Sacia visited her grandson and daughter George Showater and faily in Everett, Wednesday."

In February 1963 Gaines County, Texas a snowfall hit "Two elderly persons were injured seriously at noon Monday when their pick-up truck with a camper on the bed skidded off the Seagraves highway north of Seminole and slammed into a tree.
Suffering severe head injuries when they were thrown from the pick-up cab onto the ice-hardened highway were Mr. and Mrs. Warren Sacia, travelers from Monroe, Washington. Both 63, they wee hospitalized at Memorial Hospital and remained in the hospital today."

1963 Monroe, Washington "Mr. and Mrs. George Showalter and children from Sisco Heights visited with Mr. and Mrs. Warren Sacia on Saturday...Irene Wiggins spent three days of last week in Everett shopping and visiting with Mrs. Lillian Elliott."
"Mr. and Mrs. Warren Sacia and Irene Wiggins attended the Everett Junior College Christmas program on Tursday night."

December 1963

January 8, 1968 Kansas City " Hugh M. Zimmerman, 61, Lubbock, Tex., formery of Kansas City, died Saturday at a hospital in Lubbock. He was born in Kansas City, Kansas, and lived in Lubbock 31 years. Mr. Zimmerman was a retired employee of the Chicago-Milwaukee-St. Paul railroad here. He was a member of Lubbock Methodist church and the Yellow House Masonic lodge. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Gertrude Zimmerman of the home; a son, John Zimmerman, Amarillo, Tex.; two brothers, Walter G. Zimmerman, 824 South Home, Independence, and Ira E. Zimmerman, 7912 Elizabeth, Kansas City, Kansas; two sisters, Mrs. Irene Wiggins and Mrs. Warren Sacia, both of Monroe, Wash., and three grandchildren. Services will be held at 2 o’clock Wednesday in Mount Moriah cemetery."

Emma L. Sacia 1894-1981 is buried in Snohomish County, Washington # 35847269, with Warren 1899-1982.

[Irene Esther (Zimmerman) Wiggins 1891-1978 is buried in Clay County, Missouri, # 31882136, with Daniel Hubert Wiggins 1897-1944.]

Lillian "Lisa" G. Elliott born March 30, 1913 in Bethel, Kansas "nee Sacia???" died July 19, 1973 in Snohomish County.
She's buried in the same cemetery as Emma and Warren Sacia # 42080438.

Harvey is buried in Washington Soldiers Home 1894-1990 # 18138441 "2nd Lt U. S. Army WWI"

One tree said Almedia married a Saunders


Alex Orville Vaughn was born September 4, 1889 in Lineville, Wayne County, Iowa to Arthur F. Vaughn and Ellen M. Campbell.

Orville A. Vaughn proved up a quarter in 14, 6S 48W in 1923.

In 1910 Decatur County, Iowa, with Arthur L. Vaughn 53 and Ellen M. 49, both born in Missouri. Ellen's eight kids are still living. Oscar R. is 22, Orville E. 20, Ollie I. 18, Otto A. 15, Jettie 13, and Sheila A. 11.

Orville Alex Vaughn registered for WWI with a Kirk, Colorado address, born September 4, 1889 at Linnville Iowa, with a wife and three children.
In 1920 Decatur County, Orval "H." is 30, Lizzie 29, Gerald W.6, Walter D. 4, and Marjorie M. 3.

In 1925 Decatur County, Iowa, Orville is 35, Clara E. 34, Harald W. 11, Walter D. 10, Marjorie M. 8, and Ronald L. 1.

In 1930 Decatur County, Orville and Clara have Gerald W. 16, Walter D. 14, Marjory M. 13 - these three born in Colorado, Ronald L. 4 and Robert R. 2 in Iowa.

In 1940 Decatur County, Orville is 50, Lizzie 50, with Ronald L. 15 born in Iowa, Robert R. 12 in Iowa. His father Arthur F. Vaughtn 83 is with them.

Alex registered for WWII in Decatur County, with Clara Vaughn as his reference.

Orville, dying in 1975, is buried in Decatur County # 161879544.
Clara E. "Lizzie" Vaughn is buried there too, dying August 16, 1980 # 161879540.

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