Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

David W. Wyatt, son Arlo R. , daughter Anna, son Robert

In 1850 Nodaway County, Missouri, Sidney Wyatt is 25. She ahs David W. 7, and John I. H. Wyatt 5.

In 1870 Nodaway County, David and Rebecca J. Wyatt are both 27, with Robert 4, and "Orlow" 2.

In 1880 Atchison County, Missouri, David W. Wyatt is farming, 37, Rebeca 32, both born in Missouri. Robert 14 in Iowa, Arlo 12, Anna 10, Nellie 6, Roy L. 4, , Jesse 2 and a baby boy were born in Missouri.

David's first wife Rebeka Jane (McKenzie) Wyatt 1843-1901 is buried in Wray # 82268962.

April 1900 Wray "D. W. Wyatt arrived Thursday from Maryville. He will establish a stock ranch in the sand hills west of the Robbers Roost."

In 1900 Nodaway County, David is farming, born June 1843 in Missouri, with Rebecca July 1843, with Annie June 1871, Nellie Sept 1875, and Mary - grand daughter July 1893.
Clara McKenzie June 1851 is with them, Rebecca's sister.

October 13, 1900 "D. W. Wyatt and daughters, Misses Anna and Nell, and Miss McKenzie, arrived in Wray Friday morning from Maryville, Mo. They came overland, and were three weeks on the road. Mrs. Wyatt and son are expected to arrive by train in a few days. They will occupy the Vaughn house. The family are welcomed as an acquisition to Wray society."

April 11, 1901
February 7, 1902 "Webster Wyatt of Wray was in Laird last week."

December 6, 1902

In 1910 Yuma County, David is farming, 67, second marriage of eight years to Clara S. 58 - she's had no kids. Harry V. 30 born in MIssouri is a farm laborer, married to Blanche 26 born in Kansas, with one kid, Wendell W. 2. Another granddaughter , Mary M. 16, born in MIssouri is with them.

(Blanche F. Wadsworth was born April 1888 in Kansas, and living in Osborne County, Kansas in 1900 with parents Charles and Nettie Wadsworth.)

Next household is Anna Wyatt, 38, living alone, farming.

David proved up two quarters in section 22, 5S 47W, one in 1913, another in 1914.
"David Wilson Wyatt, 89 years old of St. Francis,Kansas, died at his home there on February 26 following an attack of pnemunia. Funeral services were held at St. Francis Wednesday afternoon and the remains were laid to rest in Grandview Cemetery. The decesed is the father of Miss Anna Wyatt of Kirk. He is survived by his wife, four sons and two daughters."

March 1938 Kirk items
David's second wife, Sarah Claire (McKenzie) Wyatt, is buried in Wray 1851-1938
"Mrs. Clara Wyatt, a resident of the Kirk community for many years, died at Wray, Wednesday night. She was past 87 years of age. She moved here from Wray with her husband, D. W. Wyatt, early in this century and homesteaded southwest of Kirk. They lived there a number of years, old age finally causing them to leave the farm. Mr. Wyatt died several years ago. Mrs. Wyatt had been afflicted with rheumatism for many years, but always had a cheery word and friendly smile for everyone. Arlo Wyatt, Anna Wyatt, and Mrs. and Mrs. Jesse Wyatt of Kirk, step-children of the deceased, attended the funeral in Wray Friday afternoon. "


November 23, 1901 "Miss Nell Wyatt will dispose of her stock of Millenry goods and return to St. Joe, where she will accept a position in a Whole-Sale House. Her ad will be found in another column."
The Yuma County Marriage Book has Doling, A.P. to N.S. Wyatt 1 October 1902

October 3, 1902

In 1910 Routt County, Colorado, Proctor is the town marshall, 41, with Nell 28, and Clarie W. 4.

May 23, 1913 Yuma "Mrs. A. P. Doling and little daughter of Steamboat Springs, came in from Wray Thursday, and in company with her brother, Robert Wyatt, drove across to Kirk, to visit her father, D. W. Wyatt."

January 21, 1915 "Miss Anna Wyatt departed yesterday morning for Steamboat Springs, where she will visit her sister, Mrs. Proctor Doling, and family, until the first of February, when she will return to Brush to take up her new position recently offered her there."
In October 1917 " Mr. and Mrs. Proctor Doling and little daughter, Miss Claire, accompanied by Mrs. Doling's sister, Miss Anna Wyatt, motored in to Wray from Kirk where they had been visiting D.W. Wyatt, the father of Mrs. Doling and Miss Anna. They had come from Denver, the home of the Dolings and were en route to Bird City Kansas where Miss Anna has a position in one of the merchandize stores. Mr. and Mrs. Doling were taking her home from a visit with them in Denver.

In 1920 Casper, Wyoming, Alexander is a car salesman, 40, with Nell S. 30 and Clare Y. 14.


January 24, 1908 Wray " Mrs. A. P. Doling and Miss Anna Wyatt are enjoying a visit from their sister-in-law, Mrs. Harry Wyatt, of Alma, Nebraska."

In 1920 Rooks County, Kansas, Harry is 39, Blanch 36, Wendall 12, and Donald 10.

They're still there in 1930.


In 1900 Nodaway County, Missouri, Arlo, born Nov 1870 in Missouri, is a farmer, married one year to Ruby B. April 1875 Mississippi. Jesse B. brother April 1878 Missouri.

Arlo claimed two quarters in 7 and 13, 6S 46W in 1917 - Kit Carson County.

1935 "Relatives received word from Arlo Wyatt and he stated that he had the cancer removed from his lip at Savannah, Missouri, and is recoveing nicely from the ordeal."

July 1939

October 1939

In 1940 Arlo is living alone in Yuma County, Joes precinct. On the same page is Anna E. Wyatt, 68, a servant for Carl H. Gurss 53, widowed and his son Orville 24.
October 1940 Kirk items

January 2, 1941 Kirk items "Arlo Wyatt went to Stratton last week where he will stay for a time."

Arlo Roland Wyatt was born November 17, 1868 at Quitman, Missouri and departed this life November 23, 1956 at the Memorial Hospital, Burlington, at the age of 88 years and six days. His death came as the result of a fall on ice in which he suffered a fractured hip and shock. A light stroke and other complications followed.
When was a young man, he moved with his parents to Wray where his father was in the cattle business. Later the family moved to a ranch near Kirk. Arlo also took a homestead and spent many years farming. He then moved to Kirk and operated a feed store for a time. Upon retirement, about ten years ago, he moved to Stratton, where he continued to make his home until the time of his death.

[1901 Wray "Arlo Wyatt lost $15 in bills at the ranch early this week."]
Besides his many friends, he leaves one brother, Jess Wyatt of Denver, one niece, Claire Easter of Casper, Wyoming, one nephew Wendell Wyatt of Hays Kansas, three grandnieces, Frances Richards and Ruth Easter of Casper, Wyoming and Arlis Wyatt of Hays, Kansas; three grandnephews, Frank Easter of Casper, Bobbie Wyatt of Germany, and Wendell Irving Wyatt of Lawrence, Kansas.
Funeral services were held at 2:00 at the Evangelical United Brethren church at Stratton, with Rev. V. J. Lamm officiating. The Hendricks Mortuary had charge of arrangements.
Burial was made at the Wray cemetery, beside his maiden sister, Anne Wyatt, who made her home for years with him.


January 21, 1910 "Miss Anna Wyatt accompanied her father over to her home at Kirk, the first of the week, where she will remain a week or ten days on her claim. Mr. Wyatt came over and spent Sunday with Miss Anna and Mary. Miss Rose is helping in the Webster & Mason store during the absence of Miss Wyatt."

December 1912 Wray " D. W. Wyatt of near Kirk was in town Tuesday on business and while here, visited his daughter, Miss Anna Wyatt."

January 1, 1914 "Miss Mary Wyatt came down from Yuma Monday evening where she had been spending a few days with her father, Robert Wyatt, and in visiting her aunt. Miss Anna Wyatt, of this place. Miss Mary was accompanied to Wray by her friend, Miss Marvel Dowler, The Misses Wyatt and Dowler intend to leave tomorrow for Denver where the former is a student in the conservatory of music and with whom the latter makes her home for the winter."
January 21, 1915 "Miss Anna Wyatt departed yesterday morning for Steamboat Springs, where she will visit her sister, Mrs. Proctor Doling, and family, until the first of February, when she will return to Brush to take up her new position recently offered her there."

August 1940
March 1945
June 20, 1946

December 9, 1899 Wray "Mr. Ed Jackson arrived Friday morning for a few days visit with his sister, Mrs. R. A. Wyatt."

Robert's wife died in December 1899. "The funeral of Mollie Wyatt, wife of Robert Wyatt, was held at the Methodist Episcopal Church in Wray Thursday. Mrs. Wyatt had been a sufferer from consumption for several years. Early last spring she came with her husband to Colorado in search of health, but alas as many others have done she came to late, the dreaded disease had already done its work. On Christmas night she passed quietly away. Mrs. Wyatt was an earnest Christian. She was a member of the church at Glendale. She died as she had lived, taking/leaving of her friends as if for only a "day to go home". A husband and little daughter with many friends mourn her loss.

In 1900 Glendale (now Vernon, but in Arapahoe County in 1900) Robert is widowed, a farm laborer, born March 1866 in Missouri.

February 24, 1900 Wray "Robert Wyatt has subleased the Coston place on the Black Wolf to Messrs. Knudson and Christianson. They will engage in stock raising. Mr. Knudson's family, who are now at Holdredge, will soon join him."

December 11, 1903 "Bob Wyatt, the man the Wray people are looking for, left Yuma Wednesday evening for Kansas."

In 1910 Yuma, Robert is a real estate agent, widowed, 39, born in Iowa, living in the Hudson Jackson hotel.

Mary was living with grandparents David and Clara in 1900 Missouri and in Yuma County in 1910.

December 9, 1910 Yuma " C. C. Conover and Robert Wyatt have entered into a partnership under the firm name of Conover & Wyatt, and in the future will buy hogs of all nationalities at any old time."

July 4, 1912 "R. A. Wyatt, a real estate man of Yuma came down from that town Monday evening and spent a short time visiting his daughter Miss Mary and his sister Miss Anna Wyatt here."

September 4, 1914 Yuma "Miss Anna Wyatt, of Wray, was visiting with her brother, R. A. Wyatt, yesterday."

Robert Andrew Wyatt registered for WWI in Yuma, born March 27, 1873, reference Mrs. Mary Hellem of Grand Haven, Michigan.

December 15, 1921
Robert Wyatt in 1930 Wray, 58, widowed, born in Iowa living in the Mary E. Staininger rooming house.

February 11, 1932

Frank A. Hellem married Mary M. Wyatt on January 19, 1915, recorded in Weld County, Colorado.

Frank was the son of David Hellem and Margaret Fenicle, and died January 1969 in Kalamazoo.
David Hellem 1841-1924 is buried in Grand Rapids # 15683251.

Robert David Hellem was born October 7, 1918 in Michigan to Frank A. Hellem of Kansas and Mary Wyatt of Missouri, dying October 12, to be buried in Grand Haven.


February 1901 Wray "Roy Wyatt is working in the Hendrie hardware store."

May 8, 1908 Wray "Mrs. Roy Wyatt came down from Denver last week, where she has been under treatment at a hospital. She was preceded by her husband, who came here from their home at Steamboat Springs a few weeks ago."

Roy L. Wyatt, 33 is in Routt County in 1910, married two years to Pearl 25 (her second marriage) born in Nebraska.
In 1920 Concordia, Kansas, Roy is a bookkeeper, 43, Pearl A. 35 born in Nebraska, with Robert W. three months

October 2, 1930 Kirk items "Roy Wyatt of St. Francis, Kansas, visited his sister, Miss Anna, and brother, Alo, one day last week."

Roy Lee Wyatt 1876-1952 is buried in Cheyenne, Wyoming # 29162654 with Pearl 1884-1959.


Jessie Byrd Wyatt was born April 30, 1878 in Quitman, Missouri to David W. Wyatt and Rebecca J. McKenzie

In 1900 he was with brother Arlo in Nodaway County, and in 1910 Smith County Kansas is married to Myrtle 29 born in Iowa. He manages an oil station.

They're farming in Union County, New Mexico in 1920, no kids, and in 1930 are back in Smith County, Kansas, no occupation, living with Mtle's parents Julius and Mary Jarvis.

Myrtle's father is a probate judge. (Myrtle's brother Charles B. Jarvis 1886-1945 is buried in Great Bend # 78861948.)

November 5, 1936

April 1938
October 1939

November 1939

June 6, 1940 "Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Wyatt are now in Denver. The former is working with a carpenter, an old friend of his."

June 1949

May 1952 "Mr. and Mrs. Jess Wyatt left with their trailer house Sunday morning. THey plan to make their home in Lakewood."

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