Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Fred E. and Ida (Myers) Allen, 6 South 47 West

William Thomas Myers married Jennie Clendennig on July 11, 1880 in Montgomery County, Iowa. She was 22, daughter of William Clendenning and Elizabeth Johnson.
He was the son of Angelo A. Myers and Nancy Ross.

In 1885 Montgomery County, Iowa, William J. Myers is 27, Jennie 26, Carl A. 2, and Ida May 1.

In 1900 Lawrence, Kansas, William is a day laborer, 44, with Jennie 44. Carl is 18, Ida was born September 1883 in Iowa, Jessie 14, Opan 12, and Louisa 9.
William Thomas Myers 1856-1913 is buried in Lawrence # 31o682107, with Virginia 1856-1942 # 31682087.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Fred is farming, 28, born in Kansas, with Ida M. 26 Iowa, married four years. Leta L. 3 and Phil F. 1 were born in Kansas.

Ida's sister Opal is also there, 21, born in Nebraska, with husband William R. Bowers.

William R. Bowers, 22, married Opal E. Myers, 20 in Lawrence Kansas on December 27, 1908.

Fred claimed two quarters in 32, 6 South, 47W in 1917.

Fred Eugene Allen registered for WWI in Becker County, Minnesota, born May 19, 1881, a steam engineer, working in North Dakota. Relative was Ida Allen.

In 1920 Becker County, Fred is a signal maintainer for a railroad, with Ida, Leta L. 12, Philip F. 11, Thomas E. 7 born in Colorado, and Charles E. 4 born in Minnesota. So Ida moved to Minnesota between 1913 and 1916.

In 1925 Topeka Fred and Ida May have Leona, Philip, Thomas E. Charles. E, and Virginia Myers 68
They're in Topeka Kansas in 1930, where he's still working for the railroad. Fred is 48, Ida 46, Leta - telephone operator - 23, Tom - taxi driver -18, and Charles 14.

Fred, Ida, and Leta are still in Topeka in 1940.

Possibly the Fred E. Allen dying June 23, 1968, buried in Topeka, per # 117671072.
Ida, dying March 11, 1971 is also buried there, per # 117671123.

Leta L. Allen, dying Dec 8, 1955, is there - per # 117671653.

Tom is in Fort Worth, Texas, a car salesman, divorced, living in a lodging house.

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