Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

William S. and Amanda A. (Burcher) Finley, son Elmer B. Finley, daughter Leoti Blanche (Finley) Burcher, 6 South 47 West

In 1850 Belmont County, Ohio, Nathaniel Burcher is farming 33, with Rebecca 29, Adaline 11, Adison 9, and William three months.
In 1860 Belmont County, Nathaniel "Butcher" 43 and Rebecca 38 have Mary A. 13, Addison 12, Wm. B. 10, Reese L. 8, Ruth A. 5, James 3, and Sarah J. nine months.

William S. Burcher married Asenath Fogle in Monroe County, Ohio on November 22, 1868.
In 1870 Monroe County, Ohio, William "Bircher" is 20, Asenath 21, with Charles four months.
One tree said William died of typhus in Monroe County in 1874.

Asenath S. "Trumbel", formerly Asenath S. Burcher, proved up a quarter in 1N 7W, Nuckolls County in 1889.

George M. Trumbull married Asenath Burcher on June 15, 1881 in Nuckolls County, Nebraska.
Asenath Trumbull 1848-1933 is buried in Superion # 50216050.
"The sad news came to town at noon Wednesday that Mrs. Trumbull, one of the oldest residents of this community, passed away at her home at 11:45 A.M. Grandma Trumbull came to Superior in April, 1877, and homesteaded the quarter section of land adjoining town on the south. It is said that the deceased is the last of the charter members of the Methodist church (sic). The funeral services will be held from the Methodist church at 3 o'clock Friday afternoon. -- Superior Journal "

Charles M. Burcher married Mabell C. Nichols in Nuckolls County September 13, 1892.

Charles M. Burcher 1870-1928 is buried in Superior, Nebraska # 44359251, with Mabel Clara (Nickols) Burcher 1872-1948.

Mable Clara Burcher, born July 6, 1871 in Michigan, died December 29, 1948 in Los Angeles County, fatheer Nickols, mother George.

Mary M. (Burcher) Lyne 1857-1937, wife of Philip T. Lyne, is buried in Superior, # 61793068.

In 1880 Belmont County, Ohio, William Finley is farming 32, with Mary A. 33 and Leotia B. 7, all bonr in Ohio. Next to them are Jacob and Charlottia Finley and Charles and Sarah Finley - ages could be brothers.

Leotia was born August 27, 1872 in Belmont County to William Finley and Mary A. Burcher.
In 1900 Nuckolls County, Nebraska, Will Finley, born June 1847 in Ohio, married 29 years to Mary born June 1846 Ohio, have Elmer B. August 1880 in Ohio, all farming. Mary has had three kids, two living.

In 1910 Yuma County, William is 62, Mary A. 63, both born in Ohio, farming.

William S. Finley proved up a quarter in 20, 5S 47W in 1913 (Yuma County)

In 1930 Yuma County, William S. Finley is 82, Mary A. 83, with Mary's sister Amanda Mann 75 widowed.

In 1936, when Reese L. Burcher of Wolf Creek, Morgan COunty, Ohio, died, he was survived by two sisters, Mrs. Adeline Finley and Mrs. Amanda Mason, both of Kirk, Colorado.

(In 1880 Belmont County, Ohio, Amanda Burcher is 25, James A. 23, with mother Rebeca Burcher 58 In 1900 Franklin County, Kansas, Amanda Mann born January 1853 in Ohios is widowed, a washing-woman, with Maude July 186 Iowa and Louis A. June 1890 Nebraska.

James A. Burcher 1857-1927 is buried in Franklin County, Kansas # 46480204.
Amanda Mann in 1910 was in Albuquerque, 55, widowed, mother of Maud L. Todd 23 born in Iowa. Edagr R. Todd 33 works for the railroad. They have Rena F. 6 and Neva B 1 both born in Kansas. In 1920 they are in Pottawattamie County, Iowa in 1920, 64, widowed, born in Ohio, a nurse, mother of either Edgar Todd 33 or his wife Grace Todd 24.
Leoti B. Finley was born August 27, 1872 in Belmont County Ohio to William Finley and Mary A. BUrcher.

W. L. "Burcherd" married Leota B. Finley on March 22, 1899 in Nuckolls County.

In 1900 Kansas City William Burcher is a car repairer, born Dec 1873 in Ohio, married one year to Blanche August 1872 Ohio,
They're living with Charles 30 and Mable 29 Burcher, and Florence 5 born in Nebraska ??.
In 1920 Yuma County, William Burcher is 45, Blanche F. 43, both born in Kansas ???, with Bert 19 born in Kansas.
In 1920 they owned the southeast quarter of 7, 5S 47W.

In 1929 Wm. Steele Burcher bought a Ford tudor car from the Warriner Motor company of Yuma.

Bert Burcher buried January 20, 1943, aged 38 years, buried in Pueblo, Colorado # 10020690 might be the same one.
He was the owner of the lot in the Kirk cemetery where his parents and the Finley's are buried.

January 22 and 23, 1943

March 13, 1930 "Mrs. Blanche Burcher, despondent over poor health, attempted to take her life Sunday morning. She had not been well for some time, then having the measles, too, proved too much for her. She is being cared for at her mother's home."

March 27, 1930 "Mrs. Blanche Burchr was removed to the Pueblo hospital recently for treatment."

April 3, 1930

In 1930 Yuma County, William is widowed, 55, born in Ohio, with Bert 29 born in Missouri.

July 10, 1930


In 1910 Kit Carson County, Elmer is farming, 28, born in Ohio, Carrie 32 Illinois, Mary 8, Walden G. 6, Floyd L. 5, and Jacob 3 were born in Nebraska, Frances eleen months born in Colorado.

Elmer registered for WWI with a Vona address, born August 4, 1880.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Elmer and Carrie have Walden 16, Floyd 14, Jacob 12, Francis J. 10, Arthur E. 7, Euladine L. 4, and Nellie 2.

In 1930 Kit Carson County, Elmer and Carrie have Arthur E. 19, Euladine 15, Nellie L. 13, and Marjorie J. 9.

Elmer proved up two quarters in 1, 6S 48W in 1912, and cash-claimed 28 acres in 6, 6 South, 47W in 1920.

March 1, 1934 "Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Finley celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary February 12. Mr. Finley is past 86 years of age and Mrs. Finley is 87. They have outlived thier two chldren. We wish that we were able to give a fill accountt of the lives of this fine old couple, but wea are not, but we do know that they are pioneer residents of Yuma county and have endured many of the trials and hardships of pioneer days."

July 1934 "Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Finley are making their home with their daughter-in-law, Mrs. Carrie Finley, while repairs are being made on their home which was damaged by wind."

William S. Finley 1847-1934 is buried in Kirk # 67354453, with Mary Adeline Finley 1846-1935 # 67354449.

Elmer B. Finley 1880-1931 is also buried in Kirk # 67354446, # 67354443.

April 23, 1931
with Caroline Lucille (Kugler) Finley 1877-1964.


Mary Finley, age 18, married Dan Turvey in Burlington on June 30, 1919.
In 1920 they have no kids, but in 1930 Yuma County Dan and Mary have Garnett 10, Gerald 9, Dealpha 7, Ina L. 5, and Delores nine months.

Mary Caroline (Finley) Meade 1901-2000 is buried in Yuma.

Jacob E. Finley 1907-1967 is buried in Wray

Maudie I. Clair and Francis J. Finley had Duane Norman Finley on January 31, 1934 in Vona, Colorado. Francis J. Finley 1909-1966 is buried in Kirk # 67354447.

So is Duane N. Finley 1934-1997 # 67354444.

October 27, 1966
In August 1966 at a Finley reunion "Francis Finley family present were Maud Finley Anderson from Wray, Jack and wief Pearl from Denverk, Arlena Marshall from Greeley, Ilene and husband Jerry Loftas of Lakewood, Mame and husband Lester Scruby from Kirk with son Vince and wife Julie and boys Jake and wde along with daughters Sherry and husband Gerald IId fromKirk and Becky and husband ?? Seaman with Mike Mason and M?? of Joes.

April 10, 1941 "Mr. and Mrs. Francis Finley are the parents of twin daughters born Friday. They weighted 3 and one-half and five and one-half pounds."

Walden G. Finley, 21, married Marjorie E. Petty in Burlington on January 22, 1923.

Floyd W. Finley, age 24, married Hazel Myrtle Liming in Kit Carson County July 23, 1929.
They're in Kit Carson County in 1930, Floyd 24 and Hazle 14, next to William 39 and Hazel 238 Liming.

1933 "Mrs. Hazel Finley visited her grandmother, Mrs. Taylor, Friday."

In 1940 Kit Carson County, Floyd is farming, 35, with Hazel M. 32, both born in Colorado.

April 11, 1940 "A farewell dance was given for Mr. and Mrs. Francis Finley at the Art Finley home. Mr. Finley had a sale Monday afternoon. The family will leave soon for Greeley to make their home."

1944 Mr. and Mrs. Jake Finley and children moved to Yuma last week. A man from Stratton purchased the Finley farm iand in turn sold it to the Young brothers.

January 1, 1948 "Bobbie Finley and Doris Hagan were married Saturday in Denver at the home of the bride's parents in Denver. The bride is teaching school in Kit Carson County and the groom drives truck for Billy Matwinger.

September 1949 "Lucille Finley, who has been working for her aunt, Mrs. Raymond Monroe for several days while Mrs. Monroe was ill, returned to her home."
"Mr. and Mrs. Art Finley visited with Mr. Finley's sister, Mrs. Raymond Monroe and family south of Seibert of last week. "
April 7, 1949 "Bud Finley, son of Mr. and Mrs. ?? Finley is in the Yuma hosoital with a broken... sustained when a car in which he and Jack Dickinson were goin to Yuma went out of control and turned over. BUt, a freshman in Kirk high school, will have to remain i the hospital for another week."

September 27, 1956
October 1956 "Mrs. Hazel Finley is again working at the Airline Cafe, having taken the place of Mrs. Holdman, who will now open up her own cafe at Kirk. Mrs. Finley had worked here previous to the grave illness and death of her husband, Floyd Finley.

January 1957 Mrs. Hazel Finley and John Brown married in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Beverly Brown will be able to live in her father's home again. She has been spendin time with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brown of Denver."
Mr. Brown is a prominent farmer southwest of Joes where the couple will make their home."

December 31, 1959
1951 "Mr. and Mrs. Francis Finley, who formerly resided on a farm near Joes, have moved to the Mary Turvey farm south of Eckley."

February 4, 1954 "Miss Myrna Finley of Yuma formerly of Joes and Lester Scruby of Kirk married at the Kirk E. U. B. Church, and will make their home near his base in Oklahoma."

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