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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Mary E. (Caster) Paine, daughter Gertie (Schuyler)(Paine)(Padgett) Dircks, daughter Bertin (Paine) Bolin, son Claude, son Oscar E. Paine, 6 South 47 West

Mary E. Caster was born March 28, 1846 at Henry, Dublin County, Indiana, to Christopher Custor and Elizaabeth Clark. She married John Wilson Paine on July 18, 1865 in Miami County, Indiana, and died March 2, 1935 at Stratton>

In 1850 Miami County, Indiana, Christopher Custer is 41, Elizabeth 4, Lorin 21, Melville 19, Thomas 17, Oliver 16, Martha 17, Jasper 12, MArtin 10, Sarah 8, Charles 7, and ELIZS 5.
Christopher Caster 1808-1886 is buried in Midami County # 62501090, with Elizabeth (Clark) Caster 1809-1874 # 62501227.l

In 1860 Miami County, Christopher is 54, Elizabeth 50, Marion 21, Charles 16, and MARY E. 14.

In 1870 Clinton County, Illinois, John Pain is 33, farming, born in Illinois. Mary is 24, Elmer , both born in Indiana. Colfax Schuyler is 2, born in Illinois, with Gertrude four months born in Illinois.

In 1880 Howell County, Missouri, John W. Paine is a physician, 42, born in Illinois, with Mary E. 33. Schuyler C. is 12, Gertrude C. 10, Alice E. 6, Bertie M. 4, Bertha R. 2, and Oskie six months old.

In 1900 Howell County, Missouri, Mary Paine, born March 1846 in Indiana, is farming, widowed. Daughter Gertrude Padgett January 1870 in Illinois is also widowed, with Ray June 1872 and Willie June 1894, both born in Missouri.
Claude Feb 1885, Maud March 1887, and Mary E. August 1889 were all born in Missouri. With them is daughter-ini-law Dora B. Paine born July 1884 in Missouri.
In 1910 Kit Carson County, Mary E. is 64, widowed, living alone. She's had 15 kids, ten living. Next to her is Oscar E. 32, single.

Mary is living with Oscar in 1920 Kit Carson County.

In 1925 Trego County, Kansas, Oscar is 47, with mother Marie E. 79, , both coming to Wakeeneyey from Colorado.

In 1930 Mary 84 and Oscar 52 are living with Claude Paine in Kit Carson County. C
Claude is 45, with Frona 29, both born in Missouri. Edna 7, Robert 5, and Frona 2 were born in Kansas.

On the same stone as Oscar in Kirk is Mary E. Paine 1846-1935 # 67354637. It says her husband Dr. John W. Paine is buried in Willow Springs, Howell County, Missouri 1836-1900 # 14762266.

March 7, 1935


Gertrude C. "Painer" married William M. Padgett on February 27, 1891 in Howell County, Missouri.

Mrs. Gertrude C. Padgett, age 30, married Mr. Jacob Dircks on January 26, 1901, in Howell County, Missouri.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Gertie Dircks is 40, second marriage to Jacob Dircks 51 born in Germany - on the same page as Mary Paine and Oscar. Theodore Dircks is 8, Jacob, both born in Kansas. Roy Padgett is 18, Wilma 16, both born in Missouri.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Jacob and Gertie have only Theodore 18 and Jacob O. 16.

1922 Lawrence Kansas " Mrs. Gertrude Dircks of Stratton, Colorado, spent Thursday J. M. Arthur's home. Mrs. A. J. Martin was present also. These families were old neighbors in the Stratton neighborhood."
"Mrs. James Gulley is spending this week visiting her brother, Ralph Martin and family at Stratton, Colorado. "

Jacob and Gertie are alone in 1930 Kit Carson County.

Gertrude C. DIrcks, born January 31, 1870 in Illinois, died Sept 13, 1955 in Los Angeles. Mother was Caster, father Payne.
She's buried in Glendale, California # 85380027.
So is Jacob 1858-1944 # 85380028.

So is Jacob Oscar Dircks 1900-1996 # 85380029 and his wife Lillie Frances (Lively) Dircks 1902-1996 # 85380030.
Lillie was born in Canada, naturalized in Los Angeles in 1929.

1966 Kirk items "Jake and Theodore Dircks of Los Angeles, California were back in the area this week, greeting old friends. They were Wednesday night guests of the Fred Hagans. The Nolan Gulleys of Anton were also Wednesday dinner guests of the Hagans and their daughter, Mrs. Roy Smith of Yuma."


Dora is likely the wife of Charles Paine, who was working elsewhere in 1900.
( Charles Columbus Paine, born July 7, 1881 in Missouri, died April 4, 1955 in Los Angeles, mother Cster.
In 1910 they're in Lawrence, Kansas - Charles 28, Dora 25, Reba 9, Maude 4, and Gladys 1.

In 1920 Lawrence, Charles is a jeweler, 38, Dora B. 35, with married daugheter Reba Barton 19, Maude is 14, and Gladys 11.
In 1930 Lawrence Charles is a street foreman, 49, with Dora 45. Gladys Smith, 22, divorced is living with them.
Dora B. Paine born July 30, 1884 in Missouri, died February 3, 1965 in Los Angeles.)


Oscar proved up two quarters in 35, 6 South, 47W in 1915.

In 1930 Mary 84 and Oscar 52 are living with Claude Paine in Kit CArson County. C
Claude is 45, with Frona 29, both born in Missouri. Edna 7, Robert 5,a nd Frona 2 were born in Kansas.

Oscar 1877-1935 is buried in Kirk, Colorado, per # 67354638.

In 1944 the Decoration Day ceremonies said "Ten soldiers dead. Five are Civil War veterans - Paige, Stanley, Shanklin, Kline, and Martin; three Spanish american - Oscar Paine, Claude Paine and Luck Lindsey. Claude Paine was also a veteran of World War One. Reuben Pratt was also a veteran of that war. Sergeant Philip Doddridge is the only World War TII veteran in the cemetery."

On the same stone is Mary E. Paine 1846-1935 # 67354637. It says her husband Dr. John W. Paine is buried in Willow Springs, Howell County, Missouri 1836-1900 # 14762266.

On another stone in the Kirk Cemetery are Claude L. Paine 1884-1943 # 67354635 and Frona A. August 5, 1893 -.... # 67354636.


In 1930 Mary 84 and Oscar 52 are living with Claude Paine in Kit CArson County. C
Claude is 45, with Frona 29, both born in Missouri. Edna 7, Robert 5,a nd Frona 2 were born in Kansas.

September 1939 "Mr. and Mrs. Bell of Denver have been visiting at the Claude Paine home, southwest of Kirk. Mr. and Mrs. Bell are Mrs. Paine's parents. Mr. Bell is 93 years of age and is a civil war veteran. His mind is very keen.. He remembers incidents which happened sixty years or more ago, an is much interested in reading and hearing about the conflict now raging in Europe."

1940 Mr. and Mrs. Claude Paine, Robert and Frona Bell attended the baccalaureate sermon at Stratton Sunday morning. The eldest daughter, Edna, graduated from the Stratton school."

1940 "Mrs. Claude Paine received word Thursday of the illness of her mother, Mrs. Bell, of Denver. She is past 80 years of age and has pneumonia. Mr. Paine and son, Robert, took Mrs. Paine to Denver that night. No hope was given for the mother's recovery when Mr. Paine and son came home.""

March 1941 "The Claude Paine family are moving to their new home south of Vona. Frona Belle will stay at the E. Godfrey home and finish school in the Kechter district. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Finley will move to the farm vacated by the Paine family. The place is now the property of Bill Kechter."

July 8, 1943

January 1941

January 1945 "Dale Godfrey left Monday of this week to be inducted into the service. His wife and small son, Larry, with her mohter, Mrs. Frona Paine, plan moving to Denver, where Mrs. Godfrey will work and Mrs. Paine will care for Larry."

1945 "Mrs. Dale Godfrey recently had her tonsils removed in Stratton. She is clerking in the Red White Store. She and her little son, Larry, are living with her mother, Mrs. Frona Paine in Stratton>"


Bertie M. Paine married Charley Bolin on September 4, 1892 in Howell County.
1900 Howell County census Robt J. Bolin, head, b Jan 1831, m 33 yrs, TN, Sarah, wife, b Aug 1848, 4 children w/ 2 living, TN. They have Charles, son, b April 1872, m 7 yrs, MO, Bertie, dau-in-law, b Feb 1876, 3 ch all living, MO, Ethel, gr-dau, b July 1893, Henry, gr-son, b May 1895, Frank, gr-son, b Feb 1900, all kids born in Missouri.

On the same page as Mary Paine in 1920 Kit Carson County, Charley Bolin is 47, with Bertie M. 43, Charley H. 2, Nora M. 16, ora M. 16, Bernice A. 12, and James E. 8, all born in Missouri. Charley's mother Sarah M. Bolin 70 widwowd born in Tennessee is with them.

In 1930 Kit Carson County, Charlie Bolin is is 58, Bertie 54, earl 18, and Sarah Bolin, Charlie's mother 81 widowed is with them, born in Tennessee.

Sarah M. (Shields) Bolin 1848-1933 is buried in Howell County, Missouri, # 21573191. She was bon in Lawrence County Tennessee to John Shields and Malissa Alexander, both of Tennessee.

Charles Bolin 1873-1934 is buried in Lawrence, Kansas # 25577252.
July 1934 Mrs. Henry Bolin, Mrs. Cora Hobbs went to Lawrence Kansas to be with Charles Bolin, who was not expected to live. Mrs. Harlan Pratt and their daughter and husband were down a short time ago. "

Augut 16, 1934

1939 "Earl Bolin brought his mother, Mrs. Bertie Bolin, down from Fort Collins Wednesday to the Harlan Pratt home where they were present for Thanksgiving dinner. Other guests that day were Mrs. Cora Hobbs and children an dMrs. and Mrs. Claude Paine and children.. Mr. Bolin returned to Fort Collins Thursday eveing. Mrs. BOlin stayed here for a visit with her children whol live here.

In 1940 Kit Carson County, Cora Hobbs is is 38, born in Missouri. Dorothy M. 15 and Keith 10 were born in Colorado. Bertie Bolin, 64, widowed mother, is with them.

1942 "Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bolin and mother, Mrs. Bertie Bolin, of Fort Collins spent the week end at the Harlan Pratt home. Mr. Bolin had been in the Panama Canal zone working at his trade of mechanic but was stricken with malarial fever and is home on sick leave."

Novembeer 4, 1971

"Looking for any information regarding the Bolin, Hutton, Paine or Anderson family. Articles,obts, etc. I am Kenneth A. Bolin's daughter. Family lived in Joes, CO and my grandparents ran the Conoco station in Joes for many years. you can email me direct to Thank you Laura (Bolin) Luebke"

1922 "Gulley, W. L., Farmer, S. 6, T. 6, R. 46 P. O. Kirk. Mr. Gulley was born in Missouri in 1985, settled in the County in 1912, and married Clara Scruby. They have two children. "

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