Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Samuel E. and Alice A. (Garner) Travis, 6 South 47 West

In 1900 Cloud County, Kansas, William E. Travis - a day laborer - and Mary E. Travis are both 40, married 13 years. Samuel E. is 12, James W. 10, Alfred W. 6 and Isa Elyina 3 all born in Kansas.

In 1910 Graham County, Kansas, Saml. E. is 23, married two years to Alice 22, with Alford one month, all born in Kansas. Samuel works for a telephone office, and they have three young boarders.

Samuel proved up two quarters in 35, 6 South, 47W in 1916.

Samuel Ernest Travis registered for WWI with a Stratton, Colorado address, born April 13, 1887 at Aurora Kansas, farming, with a wife and three children.

In 1930 Vona precinct, Kit Carson County, Alice A. Travis is 41, married but no spouse, no occupation, with Ruth A. 18 born in Kansas, Lena 15 Colorado, Samuel E. Jr. 9 Colorado, and Mary A. 8, Colorado
1932 "Miss Arvetta Travis, of Vona, has charge of the Joes switchboard during the absence of Mrs. Arthur."

In 1940 Denver, Sam E. Travis is a laborer, 52, with a questionable marital status, living alone .
Alice is in Burlington in 1940, 52, with a questionable marital status, a janitor. Samuel is 19, a surveyer, and Mary A. ia typist/filing clerk with the WPA.

Ruth might be in Jefferson County, Colorado, in 1940, in a state institution. She's 29, born in Kansas.

Mary Ann Travis was born Feb 7, 1922 at Stratton, as Hertline in 1942, and as Altomari in 1960. She died October 3, 2004.
She lived in Palm Desert California in later life.

Alice Shannon Travis 1888-1982 is buried in Burlington, per # 89692313.

Sammie E. Travis was born June 21, 1920 at Stratton to Sammie E. Travis and Alice A. Garner, dying Feb 27, 2000.
He's buried in Burlington # 89693705, with Doris 1925-2008 # 89692749.

Thomas A. Garner 1854-1925 is buried in Lane County, Kansas, # 94665222 saying he died in Stratton Coulorado.
# 94665460 says Eunice Patience (Silver) Garner 1854-1941 died at Vona, Colorado.
# 116445782, with no burial information, says Alice 1888-1973 is their daughter.

Joseph Garner proved up two quarters in 9, 7S 47W in 19116.
He cash-claimed another 80 acres in sections 8 and 9, 7S 47W in 1929.

Joseph W. Garner, born November 19, 1885, registered for WWI in Stratton, with Susie S. GArner.

In 1920 Joseph is farming, 34, born in Kansas, with Sarah S. 27 Illinois, and Mabel M. 1, born in Colorado.
In 1930 Kit Carson County, Joseph is 44, Susie 37, Mable 11, Maude 8, and Norma Lee 4.

Sarah Susanne "Susie" Hampton was born on 15 Apr 1892 in Mason City, Mason County, Illinois. She died on 3 Jul 1982 in Burlington, Kit Carson County, Colorado. She married Joseph W. Garner on 2 Apr 1911"

In 1940 Kit Carson County, Tom A. Garner is single 45, farming, and brother William J. 43 and is with them. So is their mother Eunice P. 85, widowed.

W.J. "Bill" Garner 1896-1993 is buried in Stratton # 75378580, with Emily M. 1916-2004.
# 116446444 has William Jennings Garner with no burial location.

Another sister Gladyls (Garner) Parks is in Kit Carson County in 1930, 31, born in Kansas, with Glen 35 born in Iowa. They have Alton 3.

Gladys 1898-1975 is buried in Stayton, Oregon # 116446591, with Glen M. Parks 1894-1989.

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