Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Henry H. Wasson, Rosco C. Wasson, Thomas L. Wasson, Wilford W. Wasson, 6 South 47 West

Henry proved up a quarter in 15, 9S 45W in 1907.

He might be the Henry H. Wasson in 1900 Woodbury County, Iowa, born August 1843 in Indiana, a carpenter, married 11 years to Nancy J. Feb 1857 Nebraska. Son Henry B. is 8. Nancy's kids William Cook 22 and Maud 19 were born in IOwa. But FindaGrave # 84331230 sasys this is Henry Burnahm Wsson, Jr. a WW I veteran dying April 22, 1922
"Nancy Jane McClure Cook Wasson was born February 1857 in Nebraska, her parents born in Indiana.
Married Jasper M. Cook March 2 1873
Married Henry Wasson January 1889 Pacific Jct, IA"

The Sloan Cemetery has a Wasson "GAR Co B 36th In Vol Inf" which has to be the older Henry. It aslso has Henry BUrnanham Wasson Jr. dying Apirl 22, 1929 in the Iowa Ari Service American Legon.

In 1910 Woodbury County, Henry is 66, with Nancy J. 53, and William Cook 33 is with them. So is son Burnham H. Wasson 17.

So Henry could have pursued his homestead claim - many of the homesteaders were.

James H. Wasson and Emma Miles married in Washington County Iowa on March 26, 1873.

Thomas Lovell Wasson was born April 22, 1876 - per Social Security- in Wellman Iowa to James H. Wasson and Emily Miles.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Thomas is 34, Viola V. 23, with Loren C. 4 and Stella M. ten months.

Thomas proved up two quarters in sections 7 and 18, 6 South, 47W in 1917.

Thomas is on the same census page as Wilford in 1920. He's 43, born in Iowa, with Viola V. 33 Nebraska. Loren C. is 14, Kansas, Stella M. 10 Kansas, Mary I. 8 and Clyde L. 6 both born in Colorado.

Loren C. Wasson of Vona, Colorado and Elizabeth M. Homer of Vona married in there April 7, 1925. Loren was 21, Elizabeth 17.

In 1930 Thomas and Violet are in Elbert County, Colorado, with Clyde 17, Stella 20, Mary I. 18, and have added Golden A. two months.

Clyde Wasson married Rosetta Homer on November 7, 1933, recorded in Lincoln County, Colorado.

In 1940 Elbert County, Thomas and Viola have Goldie A. 10, and grandsons Harold Erickson 4 and SAlfred R. twthree months, both born in Colorado.

(Stella M. Wasson had married Denver Marvin Erickson on November 16, 1930, recorded in Lincoln County, Colorado.)
Stella 1909-1939 is buried in Elizabeth, Elbert County, Colorado # 27741403.

Thomas 1876-1948 is buried in Elizabeth # 27298261, with Violet V. )Packer) Wasson 1886-1975 # 27298276.

Loren and Elizabeth are in Elbert County in 1930 with Marvel 4, and in 1940 Re there with Marvel 14, VIola 9, COra H. 7, IvAn L. 5, and Doris E. 2.

Loren "Cal" Wasson 1905-1982 is buried in Elizaeth, # 27227728, with Elizabeth 1908-1979.


In 1900 Thomas County, Kansas, William Wasson is farming, married six years to Nora J. . They have Lidde B. 12, William W. 8, both born in Kansas. Thomas L. is a nephew born April 1877 in Iowa, George W. a brother is 52 born in Iowa with his wife Druzzilla 39 and thier kids Bertha A. 16, Ora L. 12, John H. 9, Harry B. 6, Wilbert C. 4, these four born in Kansas and Ethel C. 2 born in Okalhoma.
In 1910 Thomas County, Kansas, Wilford W. Wasson is 18, born in Kansas, with parents William B. 49 and Nora J. 43, both born in Iowa, married 16 years... Adena C. , William's mother is 84, widowed, born in Indiana.

Wilford proved up two quarters in section 17, 6 South, 47W in 1917.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Wilford is 27, with Alta B. 25, both born in Kansas. Archie 7 was born in Colorado., Elgin C. 5 in Kansas, and Clarence R. n in Colorado.

Willford W. Wasson 1892-1957 is buried in Sterling # 47270935, with Alta Bell (Hobbs) Wasson 1894-1959 # 47270938

Archie 1913-1929 is buried in Atkins, Arkansas # 74176897.

Elgie C. Wasson 1914-1997 is buried in Brush, Colorado # 75653182, with Elizabeth M. (Muth) Wsson 19159-2015.

Hazel M. (Wasson) Mitchem 1920-1993 is buried in Burlington , with Verl LeRoy Mitchem 1914-1995.

Clarence Wasson married Hattie Bohl on March 3, 1937, recorded in Kit Carson County.

Ruby Alma Wasson McCallum was born Oct. 3, 1921, in Kit Carson to Wilfred and Alta Bell Wasson. She died March 2, 2014.
She grew up on a farm with three brothers and two sisters. She completed the eighth grade in a country school south of Stratton.
She was married to Orval Rasmussen in October 1937 after she reached her 16th birthday. They farmed in Kit Carson County until 1956 when they moved to Holyoke. Orval continued to do farmwork, and Ruby went to work as a school cafeteria cook. She loved her job and greeted the students with a smile and warm, fresh baked goods.
She loved playing bingo and other card games with friends and neighbors. She always seemed to have a way to make guests feel at home, even when they showed up right before dinner. Ruby was an ardent supporter of her sons in the many activities they pursued. She was always willing to embroider a quilt for someone's baby if they only would ask and send her an announcement.
In September 1973, she and Charles McCallum were married, and they lived south of Haxtun for a number of years before settling in the town of Haxtun. They were always willing to take a trip to visit the sons and grandchildren. She put her faith in Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and trusted Him with her life.
She was preceded in death by her husband, Charles McCallum; her parents; three brothers, Archie, Elgie, and Clarence and wife Pat Wasson; two sisters, Hazel Mitchem and Opal Mclean; former husband, Orval Rasmussen; and son, Ronald Rasmussen.
She is survived by her three sons, 10 grandchildren, and many great-grandchildren.

Opal Maxine (Wasson) McLean 1923-1983 is buried in Whittier, Calirornia, per # 167193569.


In 1900 Woodbury County, Iowa, James Wasson is farming, 48, with Mary 39. Fannie is 19, Bert G. 16, all four born in Iowa, Robert A. 14 in Nebraska, Roscoe July 1888 in Kansas, Vernie 9, Con 7, MArrig 4, adn Geore 1 ball born in Iowa.

Roscoe is a farm laborer in 1910 Rawlins County, Kansas, 21, working for the Keefer family.

Roscoe registered for WWI in Stratton, Colorado, born July 24, 1888 at Colby Kansas, farming, supporting his mother and brother.

Rosco proved up two quarters in sections 18 and 19, 6 South, 47W in 1920.

He married Mary E. Griffith in Texas County, Oklahoma on February 27, 1918.

In 1920 in Texas County, farming, 32, with Mary E. 20 both born in Kansas.

In 1925 they're in McPherson County, Kansas, with Kathren E. 2.

They're in Meade County, Kansas in 1930, Roscoe 40, Mary E. 32, with Katherine E. 8 born in Oklahoma.

In 1940 Meade County, Roscoe is 52, Mary E. 42, with Catherine S. 18 and CHester G. 5.

Roscoe 1888-1962 is buried in Meade County, Kansas, # 113079678, "PFC Co. L. 331 Infantry", with Mary Edith (Griffith) Wasson 1899-1997 #113079571.

"Catherine I. Black, age 92, died Thursday morning, August 21, 2014, at the Lone Tree Retirement Center, Meade KS. She was born April 20, 1922, at Elkhart KS, the daughter of Roscoe and Mary (Griffith) Wasson. As a young girl, she attended the Meade school system, graduating from Meade H.S. in 1940. "

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