Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Jacob and Mary Wingender, son Joseph and Mary(Bettinger) Wingender, 6 South 47 West


In 1900 Omaha, Nebraska, Jacob Wingender is 69, with Anna M. 60. Joseph 22, Anna 34 and Agatha 26 were all born in Germany. Next household is Joseph Feb 1869 Germany, with Mary A. March 1874 Nebraska, Edward Dec 1898 and Richard V. March 1900 born in Nebraska.

In 1910 Douglas County, Nebraska, Jacob is farming, 40, with Marie 45 born in Nebraska. Agatha 13, Margaret 12, Edward 11, Richard 10, JJacob 6, and Helen D. 2 were all born in Nebraska.
Joseph proved up two quarters in 2, 6 South, 47W in 1917.

Jacob proved up the other two quarters in 2, 6S 47W, also in 1917.
In 1920 Kit Carson County, Jacob 51 immigrating from Germany in 1881, and Mary A. 48 born in Iowa, are farming.
Edward W. 21 was born in Nebraska, Jacob H. 17 in Nebraska, Helen 11 in Nebraska, Henry J. 7 in Colorado, and Marian M. 4 in Nebraska.

In 1930 Jacob and Mary are back in Omaha, where he's a wringer-man at a laundry, 61. Mary is 56, Henry J. 17, and mary M. 14.
Next household is Jacob H. 26, wife Florence 24, both born in Nebraska. Robert H. 3 was born in California.

In 1933 Jacob testified at a divorce trial in Omaha " Jacob Wingender, 63 janitor at Dr. Baltzly's church from 1924 to 1927 followed Mrs. Baltzty on the stand and testified that the pastor and Miss Gruenig were together 'almost every day' at the church, and often stayed there until late at night."

Jacob J. Wingender 1869-1944 is buried in Omaha # 144845740,
Mary Ann 1874-1935 is also buried there # 144845710.

Jacob is widowed in 1940 Omaha, 71, living with son Jacob H. 36, Florence 34, Robert 13, Janet 7 born in Nebraska. (Miss Janet Leona Wingender, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob H. Wingender, and Charles Francis Tvrdik, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Tvrdik, all of Omaha, which will take place Saturday morning, Aug. 15, 1953.)

Also living with them is Jacob's sister Mary Cogswell, 24, born in Nebraska.

In 1940 Omaha, Edward H. Wingender is 41, Effie S. 36 born in Scotland. Dorothy is 20, John R. 17, Edmund W. Jr. 36, Jena K. newborn, all kids born in Nebraska. Henry J. 27, Edmund's brother is wtih them.

Agatha Ceceilia Nyland was born in Omaha July 4, 1896 to Jacob J. Wingender and Mary A. Shenfolk. She's buried in Indianapolis 1896-1965 # 45983051, and her son John R. Nyland 1922-1980 buried in Fulton County, Indiana.


Joseph Wingender registered for WWI in Stratton, a laborer. Nearest relative was Annie Wingender of Stratton>

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Joseph is 38, born in Germany, immigrating in 1884, naturalized 1885, with Mary 33 born in Indiana. His mother Anna, 79, widoweed immigrating in 1884 is with them.

Joseph Wingender and Mary Bettinger, both of Stratton, Colorado, married there October 22, 1918.

In 1925 Denver, Joseph is a carpenter, with Mary living at 4215 Quivas.

In 1930 Adams County, Colorado, Joe Wingender is a janitor at an oil building, 44, Mary 42 born in Indiana
Mary Magdelena (Bettinger) Wingender 1886-1933 is buried in Arvada, Colorado, with Joseph 1885-1935 buried in Wheat Ridge Colorado # 40679984.

Mary Ann Shenpolk, 21, married Jacob Wingender, 26, in Omaha in October 1895.

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