Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Arthur J. and Viva (Arthur) Wood, 6 South 47 West

In 1900 Lawrence, Kansas, Vera Arthur born March 1886 in Kansas, is with William Aarthur 45 and mary 41. Leward is 19 and Harold is 5.

John Wesley Arthur and Miss Mary Elizabeth Roach married December 24, 1878 in Buchanan County, Missouri.

John W. Arthur 1855-1932 is buried in St. Joseph, Missouri # 102375279, with Mary E. 1857-1910.

In 1910 Lawrence, Kansas, Arthur is 28, farming, with Viva 24 and Harold five months.

Arthur John Wood registered for WWI in Kit Carson County, born April 11, 1882, farming, with Viva A. Wood at the same address.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Arthur is farming, 37, with Viva A. 33 and son Harold A. 10, all born in Kansas. Arthur claimed a tract in sections 4 and 5, 6 South, 47W in 1921.

In 1925 Doniphan County, Kansas, Arthur John Wood is a sheet metal worker, 40, with Viva Arthur 39. Harold Arthur is 15, and Ruth is 2.

They're in Kansas City, Missouri in 1930, with Arthur a laborer for a furnace company.

In 1940 Kansas City, Arthur is managing a furnace works, 57, Viva 54, and Ruth 17.

Arthur 1882-1944 is buried in Lawrence, Kansas, per # 9591712.
# 9591710 has Viva there, too, 1886-1943.

Harold A. Wood, born Nov 23, 1909 in Kansas, died November 27, 1975 in Los Angeles County.
He was an accountant in Kansas City, Kansas in 1940, 29, with Edna M. 25 born in Oklahoma, with daughter Carol A. 2 born in Missouri.
The city directory in 1940 has Harold A. and Modene at 2599 State Line.

Harold might be the accountant in 1946 Salt Lake City, marrided to Modene.

Modene (Gill) Wood 1914-1962 is buried in Redondo Beach, California # 16362227

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