Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

John and Maggie Brookshier, 6 South 48 West

In 1910 Grant County, Oklahoma, John Brookshier is a farm laborer, born 1871 in Georgia, married two years to Maggie Feb 1882 Kansas. Raymond was born May 1899 in Kansas, and a daughter born May 11900 in Oklahoma.
(John's father Green W. Brookshier 1846-1926 is buried in Grant County # 31275880, with Virginia 1849-1923 # 31275834.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, John S. Brookshier is 39, born in Georgia, with Maggie 30 Kansas. Raymond N. 11 was born in Kansas, Frances C. 9 in Oklahoma.
May 13, 1912 Cope items "Alvan Brookshire came back from Oklahoma where he has been visiting his parents."
"Joe Brookshire has fifty acres corn planted and is going to plant 50 acres more. Bully for Joe. We hope he gets a bumper corn crop."

Maggie Brookshier 1879-1950 is buried in Vona # 67331860. So is John 1871-1941 # 67331835.

Raymond 1899-1971 (dying in Tulare County, California) is also buried in Vona # 67331911, with Effie 1906-1943 # 67331801.

On the same page in 1910 are George W. 40 Brookshier born in Georgia, with Bird 33 Illinois. and three kids.

In 1910 John Brownwood is in Yuma County, Kirk precinct, 11 born in New Jersy, with John C. 35 and Nellie J. 35, born in Holladn. Cornelius is 13, Nicholas 9 born n New Jersey, and Andrew 1 in South Dakoata.
Ethelyn Brookshier married John J. Brownwood in April 1918 in Kit Carson County.

Ethelyn Brownwood 1901-1918 is buried in Kirk # 67354317, "Wife of John J. Brownwood"

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