Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

James H. and Bessie M. (Elliott) Cannon, 6 South 48 West

In 1865 Allegany County, New York, (Very indistinct image) Michael Conners is 43, Ellen 43, Margaret 18, Ann 14, Mary 13, John 9, and Matthew 16.
A boarder Margaret Conners 30 born in Ireland is with them.

In 180 Caneadea, Allegany County, Michael and Ella are both 52, Margaret 23, Anna 21, mary 19, John 13, and Mathew 7.

In 1875 Allegany County, New York, M. Conners is farming, 60, E. 56, M. 26 A. 24 - two daughters and E. were born in Ireland. M. Conner, daughter 23 and J. Conner 18 were born in Saratoga, and M., son 13 in Allegany County.

In Allegany County, one railroad line had telegraph operators Mike Conners at Cuba, and "Kern" Conners at the L&P Junction.

In 1880 Decatur County, Kansas, Beniah Elliott is farming, 33, Mary E. 27, Edgar 10, Frances E. 8, Ethel 4, and Bessie 2.

Beniah Elliot 1847-1919 is buried in Cloud County, Kansas # 94352120.
So is Mary E. Elliott 1854-1906 # 9435863.

In 1895 Mitchell County, Kansas, James Cannon is 19, Bessie 16, living with B. Elliott 47 born in Iowa and Mary 41 Ohio. Ethel Elliott is 18, born in Iowa.
In 1900 Mitchell County, Kansas, James is farming, born May 1875 in Illinois, married 5 years to Bessie M. May 1878 Kansas. Irene was born March 1895 in Kansas.
Next household is Matthew Cannon Feb 1848 in Ireland, widowed, with Willie 18, Nellie 16 born in New York, and Georgie May 1885 in Kansas.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, James is farming, 34, Bessie M. 32, with Irene E. 15.
James claimed a quarter in 18, 6S, 48W in 1913.

James Henry Cannon registered for WWI with a Vona address, running a pool hall and barber shop, born May 31, 1875. His wife was Bessie M. Cannon.

He's running an auto livery in 1920 in Vona, alone with Bessie.

In 1940 Vona, James and Bessie are alone. He's a janitor at the school.

James 1875-1948 is buried in Vona, # 95286729, with Bessie 1877-1962 # 95286766.


Irene Ellen Cannon, 18, married Dwight W. Cozad of Paxico, Wabaunsee County, Kansas, age 21.
on June 11, 1913 in Kit Carson County, Colorado.
J.H. Cannon and Edward Plucheck were witnesses.

Irene Cozad 1895-1970 is buried in Wabaunsee County, Kansas # 21450646.
She was born March 16, 1895, at Glen Elder in Mitchell County and lived in the Maple Hill community 25 years. "She was married to Dwight Cozad. He survives. Other survivors include a son, Glenn Cozad, Maple Hill; a grandson and two great-grand-children. "
Dwight Cozad 1892-1986 is buried with her, # 21450619.
Possibly he's a cousin of Claude Cozad.


Nellie Isabell 'Conners' was born Feb 14, 1884 in Allegheny, New York to Mathew 'Conners' and Elizabeth Whyte, listed as Nellie Anderson in 1963.
She likely married Ross E. Anderson, and they're with Matthew 63 and George 24 in 1910 Mitchell County. They're in Lincoln County, Colorado in 1920, 1930 and 1940.

Ross E. Anderson 1879-1969 is buried in Colorado Springs # 84198309.
On the same stone is Nellie 1884-1965 # 84198310.

Maggie W. Gourley is in Lincoln County, Colorado in 1920, 41, born in Michigan, married to G.T. Gourley 45 born in Illinois. Lyle 19, Wilma T. 18, Nellie E. 15, Agnes 5 were born in Kansas, and G.T.'s father F. M. 76 born in Kentucky is with them.

Maggie 1878-1969 is buried in Lincoln County, # 65654991, with George T. Gourley 1873-1950.

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