Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Charles E. and Jessie Cottrell, brother Fred, brother Richard and Cora (Estell) Cottrellsister Cora L. (Cottrell) Christian, 6 South 48 West

In 1880 Henry County, Indiana, William "Cotteral" is 33, Amanda 32, Ada 10, Minerva 9, Eva 8, Charles 5, and Albert 3.

In 1900 Daviess County, Missouri, William M. Cottrell is 53, Amanda 47, with Charles E. 25, Fred 16, Cora L. 10.

William Madison Cottrell 1846-1929 is buried in DeKalb County, Missouri, # 62077709 with Amanda (Clark) Cottrell 1852-1932 # 6207708.


Leona E. Harte was in Daviess County, Missouri in 1900, born Feb 1883 in Missouri, with William 48, Samantha 42, Otha F. 20, Leona, Maude M. 13, Della M. 10, and Floy B. 7.

William 1852-1913 is buried in Salina Kansas # 129797068, with Samantha Elnor Harte 1859-1916 # 129797141.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Fred is farming, with Leona both 26, and Ilea 4, all born in Missouri. They'r enext to Charles 33, with Jessie 26, and Dorothea six months. old.

Fred proved up a quarter in 30, 7S 49W in 1912.

In 1920 Ravenna, Nebraska, Fred and Leona are both 36, with Cleah 13, all three bornin Missouri and Altha 6, born in Nebraska.

October 1929 Lincoln "The marriage of Miss Ilah May Cottrell, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Fred Cottrell of Ravenna, to Clark Lincoln Smaha son of Mr. and Mr. George C Smaha, also of Ravenna. was solemnized Thursday at the parsonage of the First Congregational church in Omaha, Rev. Frank Smith read the marriage service in the preeence of only a small group of intimate friends. Following the ceremony, Mr. Smaha and his bride left immediately for Kansas City where they will reside. Both Mr. and Mrs. Smaha are graduates of the University of Nebraska, where Mrs. Smaha is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, and Mr. Smaha of Delta Epsilon fraternity. "

Clark was the captain of the 1927 Nebraska basketball team "One of the cleverest forwards in the Missouri Valley and one of the high scoreres finishing close behine Byers of the Kansas Aggies."

In 1931 Ravenna "Smaha & Kyndle City Meat Market     404 Grand"

1975 Lincoln, Nebraska "Merchant isn't a word to Fred Cottrell, it's a way of helping others "A merchant is a man interested in his people and that wants to help them and have them in mind all the time," the 92-year-old Ravenna store owner says. A business discussion with Cottrell doesn't get into cost overhead, mass merchandising or computer terminology.
"A smile is worth a million dollars and doesn't cost a cent," he says. T've always bought the best merchandise I could and sold it as cheaply as I could afford to."
Cottrell says the merchant is a vanishing breed being replaced by giant stores "that are like a lot of cold potatoes." His shelves hold everything from pith helmets to corn flakes, and he says the stoneware, pitcher and wash basin sets and other old-fashioned items on the shelves have become big sellers again. But he says the increased market for authentic earlier American items has made it harder to replenish the stock. A Lincoln woman came in recently and bought $150 worth of stoneware, and he says the new shipment still hasn't arrived from back east Cottrell's Store has been a fixture on Ravenna's main street for 61 years, and the owner isn't about to call it quits. But major retail markets in nearby Kearney and Grand Island haven't hurt his business. Cottrell says.
"I get customers from Lincoln, Kearney, Grand Island and all over the state, because I have a reputation for quality merchandise," he says. If I retired, the undertaker would have me in six months," he says. Cottrell was born in Missouri in 1883 and after homesteading in Kit Carson County, Colo., he opened the first general store in Ravenna in 1914, Besides managing his store, Cottrell has bought and sold farms for many years and still rents out 840 acres around Ravenna. QUALITY COUNTS . . . CoffrelTs shoes best he can buy. KHUTO Ravenna is a lay-over point for Burlington Northern railroaders, and Cottrell says his work shoes are a big seller because of it. "I've got some guys from back there in Lincoln that have been buying my shoes for years," he says. He tried his hand at banking during the 1930's but got frustrated as vice president and quit. "He (the bank president) kept wanting to put the money into stocks and bonds and I wanted to give it to the people who desperately needed it," he remembers Cottrell maintains a large garden to stock the fruit and vegetable counter at his store. It's good, healthy work, he says, and this summer his 63-year-old daughter, who was visiting from California, helped out. Fred, as his customers know him, also dispenses words of wisdom to those who want to listen. "I once had a Sunday School teacher who was a grand fellow. He told me if he was sure he had saved one soul that his preaching would have been worth it." Cottrell says. "I feel the same way " Against Smoking This summer he has been hard at work to get his grandson from Chicago to quit smoking. "He asked me if he could smoke in my house," Cottrell says, "1 said, wouldn't this be a grand time to quit? Then you can live as long as I do and have a lot of fun. "I try to tell them that I don't only preach it. I practice it." Besides long hours at the store, Cottrell attends church every Sunday — after he gets his laundry done. The thought that the end may be near never crosses the oldtimer's mind. "I had a son-in-law that had to retire at 65." he says, "He's in a lot worse shape than I am.""

Fred 1883-1981 is buried in Ravenna # 58868446, with Leona E. Cottrell 1883-1966.

One historic home in Ravenna has "On the trunk at the foot end of one of the beds sits cream colored high toped shoes circa 1930's that were in the inventory of Fred Cottrell's "Blackbird Store" in Ravenna when it went out of business in 1980. (This store had the look and smell of an old time general store that somehow survived sixty years past it's time! Fred's inventory was so extensive that stock sometimes became antiques before it sold.) "

In 1930 Kansas City, Clark is managing an insurance agency, 25, born in Nebraska, with Ilah M. 24 born in Missouri.

In 1932 they're in Los Angles County, living at 1969 S. Mansfield Avenue.

In 1960 Ilah May Smaha was a passenger on a flight, living at 248 21st in Wilmette, Illinois, born April 22, 1906 at Clarksdale, Missouri.

Clark F. Smaha died in Chicago April 17, 1990.
Clark F. Smaha died April 17 [1990]. He was 85. Mr. Smaha was born in Ravenna, Nev. He is survived by his wife, Ilah May Smaha; his sons, Clark R. of Northfield and Stephen of Northbrook; and his grandsons, Clark W., Jeffrey J., Stephen T., Bradley S., Stephen, Jr. and Craig Smaha.
Bruce Smaha, a police officer in Wilmette in 1992, had a son William Clark Smaha.

Ila M. Smaha died September 24, 1995, last residence Cook County, Illinois.


In 1910 Kit Carson County, next to Fred, Charles is 33, with Jessie 26, and Dorothea six months. old.
Charles proved up a quarter in 30, 7S 49W in 1913, and claimed 80 acres in 13, 6S, 48W in 1920.
In 1920 Kit Carson County, Charles is farming, 42, born in Indiana, with Jessie 36 Indiana. Dorothy 10 and Beatrice 3 were born in Colorado.

In 1930 Jessie is widowed, a matron at Harwood Girls School in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Dorothy A. is 20, Beatrice A. is 13.

Dorothy, born October 29, 1909, died August 27, 1987, last residence Albuquerque.
She's buried there # 65049207.

So is Beatrice 1917-2003 # 64049205.


In 1900 Daviess County, Missouri, Cora L. Cottrell is 10, with William M. 53 and Amanda 47.
Charles is 25, and Fred 16.

Cora L. Cottrell of Seibert married Charles Christian of Winston, Davis County, Missouri on May 11, 1908. WItnesses were Jessie L. Cottrell and Vernias R. Cottrell.

In 1910 Daviess County, Charles Christian is a farm laborer, 20, Cora L. 19, born in Missouri.
They had Alfred Raymond Christian on June 17, 1912 in Camp Verde, Arizona.

In 1920 Charles is a water treater at a pumping station, Cora, and Raymond are in Kansas City, Kansas.

Charles, Cora and Alfred are still in Kansas City, Kansas in 1930, with his mother Josie Christian 63.

One tree said Cora died in Kansas City, Kansas March 5, 1935.

Charles is single in 1940 Kansas City, Kansas, 51, still working for the city water department.

One tree said he died December 18, 1941 in Kansas City Kansas.

"A. Raymond (Ray) Christian, 94 of Topeka, beloved husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather passed away quietly in his sleep April 21, 2007 at Brewster Place. He was born June 12, 1912 in Camp Verde, AZ. His family returned to Kansas City, KS where he attended elementary thru high school. His initial work experience was with "Helzbergs Jewelers" in Kansas City, MO. He married Alice Berquist, June 1933. They had three children. He moved the family to Topeka in 1942 to manage Sante Fe Watch Company."

Richard married Cora Lee Estell daughter of George A. Estell and Melvina Wisehart on 14 Oct 1890 in Henry Co., IN. Cora was born in Apr 1873 in Harrison Twp., Henry Co., IN.
In 1900 Anderson, Indiana, Richard Cottrell, born Nov 1870 in Indiana, married nine years to Cora, is a painter. Vernis and Nellie are with them>
Richard Cottrell is a salesman for a steel and wire company in 1910 Seibert, Colorado, 39, married 19 years to Cora L. 35. Vernis R. is 18, Nellie 13, all born in Indiana.

Richard proved up two quarters in 31, 7S 49W in 1913.

Cora, widowed, 52 and Nellie 23 are in Henry County, Indiana in 1920, neither with occupations.

In 1930 Indianapolis, Loring Burk is a salesman 50, Corrine 54. Nellie Cottrell is 33, no occupation.

Cora 1874-1959 is buried in New Castle # 158181931. "A native of Henry County, Mrs. Burk lived here 37 years. She was a member of the Evangelical and Reformed Church. Survivors include the husband, Loring Burk; a son, V.L. Cottrell; and two daughters, Mrs. Richard Fleishauer and Nell Cottrell. 
In 1940 Nellie is an inmate at the Indianapolis state hospital, 43, single.

Nellie never married, died in Indianapolis in 1984, the informant her nephew J.R. Cottrell. Her mother was Cora Estelle of Meade, Kansas, buried in New Castle, Henry County # 157934693.

Richard is divorced in 1930 Liberal, Kansas, 59, manager of an auto agency, in a rooming house.

Vernis Ray Cottrell registered for WWI in Hutchinson, Kansas, born August 23, 1891 in Anderson, Indiana, married, a fence contractor..

Harriet Catherine Keens died in 1947, born 1902 to Loring Burk and Corrine Cottrell? Inforamant was Mrs. Richard Fleischauer of Hagerstown, Indiana, to be buried in New Castle.

When Delia Wardrip was 18, she married John Miller Cottrell, 22, in New Albany, IN on August 14, 1864. Their children were: Nancy "Nanny" Belle Cottrell 1865 – 1932, William Andrew Cottrell 1869 – 1953, and John Lewis Cottrell 1872 – 1946.

On June 27, 1870, John M. & Delia Cotrell, ages 29 & 23, lived in Orangeville, Orange Co, IN. John was a farm laborer, & their personal estate was valued at $100. Their children were Nanie B., age 5, and William A., 1.
John died in Ridgeway, Hardin Co, OH on June 25, 1872.
In 1880 Deliah & C. Stewart, ages 28 & 25, lived in Prairie, Bates Co, MO where he had a job as a farm hand. Children living with them from her first marriage included Minnie, Wm. A. & John L. Cottrell, ages 15, 11, & 8.

William A. Cottrell of Vona married Mamie Ellen Kuntz (KANTZ) of Vona in Burlington on January 12, 1910.

Mamie's father was Samuel Asher Kantz, born in Indiana about 1867, a hardware merchant, died May 11, 1923 in Vandalia, Cass County, Michigan.

William is a barber in 1910 Vona, with Mamie.
William is a barber in 1920 Vona, 50, born in Kentucky, with Mamie E. 33 Indiana. E. DeVere is 8, born in Colorado.

In 1930 William, farming, Mamie and Ellen D. are in Fremont County, Colorado.

In 1940 William is farming, 70, Mamie 55, and DeVere E. is assistant postmaster.
William 1869-1953 is buried in Fremont County, Colorado # 89001215.
On the same stone is Mamie E. 1885-1944 # 89001079.

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