Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

John K. and Dora Elzinga, 6 South 48 West

Johannes Elzinga was born at Makhum, Netherlands, Duttoe Reitsma in the Netherlands (Martha's Vermont death certificate)
In 1900 Bergen County, New Jersey, "Johan Elsinga" is farming, born November 1856 in, married 20 years to Durje October 1859, Martha Nov 1888, all three born in Holland. Claus Sept 1891, Tessie Jan 1895, and Arthur Feb 1898 were born in New Jersey.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, John K. Elzinga is 53, married 29 years to Dora 50, both born in Holland. Nicholas 18 and Arthur 12 were born in New Jersey.

John claimed a tract in 18, 6S 48W in 1915.

In 1920 Bucks County, Pennsylvania, John is farming, 63, immigrating with Dora in 1892. Arthru 21 and Nicholas were born in New Jersey, and Nicholas' wife Jennie 23 in Iowa and Dora 1 in Colorado.

In 1930 Passaic County, Arthur is a carpenter in an airplane factory, living with John and Dora.
In 1940 Passaic County, New Jersey, John is 83, Dora 80, with Arthur 42, all farming. They were in Passaic County in 1935.

Johannes Klazes "John" Elzinga 1856-1948 is buried in Bergen County, New Jersey # 52410802, with Duttje "Dora" (Reitsma) Elzinga 1859-1941, # 52410809.


Martha was born in Makhum, Netherlands on November 15, 1888, married September 28, 1907 in Paterson, New Jersey at the Market Street Methodist Episcopal Churcy. to Doeke Atema.

In 1910 Bergen County, Doeke is 32, Martha 21, both born in Holland. James J. is six months old.
Doeke Atema, born May 5, 1878 at Schettens, Netherlands, a farmer, son of Jaring Atema of Longrrhaw, Netherlands and Trijntje Roedena also of Longerhow, died June 1847 in Brattleboro, to be buried in West Chesterfield, N.H..

1948 West Chesterfield, New Hampshire

Martha died March 23, 1958 in Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont, to be buried in Chesterfield New Hampshire. James Atema was the informant.

James John Atema, a garageman, 30, born at Wycoff, New Jersey, married Laura Jennie Greene of Chesterfield, New Hampshire on June 23, 1940 in Windham County, Vermont.
Doreen A. Patnode, 60, of 8 Old Lake Street, died at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, on Monday, Dec. 31, 2007. She was born in Brattleboro, Vt., on Feb. 14, 1947, the daughter of James and Laura (Greene) Atema. Mrs. Patnode grew up in the Brattleboro area and had lived in Chesterfield until 1971, when she moved to Swanzey where she has resided until her death. She was a graduate of Keene State College and was a teacher at the John Fuller Elementary School in Keene for many years prior to her retirement. She was an active member of the Now and Then Vehicle Club of Southern Vermont, the Yankee Bottle Club in Keene, and the Swanzey Preservation Society. She enjoyed spending time with her family, loved her pets and enjoyed making personalized greeting cards for her family and friends. She is survived by her children; Robert Patnode and his wife Rebecca of Basco, Fla., Sandra Vaine and her husband Edmond of Stafford Springs, Conn., Patti Monroe of Keene and David Patnode and his wife Sue of Swanzey; and several grandchildren. Funeral services will be held in the Foley Funeral Home, 49 Court St., Keene, on Monday, Jan. 7, at 1 p.m. The Rev. Fay L. Gemmell will officiate. Spring burial will be in the Mountain View Cemetery in Swanzey.

Lessie Elzinga, born January 30, 1894 in New Jersey to John Elzinga and Dora Dultje, both of Holland, died in Bucks County, Pennsylvania October 25, 1917.


John L. Elzinga registered for WWI in Grand Rapids, Michigan, born at Veisland, Netherlands on July 20, 1887, a glazier for Pittsburg Plate Glass Company .

Calla J. Van Zoeren, 27, daughter of Jacob Van Zoeren and Hattie Rankans, married John Elzinga on Sept 20, 1923 in Vriesland, Kent County, Michigan.

In 1930 Grand Rapids, John is 43, Eulla 44 born in Michigan. He's still a glazier.

John, still a glazier, and Eulla J. are in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin in 1940.

John Elzinga 1885-1951 is buried in Grand Rapids Michigan, # 75490319.


In 1905 Jennie Van Hoogdalem, age 8, born in Iowa, is in Sioux County, Iowa.

H.A., Jantje, Gertie, Grace, Annie, Jennie, Minnie are in the family - no ages are given.

That's Henry A. Vanhoogdalem and Jane V. Hull, who had Grace on August 30, 1892.

Rootlieb, Jacob H., 25, of Camp Dodge, Polk Co IA married Van HoogDalem, Hermina, 17 of Elphis, Kit Carson County on May 13, 1918. Her father was Henry van Hoogdalem.

They had Alida Bertha (Rootlieb) De Vreis 1919-1982 buried in Cypress, California.
Hermina 1901-1974 is buried in Cypress, with Jacob Henry Rottlieb 1892-1961 buried in Turlock # 55788539.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Henry A. Hoogdalem is 69, with Jennie 50, both immigrating in 1889 from Holland, naturalized in 1896.

Henry A. Vanhoogdalem died March 11, 1947 in Sioux Falls.

Jantje Van't Hull age 21, daughter of Hermanrs Van't Hull and Gurtje de Bulten, married Hentrikus A. Van Hoogdalen on May 8, 1889 in Sioux County, Iowa.
Grace 1892-1961 is buried in Cerritos, California 3 10158185, with her husband Martin P. Herrema 1887-1947.

In 1910 Lyon County, Iowa, Gerrit Franken is 23, born in Holland, married two years to Gertie 20 Iowa, with Henrietta three months old. Henrietta's siter Grace Van Hoogdalen 17 is with them.

Anna also married a Franken, and moved to Valley Springs.

Gerrit Franken claimed two quarters in 11, 6S 49W in 1919.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Gerrit is 32, immigrating in 1897, naturalized in 1919. He and Gertie have Henrietta J., Henry J. 7, both born in Iowa, Allen J. a3 and Jennet M. three months were born in COlorado.

Henry John Franken was born October 13, 1912 at the farm three miles south of Doon, Iowa to Gerrit Franken of the Netherlands, and Gertie Van Hoogdalen born at Hull, Iowa.

He's buried in Valley Springs, South Dakota 1912-1965 # 91861825, with Jeanette Franken 1913-1963.
His second wife Clazina T. 1915-2007
"Clazina T. Franken was born to Henry and Martina (Uithoven) Bodewitz on April 17, 1915, at Boyden, Iowa where she was raised and attended Boyden Christian School through the eighth grade. When she was 15 years old, she moved with her parents to Valley Springs, South Dakota. In 1935, she was united in marriage to Peter A. Bloemendaal in Iowa. Following their marriage, they moved to a farm near Lake Wilson, Minnesota. To this union, two children were born. Her husband preceded her in death in 1945. After his death, she continued to farm. In 1958, Clazina moved to California and worked for four years in the Monrovia Hospital. In May, 1964, she was united in marriage to Henry J. Franken in Nashua, Iowa. Following their marriage they lived in Valley Springs, South Dakota. Henry preceded her in death in 1965. After his death, she continued to live in Valley Springs until 1998 when she moved into The Oaks Apartments in Luverne, Minnesota. Since November, 2000, she has been a resident of the Mary Jane Brown Good Samaritan Center in Luverne. Clazina was a member of the Reformed Church in Valley Springs, South Dakota, and she loved being able to attend church services. She enjoyed sewing on her treadle sewing machine, gardening, and helping others. She especially enjoyed the times when she could sit and fish. On Wednesday, September 5, 2007, Clazina was admitted to the Sanford Luverne Hospital where she died on Sunday, September 10, 2007, at the age of 92."

George Andrew Franken was born Feb 6, 1928 in Sioux Falls, dying July 20, 2000.
He's buried in Ceritos, California, per # 11084690, with Naomi 1925-2002.

In 1940 Rock County, Minnesota, Gerrit is farming, 53, with Gertie 50. Jennie J. is 16, George A. 13, both born in South Dakota.

Gerrit Franken 1887-1954 is buried in Valley Springs, South Dakota # 90667819, with Gertie 1890-1966 # 90667869.

Henrietta Franken, 24, born in Doon, Iowa, married Ben Boeve on June 14, 1933 in Inwood, Iowa.
She died August 3, 1989 in Kings, California.

Allen J. Franken 1916-1975 is buried in Minnehaha County, South Dakota # 88031939, with Susan J. Franken 1921-1999.

Nicholas Elzinga, 24, married Jennie Van Hoogdalem, age 19, on March 20, 1916
Nicholas registered for WWI with a Vona address, born September 20, 1891 in Garfield, New Jersey, married.
"In the community there was a country store, a school, two churches, one Nazarene and the other Christian Reformed, a cemetery, and about two dozen farms scattered over an area of 3 or 4 miles in radius. RJR ran the store where the farmers came to trade their eggs and cream for groceries and supplies. He also ran a small farm with cows, horses, pigs, chickens, etc. It was a tough life, but it was also a friendly neighborhood, bound together mainly by the school, the church, the store, etc."

Nicholas claimed a tract in 19, 6S, 48W in 1917.

In 1920 he's farming in Kit Carson County, 28, with Jennie 23 and Dora 1.

They're also in the Bucks County, Pennsylvania census in 1920, with John and Dora.

In 1930 Minnehaha County, South Dakota, Nicholas is 38, Jennie 33, Dora 4, Henry 9, Jennie 5, and Jean 1.

Nicholas and Jennie are in the 1935 census of Valley Springs, South Dakota.

Nick, Jenny and Jean are in Valley Springs in 1940.

1953 Sioux County "Nick Elzinga John and Gerrit Franken went to Clear S Dak for a day of fishing "

Nicholas 1891-1970 and Jennie 1896-1960 are buried in Valley Springs, South Dakota, and Jennie Elzinga Bosch is also buried there

Jean Elzinga 1929-1973 is buried there, too # 91860014.

"JENNIE BOSCH was born to Nicholas and Jennie (Van Hoogdalem) Elzinga on July 7, 1924 on a farm near Vona, Colorado. At a young age she moved with her parents to a farm near Valley Springs, South Dakota where she attended country school. Upon completion of her education, she remained living and helping on the family farm. On December 18, 1945, Jennie was united in marriage to Dries G. Bosch at her parents’ home. Following their marriage, they lived and farmed near Valley Springs, South Dakota. One year later the couple moved to a farm one mile east of her parents. In 1948, they moved to a farm near Beaver Creek, Minnesota where they lived and continued to farm. Jennie also taught piano for many years. In 1979, they retired from farming and moved into Valley Springs. On October 4, 2001, Dries preceded her in death. After his death, Jennie continued to reside at their home in Valley Springs. In November 2011, Jennie moved to Luverne, Minnesota where she resided at the Oaks and later Poplar Creek Estates. In November 2013, she moved to the Tuff Memorial Home in Hills, Minnesota.
On Wednesday, August 10, 2016 while at the Sanford Luverne Hospice Cottage, Jennie went to be with the Lord at the age of 92 years, one month and three days.
Jennie was a member of the Valley Springs Reformed Church where she was active in the Esther Circle and also the Ruth Circle. For many years, she played the organ and piano for church. She was a member of the Valley Springs American Legion Auxiliary. She loved music, and she also enjoyed quilting and other fancy works. Her favorite times were spent with her family and friends.
She is lovingly remembered by her three children, Carol Van Den Berg and her husband Dennis of Sioux Center, Iowa, Dale Bosch and his wife Karen of Beaver Creek, Minnesota, and Merlyn Bosch and his wife Kathi of Valley Springs, South Dakota; ten grandchildren; and 22 great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her husband; her parents; one brother, Henry; two sisters, Jean Elzinga and Dora (Van Laar) Fredriks; an infant sister, Dora; and an infant brother, John."

October 4, 2001 "Dries G. Bosch, son of Gerrit and Jennie (Ten Haken) Bosch, was born January 10, 1921 on a farm near Steen, MN. In March of 1921 Dries moved with his parents to a farm by Luverne, MN where he grew up. As a young man, Dries received a letter "Uncle Sam Wants You!" and on August 15, 1942, he entered the U.S. Army and served overseas in the European Theatre. Dries was involved in the invasion of Normandy. When the war was over he returned to the United States and was discharged on November 21, 1945.
Dries was united in marriage with Jennie Elzinga on December 18, 1945 in her home. The couple farmed near Valley Springs for two years. They later farmed north of Beaver Creek, MN until 1979. The couple then moved to Valley Springs, SD. Dries was employed at the stockyards for five years before retiring.
Dries was a member of the Valley Springs Reformed Church where he served as a deacon for three years and as an elder for 36 years. He also served on the Beaver Creek Elevator Board for 24 years. Dries was also a member of the American Legion in Valley Springs where he served as chaplain for many years.
Grateful for having shared his life are his wife, Jennie Bosch, Valley Springs, SD; a daughter, Carol Van Den Berg and her husband, Denny, Sioux Center, IA; two sons, Dale Bosch and his wife, Karen, Beaver Creek, MN, Merlyn Bosch and his wife, Kathi, Valley Springs, SD; 10 grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren; a sister, Grace Wassenaar, Hills, MN; three brothers, William Bosch and his wife, Bertha, Steen, MN, Gerald Bosch and his wife, Vivian, Valley Springs, SD, Arthur Bosch and his wife, Dottie, Pella, IA; and a host of other relatives and friends.
He was preceded in death by his parents and one brother, Marvin Bosch. "

Dora Fredriks Van Laar 1918-2011 is buried in Ripon, California # 105321258.

MATILDA - niece of John K.
P. Elzinga, age 80, died May 24, 1894 in Sioux COunty, Iowa - Martha's mother.

Matilda 1854-1940 is buried in Sioux County, Iowa, # 14921919
"Mrs. Cornelius Dykstra of Boyden, 85, died Saturday morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Herman Vander Maten, there. She had been an invalid for many years. Funeral services were held in Orange City at the Buurman home and in the First Reformed church with Rev. Mr. Henry Colenbrander officiating. Mrs. Dykstra was born Elzinga m Sexbierum, The Netherlands. She came to Sioux county in 1890. She and Mr. Dykstra were married in 1886. Survivors include her 5 children: Eltje of Boyden; Grace, Mrs. John Buurman of Orange City; Lucy, Mrs. Vander Maten of Boyden; Peter and John of Orange City. Sioux County Capital 1940-02-01."

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