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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

William H. Flageolle, brother John S. Flageolle, brother Henry Flageolle, brother Charles Flageolle , 6 South 48 West

In 1870 Bay County, Michigan, Henry Flageolle is a boilermaker, with Lillie 27, both born in Canada, John 13 works in a shingle mill born in Minnesota, Josephine 10, Henry 8, both born in Wisconsin, Adaline 3, and Eliza six months born in Michigan.
(When Dr. J. H. B. Flageolle died in Sioux City Iowa in 1927 divorced, the informant Mrs. Henry Flageolle of Jefferson South Dakota said that he was born in Ponca, Nebraska July 12, 1888 to Henry Flageolle and Lucina Belioli, both of Canada.)

In 1880 Dixon County, Nebraska, Henry 47 is a blacksmith, Lucinda 36. They have Adeline A. 11 born in Michigan, Clorida 6 in Dakota and Lucy 1 in Nebraska.

In 1900 Union County, South Dakota, Henry is 67, Lucina B. 54, Clarisa 26, Lucy 21, and Joseph W. 11.

Henry 1833-1926 # 35117936 and Lucinia 1845-1934 # 35118036 are buried in Union County, South Dakota.

One family member wrote a nice biography of John's marriages to two Homer sisters.

John Flageolle, 24, married Anna A. Hammer in Council Bluffs, Iowa on January 13, 1882.
Annie Augusta Homer was born on 28 Jun 1863 in Dakota Territory. She died on 09 Jun 1887 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa. She married John Sylvester Flageolle in 1883 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa. Annie is buried with her daughter, Leuella at Fairview Cemetery in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County, Iowa. Plot: Sec. A lot 184. "Take them o father in thine arms and may they hence forth be a messenger of peace between our human hearts and thee."
Annie Augusta Homer and John Sylvester Flageolle (1857 - 1944) had the following children:
Leuella Flageolle (1882 - 1883)
Pearl Ann Flageolle (1884 - 1971)
William H Flaggole (1886 - 1951)

John, age 36, son of Henry Flageolle and Ellen Bond, married Larina Homer on Nov 5, 1892 in Pottawattamie County, Iowa.
She was 35, daughter of W.C. Homer and Margaret Lantis.
She had married Samuel Rowland, which one tree says 1850-1921 buried in Camas County Idaho # 14125231.
Lovinia Jane Homer and John Sylvester Flageolle (1857 - 1944) had the following children:
Esther Flageolle (1893 - 1961)
Ralph Flageolle (1894 - 1934)
Grace Flageolle (1898 - 1958)
John Rudolph Flageolle (1900 - 1977)

In 1900 Union County, South Dakota, John S. Flageolle is farming, born Feb 1857 in Minnesota, married 17 years to Lovina October 1857 Wisconsin. Lovina's entry said she's been married 27 years, having 2 kids, nine living. Mary A. Roland born May 1883 and Jennie Roland June 1888 both in Colorado. Pearl Flageolle Nov 1884, William H. July 1886, Esther August 1893, Ralph November 1894, and Grace July 1897 were born in Iowa, John Apr 1900 in South Dakota.

In 1870 Union County, Dakota Territory, Willare "Hermer" is 36, Martha A. 31, Larina J. 12, and four other younger kids.

William and Martha Homer were in Union County, Dakota Territory in 1880.

Henry claimed a tract in 4, 6S 48W in 1917.


Mae Angela (Rowland) DesJarlais 1883-1933, daughter of Samuel Rowland, is buried in Sheridan, Wyoming, # 60068959, with Edmond Joseph DesJarlais 1878-1953 buried in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.


March 10, 1887 Fort Collins Colorado "People vs. Thomas Rowland and Samuel Rowland; keeping open tippling house on Sunday; bail fixed at $100 for each defendant.
People vs. Thos. and Samuel Rowland; selling liquor unlawfully, same order as above."

Fred Simons, 19, married Jennie "Rowband" on April 10, 1907 in Union County.

In 1910 Union County, Fredrick W. is 22, Jennie C. 21, Marvel A. 1, and Alva J. newborn.

One tree said Jennie died October 20, 1918 in Stratton, Colorado.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Fred L. Simons is widowed, 32, born in South Dakota, with Marvel L. 11, Alva J. 10, Marion S. 7, and Donald R. 6, all born in South Dakota. They're on the same page as John S.l Flageolle 63, Lavaina J. 61, Ralph S. 23, Grace A. M. 22, John R$. 19, and Alva C. 17.

"Simons, Fred, Farmer, S. 4, T. 6, R. 48, P. O. Vona. Mr. Simons was born in South Dakota in 1888, settled in the County in 1918. He is a widower and the father of four children."

Fred L. Simons married Margaret M. Waller on May 17, 1924, in Kit Carson County.


In 1880 Union County, Mary Fountain was 13, with parents "Battars" Fountain 47, and Mary 43.
Jean Baptiste Fountaine 1833-1905 is buried in Union County, # 35243695.
Mary 1836-1891 # 65048227 and Mary ??-1891 # 35243845 are duplicates, both reorded in Union County.

In 1900 Union County, Henry born May 1860 in Minnesota, Mary October 1865, with Eutile January 1887, Mary A. Aug 1889, Lizziee E. Oct 1891, William H. Oct 1895, Lousie March 1897, Charles March 1899, adopted daughter Lauretta Wynn July 1894, all born in South Dakota. Mary's father Baptiste Fontain March 1833 in Canada is with them, widowed.

Next to John's household in 1920 is Henry Flageolle 62 born in Minnesota, Mary 56 South Dakota, Charles L. 20 and David S. 18 and Mick W.(Wesley) 15 born in South Dakota.

In 1940 Denver, Henry is 79, Mary 75, with Michael 34, none with occupations.

One tree said Mary, daughter of Jean Baptiste Fountain and Mary Bertrand, died in Colorado about 1945, Henry about 1952.


In 1930 Kit Carson County, Charles L. is 29, born in South Dakota, Amelia M. 26 in Illinois. Francis J. 7, Dorothy M. 6, Albert R. 4, and Vera M..2 were all born in Colorado.

In 1940 Denver, Charles "Flagello" is 41, Amelia 37, Frank 17, Dorothy 16, Albert 15, ""Vyra" 12, Donald 8, Joseph 5,m and Leonard 1.


Charles Louis Flageolle 1899-1993 is buried in Wheat Ridge, Colorado # 160366097, with Amelia (Wieber) Flageolle 1902-1989 "Daughter to Joseph H. Wieber and Anna L. Hundt".

In Stratton, on April 26, 1947, Catherine Flageolle was a witness to the wedding of Vera Flagerolle (3/18/1928) of Stratton and Doyle Webb (6/24/1927) of Rexford, Kansas.
November 1963 Castle Rock, Colorado "Mrs. Clyde Wells and David attended a wedding party. Saturday evening at Kiowa. Honored were Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hainer. Mrs. Hainer is the former Mrs. Vera Webb."

May 1972 " Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Wells and David attended the wedding of Miss Dorothy Riester and Randy Forster, Sunday. The ceremony took place in Notre Dame Church in Denver."

Randel Forster - August 26, 1926-July 2, 2016
In 1930 Denver, David is a wringer in a laundry, 29, married to Annabell 21 born in Colorado. They're living with Etta Dean 74, widowed, born inWisconsin, Annabel's grandmother.
"Etta married Sylvanus Schoolcraft in Beaver Dam, WI. They had three children, Edna, Laverne & Percy. They divorced around 1898. Edna died in 1911, about age 38, and Laverne's son Lyall died in 1927, so there was certainly some heartache there. Her son Percy and his daughters, Annabel, Annette and Norene, lived with her at various times so I'm guessing she was instrumental in their upbringing. Etta married George Dean about 1903. "

Annabelle Schoolcraft was in Caldwell County, Missouri in 1920, with step-mother Sarah Schoolcraft and three siblings, living with step-grandmother Elizabeth M. Gay 82.
Annabelle is married to Jesse G. Byler in 1940 Denver, no kids. She died April 13, 1976 in San Diego County.
Jesse Garland Byler 1909-1980 is buried in Delta, Colorado # 14059731.

Michael Wesley Flageolle born Nov 18, 1904, died April 1975, last residence Denver.


Flageolle, J. S., Farmer, S. 4, T. 6, R. 48, P. O. Vona. Mr. Flageolle was born in Minnesota in 1857, settled in the County in 1907, and married Lovina Homer.

John claimed a quarter in section 4 in September 1912, and one in 5 in June of 1913.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, John is 63, Lavaina 61, Ralph S. 23, Grace A. M. 22, John R. 19, and Alva C. 17.

In 1930 Kit Carson County, John S. is 73, Loavina J. 72. John R. is 29, born in South Dakota.


William claimed two quarters in 15, 6S, 48W in March 1913,

Next to John's household in 1920 is William H. Flageolle 33, with Polly L. 24, Pearl A. 7, Ruth 5, Richard S. 4, and Archie A. newborn, all four born in Colorado.

Flageolle, William H., Farmer and Breeder of Thoroughbred Poland China Hogs, S. 15, T. G, R. 48, P. O. Vona. Mr. Flageolle was born in Iowa in 1886 settled in the County in 1906, and married Polly Wynn. They have four children.

In 1930 Kit Carson County, William is 43, Polly L. 34, Pearl A. 17, Ruth E. 16, Richard S. 14, Archia A. 10, adn Catherine L. 2.

In 1940 Kit Carson County, William H. is 53, Pauline L. 45, Catherine L. 12.

1969 Parker, Colorado "Mrs. Pauline Flageolle has been on the sick list. Her son, Archie and his wife, of Westminster, visited her Sunday afternoon."
September 3, 1970 "Sunday, August 30, was a real red letter day for Mrs. Pauline Flageolle. To further celebrate her birthday which was August 18, her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren gathered in her home in Grandview Estates to honor her.
In the group were, Mrs. Ruth Brachtenbach, of Chappell, Nebraska, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Tegmeyet and two sons, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Brachtenbach and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Flageolle and two children, all of Stratton, Colorado, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Brachtenbach and three children, of St. Francis, Kansas, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Brachtenbach and three children, of Greeley. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Brachtenbach and four children, of Englewood, Mrs. Pearl Byrne, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Byrne and two children, Mr. and Mrs. William Byrne and three children, Mrs. Rita Priest and nine children, all of Denver, Mr. and Mrs. Jude Byrne and three children of McCook, Nebraska, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Flageolle and Betty, Susan Mack, Larry Riedel, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Horn and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Flageolle and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lubers and two children, all of Westminster, Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Flageolle and two children, of Arvada, and Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Morris and eight children, of Parker.
This was the first time that Mrs. Flageolle had all these members of her family together at one time. She has two grandsons, Ricky and Bill Flageolle, two granddaughters, Bonnie Flageolle and Mrs. Andree McCulloch, and a great-grandson, Michael McCulloch , in California. Since they had been here to celebrate her birthday earlier, they were unable to return for this gathering. Mrs. Edith Smith, of Denver, an aunt of Mrs. Archie Flageolle, was a guest at the family celebration."

"Lizzie Bauman was born December 19, 1892 in Jefferson, South Dakota. Her parents were Andrew and Josephine (Fountaine) Wynn. She grew up in Jefferson and attended schools there. On April 21, 1914 she married Fred F. Bauman in Sioux City, Iowa. The couple farmed near Jefferson several years. The couple moved near Arco in 1925 and farmed there for about five years. They then moved to a farm east of Lake Benton and farmed there until 1963 when they retired and moved into Lake Benton. Fred died in 1965. On January 22, 1987 Lizzie Bauman died at the Pipestone County Nursing Unit in Pipestone, Minnesota at the age of 94 years, 1 month and 3 days. She is survived by 3 daughters and 2 sons: Marvel (Mrs. Richard Nelsen) of Lake Benton, Kenneth Bauman of Astoria, South Dakota, Gladys Riesgaard of Audubon, Iowa, Robert Bauman of Watertown, South Dakota, and Geraldine (Mrs. Harlan Meyer) of Lake Benton, 36 grandchildren, 74 great grandchildren, and 10 great great grandchildren. Also survived by one sister, Pauline Flageolle of Parker, Colorado. "

Richard Flageolle is a truck driver for a furniture company in Denver in 1940, 24 and Dorothy 21 are in Denver in 1940
Richard S. Flageolle is buried in Stratton # 118145095, with Dorothy # 118145199
He was born December 14, 1915 at Vona to William H. Flageolle and Pauline L. Wynn, dying March 23, 2000.

"Longtime Stratton, Colorado resident Mary Dorothy Flageolle passed away January 6, 2005 at the Longmont United Hospital in Longmont, Colorado. She was 87 years old.
Dorothy was born on June 19, 1918 in York, Nebraska to John and Margaret (Ehlers) White. She was one of three children born to this union.
Dorothy graduated from McCool Junction, Nebraska in 1938. On September 12, 1939, Dorothy married Richard S. Flageolle in Denver, Colorado. To this union five children were born; Richard (Dick), Delores, Ernie, Andy and Linda.
Dorothy spent many years of her life as a cook in the Stratton School System. She was a member of the St. Charles Catholic Church, the St. Charles Altar and Rosary Society, the Quilting Club through the church, and the Garden Club.
She is preceded in death by her parents, husband, one sister Marge Johnson, one son Larry Flageolle and a half sister Betty Plugge.
She is survived by her five children; Richard (Dick) Flageolle, Delores Luebbers and her husband Tom, Ernie Flageolle and his wife Kathy, Andy Flageolle and his wife Marla and Linda Davis and her husband Rick. She is also survived by eleven grandchildren, ten great grandchildren, one brother John White and his wife Theo of McCool, Nebraska, a half brother James White and a brother-in-law Dale Plugge."

Ruth 1914-2010 is buried in Stratton # 106174888
"Ruth Brachtenbach, 96, of Gibbon, Ne died at her home, Friday, July 9, 2010.
Ruth was born February 5, 1914 to William and Pauline Wynn Flageolle in a sod house on their homestead in Vona, Colorado.
Ruth and older sister Pearl had to Board with their Grandparents in order to attend the St. Charles catholic grade school in Stratton, Co and went onto finish her schooling at Stratton High School. Ruth and Pearl were very close so during this period of time Ruth took two grades at once in order to be in the same class as Pearl.
On April 12, 1932, Ruth became united in Marriage with Steve Brachtenbach of Stratton, Co. They lived on their farm North of Stratton where to this union eight children were born, Jim, Delbert, Jack, Betty Lou, Myrna, Larry, Denny, and Carol. Two of these children, Delbert and Betty Lou, died in infancy. Both Steve and Ruth worked very hard operating the farm and raising their family. Ruth was very active in the St. Charles Catholic Church holding several offices in the altar society.
Ruth lost Steve to cancer in 1963. Ruth and the kids tried to keep the farm going but in 1966 Ruth rented the farm to Larry and moved to Chappell, Ne where she worked in a small cheese manufacturing plant until she retired in 1980. While here she met and married Norm Robinson in 1974. She lost Norm to cancer in 2001.
Ruth always had a great love for family, gardening, and fancy needlework and was an active member of the St. Joseph Catholic Church in Chappell until 2002 when she left Chappell to live with her daughter Carol, then of Michigan. She remained living with Carol until her death. She touched many lives with her love and compassion. Survivors include her brother Archie Flageolle and wife Doris of Matheson, Co, sister Catherine Morris and husband Melvin of Parker, Co, children Jim Brachtenbach of Fort Lupton, Co, Jack Brachtenbach and wife Marsha of Vinita, Ok, Myrna Carlson and husband Mick of Chappell, Ne., Larry Brachtenbach and wife Betty Jean, of Stratton, Co, Denny Brachtenbach and wife Chris of Stratton, Co, and Carol Farrell and husband Larry of Gibbon, Ne, Grandchildren Steve Brachtenbach of Bella Vista, Ak, Luke Brachtenbach of Vinita, Ok, Jackie Jonnes and husband Jim of Vinita, Ok, John Brachtenbach and wife Danna of Afton, OK, Eugene Tagtmeyer of Scottsbluff, Ne, Rick Tagtmeyer of Chappell, Ne, Chellee Westerbuhr and husband John of Julesburg, Co, Troy Carlson and wife Debbie of North Platte, Ne, Bob Brachtenbach and wife Benay of Stratton, Co, Connie Brachtenbach of Manitou Springs, Co, Pam Burns and husband Kevin of Hillrose, Co, Keith Brachtenbach of Midtoehian, Tx, Kenny Brachtenbach of Fort Lupton, Co, Tonya Price and husband Troy of Keenesburg, Co, Yvette Karantoumis and husband Tom of Denver, Co, Matt Brachtenbach and wife Stacie of Stratton, Co, Julie Farrell of Westfield, NJ, Jerry Farrell and wife Shannon of Colts Neck, NJ, Jeff Farrell and wife Kristen of York, Pa, 49 great grandchildren and six great great grandchildren.

Pearl 1912-2009 is buried in Wheat Ridge # 46634500 "Pearl A. Byrne, 97, of Denver. Mother of Rita Boothe, Jude (Eileen) Byrne, William (Sandra) Byrne, Robert Byrne, and Thomas (Verleen) Byrne. Sister of Ruth Brachtenbrach, Archie (Doris) Flageolle, and Catherine (Melvin) Morris. Also survived by 116 grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren. "

Archie Andrew Flageolle, 92, formerly of Matheson, Colorado, passed away November 25, 2011 at home in Parker, Colorado. He was born on July 21, 1919 in Kirk, Colorado, the fourth of five children born to Pauline Loretta Wynn and William Henry Flageolle.
He was preceded in death by his parents, his brother Richard, his sisters Pearl (Byrne) and Ruth (Brachtenbach, Robinson), his second wife Gloria, and his son Bill.
He is survived by: his wife, Doris Francis Wood; his sister, Catherine Morris; his four children -- daughters Andree, Bonnie Dase, and Betty (Randy) Beard, and son Richard; his grandchildren - - Billy Byrne, Bjorn McCulloch, Billy Dase, Jennifer Kipp, Angela (Adrian) Gonzalez, and Jx (Damian) Yeomans. His great-grandchildren -- Angelique and Eladio Lucero, Madison, Billy, and Mya Byrne, Erin and Cole McCulloch, and Korbynn and Paige Yeomans. Archie is also survived by numerous step-children, step-grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and friends. For Archie's first eleven years, he lived on the homestead near Vona, Colorado and rode with his family in a two-horse buggy, 26 miles one way to Stratton each Sunday to attend church. As a young adult, he worked in the braided-hose department at Gates Rubber Company, then worked as an apprentice upholsterer, furniture deliverer, and driver. He once managed a grain elevator and owned a shoe repair shop before trying his hand at farming near Stratton. Archie sold the farm in 1947 and then worked with Denver Tramway as a tramway operator. Archie originally moved to Parker in 1953 and was a charter member of the Parker Lions Club and became a real estate agent with Flag Realty. His primary work, however, was as an electrical worker -from equipment operator, to lineman, to foreman with Union Power and Sturgeon Electric. He continued his membership with the IBEW Union Local 111 for over 55 years. Archie and Ruby Wood were married in 1944 and divorced in 1961. He was married to Gloria Angle (Mack) from 1965-1988. He married Doris Wood (Tanner, Porter) in 1988 and moved to Matheson where, briefly, he was a small-scale rancher with Dexter Cattle at his Rail's End Ranch. He regularly attended the Calhan Auction Sale where he made many friends. In October 2011, Archie returned to Parker residing with his sister while receiving care from The Denver Hospice. Private services were held at Olinger Crown Hill Mortuary on December 3rd and in Matheson on December 10th.

In Stratton, on April 26, 1947, Catherine Flageolle was a witness to the wedding of Vera Flagerolle (3/18/1928) of Stratton and Doyle Webb (6/24/1927) of Rexford, Kansas.
Melvin Lewis Morris 1926-2011, per # 122432764, was the spouse of Catherine Flageolle.
This William doesn't appear to be related - perhaps a "Flagel" in Missouri.

William Flageolle, 32, married Theora Culbertson, 25 in Cheyenne Wells, Colorado on February 13, 1926.
Theora had been in Yuma County, Kirk precicnt, in 1920, with John D.l Culbertson 53 and Ida 39. Edward is 1o6o, Henry 14, Otis 10, Maxwell 5, and James 55.

John and Ida are still in Yuma County in 1930, with Edward 26, Henry A. 24, and James M. 15.

January 14, 1937 "Mrs. Mary Culbertson, mother of Mrs. Grace Meade, passed away Friday at tDenver. Burial was at Canon City. "John Culbertson, father of Ed Culbertson and brother-in-law of Mrs. Mary Culbertson, passed away Saturday with pneumonia at his home at Canon City."

John D. Culbertson 1867-1937 is buried in Canon City # 113564920.
Ida Mae (McGuire) Culbertson 1880-1975 is also buried in Canon City # 113564917.

In 1930 Williams County, Ohio, Will Flageolle is 36, a monument salesman, with Theora 29 born in Missouri. Beauford is 18, born in COlorado.
In 1940 DeKalb County, Indiana, Will is farming, 50, born iN South Dakota, with Theora 39 Missouri. Her mother Ida Mae Culbertson 59 orn in Missouri is with them. Ida was in Canon City, Colorado in 1935.
Will H. Flageolle, born October 11, 1889 at Jefferson, South Dakota, registered for WWII in Jasper County, Indiana, reference Theora Flageolle of Fair Oaks Indiana as his reference.
He might be the William Flageolle - Oct 11, 1894- December 1972 buried in Cabool, Missouri # 37847058, with Mildred 1912-2001.

Mildred was married to Earl Sneddon in 1940 Huerfano County, Colorado, Ruth E. 8, Mildred L. 6, Evelyn M. 4 and Norma J. 1.

He's buried in Huerfano County 1912-1944 # 59398444.

One daughter of Earl Sneddon and Mildred VanRheem could be Norma J. Haney 1939-1990 buried in Odessa, Missouri # 29506958.
Another could be Evelyn M. Roark born April 13, 1937, dying May 1, 2005, last residence Denver.
Another, Ruth Ellen Minnis married Allen Fredrick Bassett on May 23, 1986 in Adams County, Colorado.

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