Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Jay S. Hull, son Clarence J. Hull, son William F. Hull , 6 South 48 West

Clarence Jahile Hull was born September 4, 1880 at Jackson County, Iowa to Jay Solaman Hull born in Jackson County, and Emma M. Smith born at Providence, Massachusetts. Clarence had appiled for a birth certificat in 1962, living at Vona, Colorado.

In 1900 Phillips County, Kansas, Jay S. Hull is 49, Emma A. 42, with Orlando C. 24 and William F. born in Iowa, and they said Clarence J. 20 was born in Kansas. Sarah B. 17 and Ralph L. 15 were also born in Kansas.

Emma A. Hull 1856-1900 is buried in Phillips County # 119968655.

(Orlando Chester Hull 1876-1948 is also buried in Phillips County, # 29151466.)

In 1910 Cope precinct, Washington County, Colorado, Clarence is farming, 29 , born in Iowa, married 7 years to May R. 28 Kansas. Jay 4 was born in Kansas, and Lucille 1 in Colorado.
Clarence proved up 154 acres in 1, 6S, 49W and 35, 5S 49W and 6, 6S 48W in 1919.

He's widowed in 1920 Kit Carson County, with Jay and Lucille.

John J. Johnson married Eunice M. "Turney" in Kit Carson County December 22, 1921.

John Johnson and Eunice Johnson divorced in Kit Carson County in 1927.

Clarence J. Hull married Eunice Johnson on June 18, 1927, recorded in Kit Carson County.

Eunice M. Turvey is in Joes precinct, Yuma County in 1920, 33, with parents James, 63 and Nellie L. 59.

In 1930 Kit Carson County, he's 47, farming, married to Eunice M. 44 born in Iowa. She said her first marriage was at age 36. Dorothy is 1.

In 1940 Kit Carson County, Clarence is still farming, 58, Eunice 54, with Dorthea 11.

Eunice M. (Turvey) Hull 1885-1981 is buried in Cope # 159059577.


William Franklin Hull registered for WWI with a Bethune Colorado address, farming, born July 22, 1878, nearest relative Eva.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, W.F. is 41, born in Iowa, with Eva 35 Iowa. His nephew Ray McClure 20 born in Kansas is with them.

Eva Hull 1886-1927 is buried in Burlington # 89567189.

William Hull registered for WWII in Lincoln, Arkansas, born July 22, 1878 at Marqueketa, with a wife.


In 1850 Jackson County, Iowa, Benj. F. Hull is 49, Mary A. 23, Sopha 19, Benj A. 17, Ellen M. 14, Sarah 3.

In 1860 Jackson County, Iowa, B. F. Hull is 60 born in Vermont, B. F. Jr. 26 in Vermont. Milo 14 in Iowa, Mary A. 36 in Massachusetts, Sarah A. 13, Jehiel C. 8, Salmon 6, Samuel P. 5, Delaphine 2 all born in Iowa.

B. F. Hull 1797-1861 is buried in Maquoketa, Iowa # 14636893.

In 1880 Riley County, Kansas, Mary Hull is 51 born in Massachusetts, married but no spouse. Son Jehiel C. is 29, Sameul P. 24, both born in Iowa.
B.F. Hull, husband of Hannah, 1832-1897 is buried in Maquoketa, Iowa # 12758809.

In 1900 Phillips County, Kansas, Burton A. Hull born Dec 1884 is with parents Samuel Hull Dec 1856 and Ann Sept 1862, both born in Iowa.
Samuel's mother Mary A. born May 1825 in Massachusetts, is widowed.

In 1905 Phillips County, Sam is 49, Ama 42, Bert 20, Florence 18, Della 16, Delemer and Elmer both 14, Cora 12, Sammie 9, Mardrie 7, Viola 4, Velma 2, and brother Jehill 54.

Albert Burton Hull, born Dec 10, 1884, registered for WWI in Bethune, Kit Carson County, farming, nearest relative Anna Hall of Stratton.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Albert B. Hull is 35, born in Kansas, single, farming.

Albert Hull 1884-1922 is buried in Phillips County, Kansas # 29151506.

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