Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

John Maag, Frank Maag, 6 South 48 West

George Maag, Wray

One descendant wrote "Frank Maag born in Zurich Switzerland in 1878, mmigrated to USA in 1887 with His mother (Marie). The original documents reported Maria Maag Steffenauer, with 4 Children: Franz 11, Georg 8, Heinrich 4 and Johannes 3. Franz changed to Frank, George, Henry & John went to Kansas where Marie married her husbands brother John Maag. Irvin William Maag was killed a week before they were all going to come to America in a boiler explosion at work. She used the insurance money to come. My Grandfather ran away from his step father taking his brothers as they were treated like slaves. He raised them. They were in Thompson Nebraska, then in Yuma County around Wray and Joes Colorado."

1893 Atchison, Kansas "Mary A. Maag has begun suit in the district court for a divorce from Henry Maag on the grounds of extreme cruelty and habitual drunkenness. The couple reside near Shannon and wore married in this city in February 1890. Mrs. Maag was a widow when she married her present husband and was the owner of a well stocked farm near Shannon valued at about $8,000. She claims that for the past two years her husbaud has been guilty of extreme cruelty toward her and her children by her first marriage and that he has spent his time and money in saloons away from his family. The plaintiff alleges that the defendant frequently came to Atchison with produce which he would dispose of and squander the money for liquor. "

Maria Agnes Maag 1847-1936 is buried in Atchison, per # 139841859.
So is Henry Maag 1847-1937 # 139841835.


One tree said their father died in 1885 in Switzerland, and their mother Anna Maria Steffenauer Maag died in Clay Center, Kansas in 1887,
Heinrich Maag, born January 23, 1851 to Jacob and Regula Maag, married Anna Maria Steffenauer, born April 23, 1853 on November 16, 1875.

On May 3, 1887 in Clay Center, Kansas, John Maag, 32 and Mrs. Mary Maag, 33, married.
Her parents were Jacob Steffenanen and Maria Eichenberger. It was her second marriage, his first. His parents were Jacob and Regula Maag.

May 5, 1887 Clay Center "John Maag, aged 32, and Mrs. Mary Maag, aged 33, received a permit this morning to renew their life of conjugal bliss."

In 1880 Minnie M. Fike is in Monroe County, 1, with parents Emerson 23 and Sarah E. 21.

In 1900 Emerson is farming in Washingon County, Kansas, 44 with Mary M. 40 (married 17 years), and seven kids.
Emerson Fike, of Richland County Ohio, married Mary M. Herrick on December 2, 1882 in Yankee Springs, Michigan.
In 1900 Washington County, Kansas, Frank is farming, born April 1878 in Switzerland, just married to Minnie April 1879 Nebraska. Henry, his brother, born January 1883 in Switzerland, is with them.

1906 Wray "Frank Maag resigned his position as manager of the railroad coal chutes at this place, last Wednesday."

June 1909 Wray "Frank Maag, who resides in the southwest corner of tho county, was in Wray the fore part of tho week and took out a load of flour for a store near his place."

In 1910 they're farming in Kirk precinct, Yuma County, with William 9, Charles E. 7 and Otto 6 born inNebraska, Edna and Ernest three months in Colorado.

June 1913 Wray "Mr. and Mrs. James Cross and little daughter returned Wednesday from a visit with the Frank Maag family of near Idalia. Emerson Fike, the father of Mrs. Cross and of Mrs. Maag accompanied them.

August 6, 1914 Pleasant Ridge items in the Wray Rattler "Miss Anna Fike, who has been visiting with her sister, Mrs. Frank Maag and family departed for Wray last Tuesday where she will visit with friends and relatives. From there she will return to her home in Superior, Nebraska."
Frank Maag proved up two quarters in 34 5S 48W in 1917.

He registered for WWI with a Joes, Colorado address, born April 10, 1876.

In 1920 they have William, Charles, Otto E., Edna M., Earnest H., and added Ruth V. 7, Emerson 5, Carl 2, and newborn Pearl E.

The 1922 Yuma County atlas has " Maag, Frank, Farmer, P.O. Vona, came to Yuma County 1901, Born Switzerland 1876, married Minnie May Fike, nine children. "

February 1926 "Mr. and Mrs. Otta Maag visited at the Nick Brownwood home Sunday."

The Frank and Otto Maag families are on the same page as the Brownwoods in 1920.

Frank Maag was naturalized in Yuma County. So was Dora Walkemeyer Maag. So was George Maag.

In 1930 they have Ernest 20, Emerson 16, Carl 14, Pearl 11, and Fred 9.

Frank 1877-1942 is buried in Greeley # 65227666, with Minnie M. (Fike) Maag 1879-1965 # 65227667.
"Frank Maag of 1904 Ninth street, Greeley. Husband of Mrs. Minnie Maag. Father of W. H. Maag, Charles Maag. Otto Maag and Mrs. Dave Seaman, all of Kersey; Mrs. Orval Seaman and Ernest Maag of Vona, Colo. Emerson Maag of Denver, Carl Maag of LaSalle, Mrs. E. B. Babeon of Silver Plume, Colo., and Fred Maag of Georgetown, Colorado. Brother of George Maag of Wray, Coio., and John Maag of Jamestown, S. D."

March 18, 1965 Greeley "Mrs. Minnie Maag celebrated her 86th birthday Sunday surrounded by all of her 10 sons and daughters who gathered for the first reunion of the family ill many years. The party was held at 522 llth St., where Mrs. Maag makes her home with her daughter, Mrs. Ruth Seaman. Children are: Mrs. Seaman, Greeley; Charlie Maag, Greeley; Emerson Maag, Commerce City; Carl Maag, Masters; Edna Seaman, Greeley; Fred Maag, Georgetown; Bill Maag, Johnstown; Ernest Maag, Joes; Otto Maag, Denver; and Pearl Babeon, Denver. Mrs. Maag has 63 grandchildren and 77 great-grandchildren. "
July 8, 1965 "Mrs. Frank (Minnie) Maag passed away this week in Greeley where she has made her hoe the past few years. Mrs. Maag, a former resident of the Kirk community, was 86 years old. She is survived by ten children. One son, Ernie, lives in Kirk."

May 1935 Joes items "Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Maag have moved to the farm recently vacated by Mrs. R.W. Blank."

December 24, 1936 Joes items "A fine baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Maag on Friday night. Mrs. Maag was taken to the Lutheran hospital in Yuma and she and the baby are now doing nicely."

"Henry Maag born 1-20-1883 in Switzerland. He died 10-25-1918 in Jamestown, North Dakota while visiting his brother John Maag. His WWI Registration lists him living in Harding ? South Dakota. His obituary published in Jamestown mentions he had family back in South Dakota. Have been told he served in WWI in France. His oldest brother Frank Maag who along with brother George Maag settled in northeast Colorado."

William, 21, married Belva M. Martin on Nov 24, 1921 in Kit Carson County. Belva was in Kit Carson County in 1920, with Fred 42, Mary 40, Belva M. 20, Thelma K. 17, Claude 15 botn in Kanss, with Alice C. 9 in Colorado and Vera L. 5 in Kansas.

"Martin, Fred T., Farmer, S. 27, T. G, R. 48, P. O. Vona Mr. Martin was born in Nebraska in 1877, settled in the County in 1907, and married Mary Regester. They have five children."

William H. Maag 1900-1986 is buried in Greeley # 65227671, with Belva M. 1900-1992 # 65227670.

Fred T. Martin 1879-1936 is buried in Greeley # 65228001.

" Eleanor Rose (Maag) Dilka, 94, passed away Saturday, November 12, 2016 at North Colorado Medical Center in Greeley. Eleanor was born July 2, 1922 to William and Belva (Martin) Maag in Vona, Colorado. She was raised in Kunner, Colorado and preferred helping her father in the fields to attending the one room school. She adored her parents and three younger brothers. At 16 or 17 she attended beauty school in Denver to become a beautician. On July 21, 1947 she married Alvin Charles Dilka. They lived and raised their family in Weld County. Eleanor was a homemaker well known for her homemade cinnamon rolls and beautiful crochet work."

Fred D. Maag of Georgetown was called up for service in 1943.

October 15, 1964 "Ernie Maag received word that his brother Fred of Georgetown had been shot early Thursday morning. He was brought to St. Anthony hospital in Denver and Ernie and wife drove there on Saturday, but were no allowed to see him, although the doctors had given out that he had a chance for recovery. The men who were implicated in the shooting were apprehended by state patrolman Kenneth Hagan, a former student of Joes High School."

Fred D. Maag 1921-1993 is buried in Fort Logan # 937728 "Tec 4, U.S. Army.", with Wilma L. 1924-2008 # 59850813.

1927 Joes items "A shower is announced to be held for Charles Maag and Alice Shively, who were married October 2. The young people will move into the Strode place north of Joes, whee they will take care of things while the Strode's make a trip to California."

July 5, 1928 "Mrs. Clyde Shively was called to the Charles Maag home Sunday to help care for her new granddaughter, who arrived Sunday evening at 8 o'clock."

In 1930 Yuma County, Charles is farming, 26, with Alice 20 and Viola 1, all born in Colorado.
In 1940 Weld County, Charles is a laborer, 38, with Alice 29, Viola 11, Norma Jne 8, Patsy Anne 10, Rose Alma 4, and SOnya 1.

June 1961 Greeley "Two hundred guests witnessed the 3 o'clock ceremony Sunday afternoon when Miss Minnie Alice Maag and Dean C. Duffield exchanged marriage vows at thc First Christian Church. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Maag of Kersey and the bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Duffield of 1023 18th Ave.
Myron Hastings, brother-in-law of the bridegroom, performed the double ring ceremony. Mrs. Dan Wallace was wedding organist and the Rev. Millard Bedwell sang "Because," "I Love You Truly" and "The Lord's Prayer." The church was decorated with white Beauty baskets filled with lavender irises and white snowballs, tied with green bows. Ronnie Maag, brother of the bride, a nd Mitchell Keever, her nephew, lighted the tapers. The bride's candle was carried by Randy Rose, nephew. Escorted and given in marriage by her father, the bride wore a princess style gown of white satin. Mrs. Harold Dunn, sister of the bride, was matron of honor. The bridesmaids were Miss Carol Maag, sister of the bride, Miss Jackie Viefhaus, Miss Allyn Huffcrt and Mrs. Larry Bollender. Flower girls were Sherri Keever, niece of the bride, and Debbie Aune, the bridegroom's niece, Doug Rose, nephew of the bride, was ring bearer. The best man was Gale Aune, brother of the bridegroom. Ushers were Harold Dunn and David Rose, brothers-in-law of the bride, Lany Bohlender and Jim McNeal. Guests from out of state were Mr, and Mrs. David Rose, Randy and Doug of Cheyenne and Rev. Bedwell and Colleen of Kansas. The Duffields are spending two weeks in Oregon. After June 18, they will be at home a mile west of Kersey. The bride was graduated from Kersey High in May. During her senior year, she was editor of the school paper and annual and sectary of the Pep Club. Duffield attended Kersey schools, graduating in 1959. He installs tile and carpets for the Werner Tile Company of Greeley."

1962 Kersey, Colorado "Mr. and Mrs. Charles Maag, Linda and Ronnie, spent the weekend and Easter at be home of their daughter, Mrs. Walter Keever and family. "

June 30, 1966 "The Ernie Maag family was called to Greeley last week by the serious illness of his brother Charley, who had suffered a stroke followed by pneumonia. He passed away on the week end. He was 63 years of age and the father of nine. His funeral was held at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday at Greeley."

Charles is buried in Greeley 1902-1966 # 65227669, with Alice Alma (Shively) Maage 1909-1995 # 65227672.

1972 Greeley " Navy Seaman Ronald C. Maag, son of Alice Maag and the late Charles Maag, has graduated from Radioman "A" School, Naval Training Center at San Diego, Calif. After his recent leave spent at his mother's home, 2200 37th St., he was sent to Nuclear Power Submarine School."
Viola, born July 1, 1928 at Stratton or Vona, Colorado, was a Keever in 1949, Gray in 2001.
"Viola E. (Keever) Gray, 72, of Greeley, Colo., formerly of Pueblo, passed away on Wednesday, June 13, 2001. In her early years, Viola was an avid golfer and played for many leagues. Later, she became a strong Denver Bronco fan. She was a past member of the Sunset Park Church of Christ in Pueblo. Viola will always be remembered by her family as a cherished and loving mother and grandmother. She is predeceased by her husbands, Walter Keever and Harold Gray; daughter, Sherri Pitman; and sister, Pat Vallia. Viola is survived by her son, Mitch (Carol) Keever of Longmont and Pueblo; son-in-law, John Pitman; grandchildren, Jarrod and Brandon Keever, Jason, Robbie and Matthew Pitman; sisters, Jeannie Gramlich, Rosie Dunn, Sonja Ray, Millie Duffield, Carol Bruntz and Linda Welch; brother, Ron Maag; and numerous nieces, nephews and other relatives. Funeral service will be noon Monday, June 18, 2001, at Adrian Comer Garden Chapel. Interment to follow at Imperial Memorial Gardens. "
"Harold DunnĀ  was born on 17 Sep 1936 in Greeley, He died about December 10, 1987 He was buried in Greeley, Lynn Grove Cemetery. # 65219549.

"Mitchell L. Keever of Greeley died Sept. 19, 2009, at North Colorado Medical Center. He was born Sept. 10, 1951, in Greeley to Walter and Viola (Maag) Keever. He was raised in Pueblo. He worked for Hall-Irwin for nine years. He served in the U.S. Army during Vietnam. Mitchell was a caring, loving and considerate friend, father and co-worker. He enjoyed landscaping and woodworking. His family was most important to him. Mitchell is survived by his Soul Mate of eight years, Jackie Macek of Greeley; sons, Brandon Keever of Pueblo and Jarod Keever of Denver; and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins. He was preceded by his parents; and his sister, Sherrie Pitman. Memorial Service: 3 p.m. Friday at Crossroads Christian Church, 3451 W. 23rd Ave., in Greeley. Inurnment at Imperial Cemetery in Pueblo."

November 6, 2005 "Edna Mae Seaman was born on May 21, 1908 to Frank Maag and Minnie Mae Fike Maag. She was the fourth of the ten children born to Frank and Minnie and was the oldest of the three girls born to this union. Her parents homesteaded in south Yuma County near the little town of Joes, Colorado. Edna was the first child that was born in their sod home. Edna's story is important as it is also the story of the early pioneers who homesteaded in Colorado. Edna remembered the early homestead days as being difficult for everyone. Her parents lived in their "Soddy" nearly a year before they got a well dug, so they had to haul all of their water almost a mile. The kids walked two miles to grade school and rarely ever missed a day of school through the long winters. Even though the family spent much of their time engaged in the activities necessary for their survival, Edna remembered with great fondness the fun they shared. There were several other families that lived near the Maags and Edna talked about the families getting together on holidays and having a good time. These homesteaders also enjoyed school programs, literarys, debates, plays, and box and pie suppers.Edna attended school through the tenth grade, finishing that year at Joes Consolidated School. But she never stopped learning. She loved crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles and remained an avid reader until the last few months of her life. She was also a sports fan and particularly enjoyed baseball. She always knew what was going on with her favorite teams. The Church of Christ was always a major part of Edna's life. She was baptized when she was twelve years old and devoted her life to her Lord. Edna said that through her life she tried to do the best she could to be an example of how a Christian should live. And most of us, if not all of us, would agree she succeeded admirably. When Edna was 17 years old, she married Oral Seaman. Edna and Orval, and Orval's sister Averine, who married Early Henry, had a double wedding on December 22, 1925, in the Seaman home. Only the families were present. The wedding was at six o'clock in the evening, and it was a very cold night with lots of snow. Orval and Edna lived on the Seaman home place for two years, and it was there their first child, Emmett, was born. After this, Orval and Edna moved into a home of their own, and it was here their second child, Evelyn was born. Edna kept very busy with her family and farm work. In approximately 1936, the Seaman family moved onto a farm at Masters, Colorado, a little town halfway between Greeley and Fort Morgan. While living at Masters, Edna and Orval's third child, Orval Lee, was born in the Greeley hospital. The family lived at Masters for two years then moved back to the dry lands of Colorado. In 1942, they rented a farm in the Joes school district so Emmett and Evelyn could ride the bus to Joes High School, from which they graduated. Several years later, Orval Lee also graduated from Joes High School. Edna and Orval eventually bought this farm and lived there until Orval retired.In February 1955, they sold their farm and moved to Greeley. Edna started a day care center that September and operated it until she retired in 1973. For eighteen years she cared for dozens of Greeley's children. She taught her little ones how to count and read and get along together. The children got to help bake birthday cakes, and they dyed Easter eggs. They learned to play cards and other games and how to color. They were loved and taught manners. It was a most unusual day care center.Orval died February 16, 1967, but Edna remained in their Greeley home until October 1998, at which time she moved into an independent living apartment at Bonell Good Samaritan Center. She resided at the Bonell facility until her death on November 6, 2005 at age 97. Edna is survived by her children, Emmett and his wife, Lorraine, of St. Francis, KS, Evelyn Sheard of Broomfield and Orval and his wife, Marymae, of Arvada, 9 grandchildren and 2 step grandchildren, 17 great grandchildren and 10 step great grandchildren, 7 great-great grandchildren and 10 step great-great grandchildren, 2 sisters, a sister-in-law, many nieces, nephews and friends.She was preceded in death by her parents, Frank and Minnie Mae Maag, her husband, Orval, 7 brothers, many sisters and brothers-in-law, 2 sons-in-law, a step grandchild, a great grandchild and a step great grandchild.Her passing leaves a great void on earth by somehow makes heaven a bit more complete. She will be missed."

Emerson F. Maag, 21, married Madeline F. Barber on September 1, 1935 in Kit Carson County.

1956 Greeley "Mrs. Robert E. Mason, the former Lois Maag, was honored at a shower Thursday evening at the Town Hall. The former Miss Maag, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Maag, and Airman Second Class Robert E. Mason of Baytown, Texas, were married at the base at Roswell, N. M., June 8. Mrs. Maag and a cousin of the bride, Leonard E. Crist, of Loup City, Neb., were in attendance. Mrs. Mason has been at her parents' home the past week and will return to Roswcll the first of this week. Hostesses at the shower were Mesdames Bill Tetiva, Adam Bruntz, Louis Stolarczyk, Everette Vakeman, Pearl Forquer and Leinhart Repp. A short musical program was given, with Rose Repp singing How Deep Is the Ocean and a duet by Maurine Dunn and Rose Repp, who sang - A Guy Is a Guy and Indian Call. The accompanist was Patty Geislck. Refreshments were served after the bride opened and displayed her many gifts. Present besides the honored guest and hostesses were Mesdames Raymond Corsberg. Reuben Geisick. John Farrnbruch, Clyde Dunn, Ross Kay, Marion Miller, Earl Hendrix, Harvey Hill, Virgil Maag, Charles Maag. Ruth Seaman, E. J. Tctiva, J. F. Hunfeman. Mesdames E. M. Lesser, A. p. Bradley, Frank Bond, Hester Wakeman, Roy Miller; George Peters, Louis Laffoon. Dewey Johnson, Grace Whitney, Ted Schissler, Wayne Leach, Cleo Doss and Otto Maag. Misses Mary Hope Maag; Darlene Tetiva, Ruth Maag, Bonnie Peters, Miyoko Nishi. Billy Teliva, Rose Repp, Patty Maag, Maurine Dunn, Patty Geisick and Marjorie Fahrenbruch. Sending gifts but unable to attend were Mesdames Ralph Davis, E. J. Meikel, Phil Schott, Alvin Dusin, Herman Cross, Douglas Fisher, H. R._ Murphy, Ernest Craven, Edna Seaman, Bill Hill Edna Doughty, Paul Croissant, Iris Douglas, Gene Maag, Richard Reinick, Marion Wakeman, Melvin Sober, Louis Kopsa and H^rr Boles. -Misses Rosie Dunn, Sonya Maag Minnie Maag, Mary Martinez, Shirley Sober and Shirley Kopsa."

November 1955 "Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Maag and children of Pueblo spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Maag. Otto Maag went to Lima, Ohio last week to drive home the new Kersey school bus. It is a 54 passenger, Superior body on GMC 370 truck chassis."

1960 Greeley "Otto Maag, who has spent several weeks in Sterling with relatives, has returned home."

Otto Maag, 1903-1984 is buried in Greeley # 160637143, with Grace M. Maag 1907-1957 # 166403063.
"Virgil Lee Maag, 81, of Windsor, formally of Greeley and Kersey, passed away September 8, 2013 at Windsor Health Care Center. He was born June 08, 1932 to Otto and Grace (Monroe) in Vona, Colorado. Virgil moved to Kersey when he was 3 years old where he met and later married Darlene Carey in Eaton, Colorado. They were married for 61 years. He was a truck driver for Martin Marietta, where he hauled the first Titan missile. He also drove for Ringsby in Denver. Virgil then moved back to Kersey where he retired from Weld County Road and Bridge in 1994 and from Kersey Fire Department. He moved to Greeley in 2005. He was a member of the Masons. He is survived by his wife, Darlene of Greeley; son, Rick Maag and wife Barb of Greeley; daughter, Debra Hein and husband Robert of Pierce; 4 grandchildren; 5 great grandchildren; sisters, Patricia Weitzel and Lois Baldwin and husband Wen. He was preceded in death by his parents; sister, Eva Mae Lamberth; brother, Dr. O. Eugene Maag; and daughter, Julie Meis."

August 1, 1929 "Miss Ruth Maag, daughter of Mrs. and Mrs. Frank Maag, was married Saturday to Mr. Dave Seamons."

Ruth Virginis (Maag) Seaman 1912-2010 is buried in Greeley, dying in Loveland # 79260218, with David F. 1895-1951.

Carl Walter Maag is buried in Fort Morgan 1916-1996, # 69491380, "Sgt, U.S. Army WWII"
So is Gloria # 69491359 "March 16, 1925-Jan. 27, 2010
Gloria was born March 16, 1925, in Orchard, Colo., to Lamott and Mollie Miller. Gloria lived in the Weld and Morgan county areas all her life. She was an accomplished pianist and organist. She loved to give performances at family affairs, social events, clubs and church. A fond possession was an organ given to her by her husband, Carl. The two were married in 1941 in Sidney, Neb. She continued to entertain with her son Carl (Billy) after her husband died and she moved to Ebenezer in Brush.
Preceded in death by: Her parents, her husband; her brothers Cliford Miller, Delton Miller and Ross Miller; her daughter Terri Bender and her grandson Chad Maag.
Survived by: Her sons Ernie Maag and Carl Maag; daughter Adella Holbeck; two nieces Sherry Hamilton and Pennie Meisner; 11 grandchildren 21 great-grandchildren.
A memorial service and lunch will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 6 at 14973 County Road 19 (Sherman Street) in Fort Morgan, Colo. Lunch will be provided by her grandson, Tye. All family and friends are invited to attend."

Pearl Maag married Eugene S. Babeon on October 20, 1938 in Greeley. In 1940 they're in Denver, where Eugene works at a gold and copper mill, 30, born in Kanss. Pearl is 2, and Frank is six months old.
In 1970 Eugene is retired, Pearl working at the Denver Paper Box Company, and they live at 3407 W. Gill Place.

Jesse J. Motsenbocker died in 1994 in Reno, survived by his companion, Pearl Babeon.
Pearl, born Feb 2, 1919, died April 9, 2012 in Reno, Nevada. She's buried in Centennial, Colorado.

Fred Dallas Maag - 1921-1993 is buried in Fort Logan # 937728, with Wilma L. Maag 1824-2008. # 59850813.


Henry registered for WWI in Harding, South Dakota, born January 20, 1883, a farm laborer for J.C. Stuben of Bowman Slope North Dakota..

February 1918 Jamestown "Last rites over the remains of the late Henry Maag, 45 years of age, of South Dakota, brother of John Maag of this city, were conducted this afternoon at 1 o'clock, Rev. Phillips officiating. The remains were interred at Highland Home cemetery."

A later article said he was one of four victims of Spanish influenze.


In 1900 Washington County, Kansas, John is a laborer for the Simmons family, born December 1883 in Switzerland, immigrating in 1887.

March 28, 1912 " John Maag, who makes his home with his brother, George, in Wray has been seeing the country for about a year, having visited Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas. He is now at home and is looking as though his trip agreed with him immensely."

John Maag, age 59, married Ellen M. McAllister, age 66, in Stratton, Colorado on May 9, 1914. She died in Colorado Springs in 1938, and is buried with David Rush McAllaster in Andrw County, Missouri # 125240794.
May 14, 1914 "Mr. Maag and Mrs. McAlister were married at Burlington Saturday and the charivari took place Saturday night a large crowd being present."

John Maag, age 30, born in Switzerland, married Effie "Coder", 21, in Fairbury, Nebraska on March 4, 1914.
John claimed a tract in 2, 6S, 48W in 1918.

In 1915 Stutsman County, North Dakota, John and Effie have Opal.

1918 Jamestown "Mr. John Maag's infant child died last week, death being due to the flu. South Dakota relatives of the deceased have been advised and funeral services will be held on Sunday."
Dallas Albred Maag 1916-1918 is buried in Highland Home # 144300911.

In 1920 Stutsman County, North Dakota, John is a freight laborer for the Northern Pacific, 35, born in Switzerland, with Effie 25 Nebraska. Opal is 8, Dolores 1.

in 1925 Jamestown, John is 41, Effie 30, Opal 13, Delores 6, and Gerald 3.

In 1940 Jamestown, N.D. John is 56, Effie E. 47, Dolores 21, Gerald J. 18, Vivian W. 11, and Doreen R. 4.
John Maag, in 1941 had Gerald born Oct 29, 1921, Vivian April 12, 1928 in the Stutsman County North Dakota school census.

John is buried in Jamestown 1884-1961 # 109571877, with Effie Elizabeth (Weber) Maag 1893-1972 # 109572096.

Vivian Drusilla Maag was born April 20, 1928 at Jamestown, dying Sept 23, 1992 as Fredrickson buried in Mesa Arizona # 148463802 with Gleason Fredrickson 1925-1993.

Gerald John Maag, born Oct 29, 1921, died June 26, 2011, last residence Cass, North Dakota.
"Phyllis Ann (LaQua) Maag died Saturday, August 30, 2008. Phyllis was born November 6, 1927 in Kensal, ND , the fifth child of Joseph and Irene LaQua. She worked in the grocery store while attending school. After graduating from high school in 1945, Phyllis attended a business school in Mankato, MN. Following that, she was employed by Gamble Robinson in Fargo, ND where she ran the posting machine. It was there she met Gerald (Jerry) Maag and they were married December 31, 1949. Their three children were born in Fargo. Son, Jeffrey, wife Nancy, his daughters Brandie (husband Jason Reams, great-grandsons Caleb and Isaac) and Kendra (husband Matt Hartigan) Son, Steven, wife Barbara, daughters Adriane and Caitlin. Daughter, Janice, husband Steve Thoreson, daughters Hannah, Katherine and Victoria. They all enjoyed camping and spending time at the lakes. Phyllis spent 10 years working for Town & Country Flowers of Moorhead, MN. In September 1994, Phyllis and Jerry retired to Weslaco, TX. There she was active conducting the pool exercises and the exercises in the recreation hall. In March of 2004, Phyllis was honored for her years of service in the exercise program. She was also active in the handiwork class, crocheting many blankets and caps and enjoyed a walking group of special friends. Phyllis moved from Texas to the Hillsboro Long Term Care Center in June 2006. Phyllis was preceded in death by her parents, her sister, Jeanne and her brother, Paul
SURVIVORS: husband Gerald Maag, Hillsboro, two sons, Jeffrey (Nancy) Maag, Hillsboro, Steven (Barbara) Maag, Fargo; daughter Janice (Steve) Thoreson, Buxton; and three sisters, Catherine Palmer, Carrington, Shirley Evans, Plattsburg MO, Dorothy Hayes, Warrensburg MO."


In 1900 Washington County, Kansas, Otto Walkemeyer is 38, Josephine 36, DORA 15, Henry 14, Theodore 12, Mary 11, George 9, Clara 7, and Lena 5.
Otto is buried in Washington County 1861-1923 # 19793971.

1907 Wray "The firm of Burrell & Maag was dissolved this week, John Burrell buying out Maag's interest. John and his father, Jacob, will hereafter have the business in charge."

In 1910 Wray, George is 30, a foreman at a grain elevator. He and Dorothy 27 born in Illinois have Claude 3 and Clarence H. 2. Dorothy's brother George Wahlemeyer 19 born in Nebraska is with them.

George 1880-1953 is buried in Wray, # 38137338,
with Dorothea Henrietta Walkemeyer Maag 1884-1947, # 38137255.

August 8, 1918 "Arthur Maag, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Maag, who left the first of the week to visit his uncle, Frank Maag, at Kirk, was bitten by a rattler last Friday. Prompt medical attention soon put the boy out of danger and he is getting along nicely according to reports from there."

August 1919 "Mrs. Geo. Maag is enjoying a visit with her mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Walkemeyer of Morrowville."

Morris, born in 1921, was killed in Burma in 1943 when his plane went down. He was a co-pilot, Second Lieutenant, 10th Air Force.

Edna Willis married Arthur Maag in January 1931.
Claude Maag married Erma Hitchcock on October 14, 1928 in Wray.

In 1930 Denver Claude is 23, a clerk in a wholesale grain company, with Erma 21. Brother Clarence 21 also works at a grain elevator.
April 16, 1931

In 1940 Armel, Claude is running the general store, 33, with Erma 31, Janice 9, and Helen 3.

Claude 1906-1986 is buried in Sterling # 46960733, with Erma Mae 1908-2002 # 46960738.

Janice Lorene (Maag) Easterly, married Jack Easterley on August 12, 1950 in Peetz, has a stone in Sidney, Nebraska dying 2014, per # 29573596. So does Jack 1930-2006 # 29573557 "Jack is survived by his wife, Janice of Sidney; children Joslyn (Joe) Causey of Phoenix, Susan (Bob) Walker of Denver, Scott (Jane) Easterly of Sidney and Gayle (Gary) McKenzie of Phoenix; sister Marian Hiett of Sidney and eight grandchildren: Brent and Jared Causey; Dwight, Nick and Robin Easterly; Gentry Walker; and Dana and Turner McKenzie. "

Clarence is buried in Fort Collins 1908-1968, # 118679152.

Alice 1913-1984 is also buried there # 47394557.

1938 "Ralph Maag, former football star at Wray high school and at Colorado Aggies, has been hired as athletic coach of the Julesburg high school."
In 1940 Ralph resigned at Julesburg, to be football coach at Eaton.
January 1934 Yuma "Mrs. Alfie Maag, who had accompanied her son, Lee Maag, down from Denver the previous evening, returned to her home in the capital city Friday."

August 18, 1949

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